AAC Guide Sightings July 2014

George was with Wilberg Family and reported amazing sightings during their adventures.

Wilberg Party George on arrival at Kilimanjaro Airport where they had short briefing and started drive to Coffee lodge for lunch. After lunch we headed towards Ngorongoro Exploreans Lodge and enjoyed our scenic drive as we climbed the Great Rift Valley escarpment.

After a good night’s rest we headed off to explore the Ngorongoro for our first game drive which we all were really looking forward to.  We spotted lions and this was a great experience. The Wilberg were expressing to me that at home their favorite program on Nat Geo was the big cat diary! Seeing the lions close by was great to see and we spent time watching their behaviour as they interacted with one another. Our crater game drive was very successful as we continued to sight baboons, buffalo, elephants, hyenas, rhinos, male lions, wildebeest, zebras, and hippos. Our highlight was a baby being born and the jackals and Hyenas taking the baby, what a spectacle to see as the drama unfolded in front of us. After our game drive we had visit to the Maasai village then we went to the lodge for dinner and overnight.

The following morning we opted for a morning game drive in Lake Manayara National Park and had a late lunch at Manyara Serena. In the park we saw lots of baboons, blue monkeys, giraffe, monitor lizard, flamingoes. Our highlight in Manyara Park was the lions we saw with cubs and on top of that they were hunting a porcupine, we all watched as the cubs practiced their hunting skills until they disappeared in the bush. After a successful game drive we headed to the lodge for lunch.

The following morning we continued our journey towards Tarangire National Park. On our way we saw the Maasai bomas en route and traditional markets where all would gather. We entered Tarangire National Park and our first sighting was a cheetah followed by banded mongoose, waterbuck, and elephants. We then stopped for lunch at Tarangire safari lodge enjoying the fantastic views. After lunch we continued with our game drive heading to Oliver’s camp and we saw More Elephants, Giraffe, Impalas . We continued to explore an area where we had heard Lions who had hunted earlier but did not manage to spot them.  The highlight of the day was a Leopard perched on a tree.  We were very lucky with the spotting  as we observed the magnificent creature as he posed for us!  We were the only ones there and this made it a very unique moment for us.  We all were extremely happy with the days finds and head back towards camp.

The following morning Wilberg had the opportunity to go for a bush walk and Susanne had asked me to check on the lions who we had missed out on our evening game drive yesterday.  After their walk we set out and drove to the site and found seven lions as they were playing with the cubs and the cubs nursing from their mother. That was the highlight of the day!

Our last day and we left early in the morning at six as the Wilbergs had to catch a flight from Kilimanjaro airport. We were lucky in the morning as we had good unique sighting of giraffe sitting down, we also saw dik diks but the icing on the cake was a male lion sitting on the side of the road! A Great Farewell!

Elibariki was with the Bornhoeft and reported

We began our safari adventure and departed to Lake Manyara National Park for morning game drive, on our game drive we saw troop of blue monkey, troop of baboons, troop of vervet monkey, harem of impala, superb starling one male hippo outside of the pool trying to enter the little pool where water was too shallow. We saw four giraffes almost together, big family of warthogs, elephants and more troops of baboons. After a successful game drive we head off to Lake Manyara Serena Lodge, which is perched on the escarpment and overlooks the lake . After lunch late afternoon we departed to Gibb’s Farm for dinner and overnight.


The following day we had an early morning as we departed at 0530 hrs with picnic breakfast to explore the great Ngorongoro Crater. As we drove thru the morning mist and began to descend to the crater floor.  On our game drive we spotted African hare, big herd of buffalos on the rim crossing the road on our game drive in the crater we saw big bachelor herd of buffalos spotted hyena walking in the middle of the road, zebras, Thompson and grants gazelles.  We spotted plenty of Birds species from the big flock of abdim’s storks, grey crowned cranes, white storks, black bellied bustard, male kori bustard displaying himself with a puffed out chest,  As we continued we spotted lioness with two cubs of about two months old. We also saw big herd of wildebeest, warthogs family. We had a magnificent pink background as the lake was almost full with  greater and lesser Flamingos everywhere. We were very lucky and saw about ten rhinos in different areas, some far away and some near the road, two of them were lying down and stood up for short time and laid down again.


