About The Company

Our team of safari consultants have traveled to Africa, many having lived there, and will combine their first-hand knowledge of each country; listen to your ideas, and then go to work to help you plan your wildlife safari down to the very last detail. What we offer you is an established reputation of delivering service with a customized approach. We are the essential component to having the safari of a lifetime experience.

"The key," says Mark "is to understanding the travel style of the client and also the personal experience each individual is looking for in their Africa trip, then to match those with the optimum itinerary. This can be accomplished only if the person advising the client has extensive on-site experience in all the safari countries. Office training cannot substitute for actually having been there."

Africa has gone through its own evolution of eco-conservation and for over 25 years, The Africa Adventure Co.(AAC) has partnered and developed key relationships with local ground operators and guides, camps and lodges, and communities that see the merits of low-impact travel.

We strive to deliver the right trip for your wildlife experience of a lifetime, to ensure that our committment to sustainable tourism and the long-term conservation of habitats will continue to be meaningful. Together we support research and field work, private concessions that have partnerships with local communities, and accommodations with low utilization of energy resources.

Mark and Alison and their loyal staff have met and established key partnerships with many of your guides, so once on the ground you are always in excellent hands and you will immediately feel our extended-family attention. These guides know how hard we work to really personalize your safari and the extra mile we have gone to service your travel arrangements. They in turn, offer the very best as they draw you into their natural world in remarkable ways.

Whether you want a scheduled tour or a tailor-made itinerary, the Africa Adventure Company has the expertise to precisely fit your needs. The experience will surely exceed your personal expectations! Click on our AAC Blog to see more.

- We are members of TIES (The International Ecotourism Society), ATTA (Adventure Travel Trade Association), AWF (African Wildlife Foundation), National Geographic Society, and others like APTA (Association for the Promotion of Tourism to Africa) and ASTA (American Society of Travel Agents)

- We support camp portfolios that have ongoing training to utilise guides and staff who are employed from local communities

- We are supporting eco lodges and camps that pay conservation fees direct to local communities

- We feature camps and lodges that encourage small local entrepreneurships like vegetable gardens, seed and re-forestation programs, and local craft and curio production 

- We are providing scholarships to guides children and other children living around the parks to go to school.  This encourages them to support conservation of wildlife and later on have the choice of a career in tourism.  At this time we sponsor over 400 children in Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Namibia.

- We encourage ongoing voluntourism in Community and Conservation where guests spend a day/days in a school reading books or teaching science or computer, visiting a township or village orphanage to deliver donations, building projects, traveling with a researcher collecting field data, and week long eco-tourism stays at camps that benefit community and conservation efforts