July 2014

Tony Gray in South Africa – Click here to read full trip report! 



July 2014

Kerry Purcell and Cinthia Lherisson in South Africa  

6 Amazing Camps in 6 Days - Click here to read full trip report! 


June 2014

Ian Flores Going Green in Botswana – click here to read full trip report!


Mark and Alison Nolting in South Africa – Click here to read full trip report!

South Africa 2013


Lynne Glasgow and Elena Theodosiou in Kenya – Click here to read full trip report!

October 2013


Africa Adventure Company Voluntourism to Zimbabwe – Click here to read full trip report!

July 2013


August 2013

Our President Mark Nolting is just back from safari in Zimbabwe and Botswana  - July 2013 

Mark had a fabulous trip to Mana Pools where he had some exciting elephant and painted dog encounters on foot, as well as to Botswana for its world famous game viewing including one of the best leopard sightings he has ever had.

“Alison Nolting is back from Zimbabwe and the Student Voluntourism trip - June 2013”

Alison spent almost 3 weeks in Zimbabwe, visiting the Mother Africa projects in Matobo Hills and the Children in the Wilderness communities near Hwange. The group comprised of 3 mothers, and their respective children of 23, 17 and 16 years.

AAC Recent Events May 2013

Mark and Alison Nolting of The Africa Adventure Company
donated a Safari to the annual Pinecrest School Auction in
April. The winning family won a week in Botswana.

South African Tourism recently hosted the 2013 Ubuntu Awards Gala at the New York Public Library’s in May. Now is its fourth year, the Ubuntu Awards recognizes South African Tourism’s partners in business and leisure travel in a reception for more than 100 guests from all over North America. Alison Nolting and Maggie Makungo

“Our Sales Manager Kyle Witten on Safari in Botswana - April 2013”

 Kyle with Mombo Camp Manager Graham and the brand new vehicles at Mombo Camp. Kyle’s highlight was spotting Wild Dog at the three different camps and a beautiful pride of lioness with cubs. Click here to read full trip report…





AAC Recent Events December 2012

“Our Director of Tours and Marketing Alison Nolting in Botswana - November 2012”

Alison Nolting in Botswana. Visiting with Wilderness Safaris representative Yvonne, at Kings Pool in Linyanti. Click here to read full trip report…


“Our President Mark Nolting in Tanzania and Kenya - October 2012”

Mark Nolting in Tanzania and Kenya. A walking Safari with Thomas at Ndarakwai, in the foothills of Kilimanjaro. Click here to read full trip report…




AAC Recent Events September 2012

“Lynne Glasgow - General Manager/Senior Safari Consultant - Vacation to Zimbabwe, August 2012”

The adventure began with a scheduled charter flight to Hwange National Park where our guide, Dixon shared someof his incredible knowledge. The fun continued in Mana Pools, where we had some close encounters with elephants,and the finale was the magnificent Victoria Falls….  Click here to read full trip report…


“Our President Mark Nolting in Tanzania and Kenya - October 2012”

Mark Nolting in Tanzania and Kenya. A walking Safari with Thomas at Ndarakwai, in the foothills of Kilimanjaro. Click here to read full trip report…





AAC Recent Events August 2012

“Our Safari Consultant Allana Botha - Gorilla trekking in Uganda and Rwanda” - July 2012”

What an incredible adventure! Experiencing Uganda and Rwanda was beyond my dreams. Mountains , the Great Rift Valley,local markets, golden monkeys and mostly the gorgeous Gorillas - so much to experience! Click here to read full trip report…


“Allana experienced some close encounters while trekking”






AAC Recent Events June 2012

“Our Sales Manager Kyle Witten giving treats to Cathy after the walking safari - a job well done!” - May 2012”

I recently returned from a whirlwind adventure in Botswana and South Africa - eleven camps and lodges, three hotels in Johannesburg and a luxury overnight train journey. Catch up with what is happening in Botswana and Kruger Private Game Reserves in South Africa. Click here to read a full trip report… Click here to read full trip report…


“Monica experienced some close encounters while on safari!” - May 2012”


I just returned from an exciting vacation in Zimbabwe and Botswana with family and friends! With an eclectic mix of bush camping, classic and luxury camps, combined with game drives, walking, and boating, there was adventure around every corner! Click here to read full trip report…






AAC Recent Events March 2012

Mark and Alison in New York at Mozambique gathering A wonderful event held to view the new National Geographic “War Elephants”


“What a privilege to have been part of this truly lovely gathering in Manhattan, New York. The viewing of the new National Geographic Movie"War Elephants" hosted by Gorongosa National Park and Explore Gorongosa, deeply appreciated by over 70 people who attended to witness the story from Joyce & Bob Poole of an incredibly moving account of the struggle of these Elephants in Gorongosa. Thanks go to Mateus Mutemba, the Park Administrator; Mount Sinai and the medical students; and Greg Ries of Explore Gorongosa; and the many people who traveled to support from afar.






AAC Recent Events February 2012



 N e w Y o r k T I m e s T r a v e l S h o w a n d A p t a E v e n I n g



Kyle Witten flanked by photographer Bob Eilets(L) and Warren Green®






AAC Recent Events December 2011

To AAC Staff:

Mark and I thank you for the generous donation that you made to WomenforWomen.org - I know there will be a few very grateful ladies in the future.

Also thanks to all of you for making the Holiday office party for 2011 and joining in some socializing and making both of us feel that we have a wonderful team.


Sincerely, Mark and Alison Nolting





AAC Recent Events November 2011

“Mark Nolting awarding Guide of the Year to Geoffrey Milinga in Arusha”


To Mark Nolting in Tanzania - My most recentsafari to Tanzania featured the southern circuitwhere wildlife is plentiful, whereas fortunately,tourists are not! I was able to visit Ruaha,Selous and Zanzibar.After a short visit in Arusha I flew by scheduledchar ter flight to Ruaha - now the largestnational park in Tanzania. Known for its greatpopulations of elephant, buffalo, greater andlesser kudu, hippo, crocs, it is also one of thecountry’s best national parks, and because of its location, it is one of the least visited.Ruaha’s scenery is spectacular. The GreatRuaha River, with its impressive gorges, deeppools and rapids, runs for 100 miles (160 km),close to the park’s southern boundary, and it ishome to many hippo and crocodiles.

Read more…

“Places visited by Mark Nolting while on safari”

Jongomero CampRuaha  -Tanzania 

Ruaha River Lodge Ruaha-Tanzania 

Mwagusi Tented Camp 

Beho BehoSelous-Tanzania



Amara Camp


Serena Mivumo River Lodge


Baraza Resort and Spa


Matemwe Zanzibar




Escorted 25 Year Anniversary Trips - 2011

Serengeti Explored- escorted by Elena Theodosiou        

 (second from the right) - September

Zim 15 "Eyes on Elephant" (Mana Pools) - escorted

by Kyle Witten (far left) -September


Mt.Kilimanjaro Ascent - escorted by Ian Flores

(far left) -August


Uganda and Rwanda Primate Safari-


AAC guide Dennis Erabu with clients at Bwindi- July