Mark Nolting

Born in Minneapolis, grew up and educated in Florida. Mark founded The Africa Adventure Company 26 years ago after spending 2 years traveling through 16 countries, from Cairo to Cape Town, gathering material for his books and establishing contacts with safari companies and tour guides. Mark offers exceptional knowledge of traveling within Southern and East Africa and excels in matching you to key guides who he has known in the industry during the last 25 years.

Author of 2 award-winning books, "Africa's Top Wildlife Countries" and "African Safari Journal", Mark is known in the industry as one of the "Travel Experts of Africa".

Though Mark has essentially covered the African continent in his journeys, he continues to travel often to update information and explore new areas. Hard to find information on Africa is always at his fingertips, and he loves to take the time to talk to people about the many adventures that can be found on the continent. His latest family trip was visiting Zimbabwe with his two teenage sons and doing the fun activites of walking with elephant, tracking rhino and wild dog, and canoeing the Zambezi. The Omo River trips in Ethiopia are still some of his favourite remote adventures. Mark recent travels include South Africa, the Selous and Serengeti in Tanzania and the Mara in Kenya - all with the eye to detail for wildlife sightings and key guides to match with our clients.

Exploring is his lifestyle and Mark loves to plan trips that will have clients adventuring to parts of Africa they only dreamed of.