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The Africa Adventure Company

Announces Top Experiences of a Lifetime for Solo Travelers

New York, NY – April 24, 2014 - The Africa Adventure Company announces top Africa camps and trips of a lifetime for solo travelers. Solo explorers can see the continent on their own terms, forging lifelong connections with fellow globetrotters through the sharing of exceptional experiences exclusive to Africa. As traveling alone becomes increasingly popular, Africa is a destination ripe for discovery with a range of camps intended to put single travelers in touch with nature, knowledgeable guides, and ultimately each other. Visitors can savor the solitary beauty of the African wild and form lifelong bonds with local communities on personalized journeys of self-discovery.

For foodies seeking to travel solo, the Africa Adventure Company recommends Tanzania’s Gibbs Farm to study organic farming techniques. Coffee enthusiasts in search of a flavorful adventure can tour this historic coffee plantation, a charming slice of Old Africa and a chance to bond with fellow gourmands.

Kenya is home to Sala’s Camp, where explorers will be at the heart of the famed annual Great Migration. One will not be truly alone when surrounded by thousands of migrating wildebeest and their predators, the greatest phenomenon in the animal kingdom.

Communal tables are a special feature of this camp, providing single travelers an opportunity to bond with like-minded wanderers. The area is home to the Maasai people, a warm and welcoming community for visitors traveling alone.

Solo travelers seeking to be as far from others as possible, will find Namibia’s Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp, opening this summer, a remote paradise. Located on the famed Skeleton Coast, the camp is accessible only by light aircraft. The hauntingly isolated beauty of countless abandoned shipwrecks buried under desert sands will provide an ethereal experience for those seeking silence and self- reflection.

The Africa Adventure Company’s selection of camps well-suited for solo travelers also includes Zimbabwe’s Camp Amalinda with volunteer opportunities at Mother Africa organization, Botswana’s Mashatu Tented Camp, and the Odzala Wilderness Camps in the remote Republic of Congo, ideal for gorilla trekking solo travelers. The Africa Adventure Company’s trips resonate with travelers seeking active adventure and up close wildlife experiences, without compromising individual interests, comfort, or the chance to have an authentic African trip of a lifetime. For more information about the Africa Adventure Company’s solo travel trips, visit their website at or call 1 (800) 882-9453.

About Africa Adventure Company

The Africa Adventure Company is an award-winning travel outfitter and leading Africa specialist known for its extensive portfolio of safari trips to over 14 of Africa's top wildlife countries.

Authentic, innovative, immersive travel is the Africa Adventure Company’s specialty. They create exceptional travel experiences by building on three decades of detailed research, extensive explorations, and personal relationships throughout Africa. Their lifelong connections and friendships in the region allow them to build distinctive experiences that bring clients face-to-face with the people and places that make Africa unique.

They pride themselves on planning customized safaris of a lifetime, while promoting camps with a commitment to sustainable community tourism and eco conservation and offering exquisite wildlife viewing with top-notch guides. The team is managed and directed by Mark and Alison Nolting, two people whose combined experience and knowledge of Africa is unsurpassed in the safari business. Mark is the author of Africa's Top Wildlife Countries, an award-winning guide book now in its 8th edition that is considered by the travel industry as the quintessential guide for planning asafari, and the African Safari Journal & Field Guide, a diary, phrase book and wildlife guide, all in one. For more information about the Africa Adventure Company, visit their website at or call 1 (800) 882-9453.