We managed to spot plenty of elephants bulls around the plain and a family herd in the Lerai forest.  we saw hippos, one Male lion far away from the road, two rhinos showing fighting behavior but didn’t witness any action. With a successful time game viewing we decided it was time to head back to Gibbs farm for our lunch and spend a relaxing afternoon in the tranquil environment of Gibbs farm enjoying the wonderful views

The next morning after an early breakfast it was time to bid farewell as we drove to lake Manyara airstrip, they had a flight to catch to Serengeti.

Mkenda and Wilfred were with Santora family and reported some exciting game viewing

Mrs. Santora had been on a Tanzania Safari before, and was looking forward to a private safari Experience. Manyara Ranch was a perfect start for them.


Overall we had a wonderful safari experience which exceeded their expectation and also managed to spot some great sightings.

We started our safari adventure by driving straight to Manyara Ranch where we had lunch and then went for an afternoon game drive and visited Maasai Open Market. They loved the market experience.  We headed back to camp to relax as they had planned for a night game drive later on. The Night game drive was quite interesting as they managed to spot various nocturnal animals including a very rare striped hyena.

The following morning we had an early start with an early morning walking safari at 0600hrs we saw elephant and zebra,, After breakfast we then drove to Manyara National Park for game drive where we saw another rare animal known as Kudu that was a great sighting. In the afternoon we saw cheetahs and another rare animal, the Gerenuk part of antelope family.

The next day we continued our journey and drove to Gibbs farm and on the way we stopped at the town of Mtowabu “ Mosquito creek Town” . Having a magnificent view of the Rift Valley Escarpment I talked about the formation of the Great Rift Valley, which caused the formation of the Ngorongoro highlands and in turn resulted the flat plains of the Southern Serengeti. However the Ngorongoro Highland is in itself a very important area with its biodiversity, as it collects and absorbs rain water like a sponge and percolates under the rocks and released down at the foot of rift Valley wall of the escarpment. The water is very clear as the rocks underneath rich in lime stone. The creeks created from these springs used by local people for irrigation purposes, where they produce lots of vegetables, banana and rice, the town has grown from a village and continues to attract various tribes to have benefits of selling their produce and now we have over 120 different tribes in the area.

We headed to Gibbs Farm for lunch which was great and after lunch we had a walk to the waterfalls and elephants’ cave. At the elephant cave I had an opportunity to talk about the importance of minerals.  Elephants take mineral for two reasons; firstly due to the facts that their tusks contents made out of phosphorous and calcium so they need minerals for such requirements; secondly they need iron supplement as the iron in the body become depleted as it used to get rid of harmful chemicals.  We returned back to Gibbs Farm for dinner and overnight.

The next day we left early in the morning at 0600hrs driving towards the Ngorongoro crater, we enjoyed a picnic breakfast in the crater entertained by hippopotamus. Then we saw rhino, hyena and lions and other general game before we went to Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge for lunch, on the way we saw a coalition of male lions on the tree. This was interest sighting as normally female lions tend to be sighted on trees and are the ones that climb trees.

The next day we continued our journey as we drove to the Serengeti via Olduvai Gorge and shifting sand. We talked about the importance of visiting the Gorge as it was the first place to excavate the skull of human kind scientifically known as Australopithecus Boise. In July 17, 1959 and that shifted the origin of human kind from Asia to Africa as it was dated to 1.75 million.

Then we drove to the shifting sand area where I demonstrated by using a magnet that the black sands are small Iron fillings that can be attracted by a magnet. Iron lava pushed out by a powerful volcano nearby in 1966. This volcano is known by Maasai as Oldonyo Lengai ( mountain of God).

The next day we had the opportunity to explore the Serengeti Plains,  we started by an amazing sight of a leopard just close by right in front of our vehicle and a lion on the tree. Then we went to the Moru Kopjes (rock outcrops) where we saw Maasai Paintings and Gong Rock where Maasai used to knock the rock. We also saw migration coming to Moru.


The next morning was an early start as they had a Balloon Flight in the early morning. After the balloon and celebratory champagne breakfast we continued with a game drive and then lunch at the camp. In the afternoon we went to Moru Kopjes and saw three rhinoceros.

We continued exploring the Serengeti Plains and went towards Gol Kopjes where we saw cheetah hunting in tall grass and lions on the kopjes, what a brilliant sight, truly magnificent.

Then as we were driving back we saw a big male leopard walking along the road that was the finale to our amazing trip.

We had a wonderful safari filled with unique and interesting sightings

Elibariki was with the Williams and reported:

Arriving into Kilimanjaro Airport after introductions and short safari briefing, we departed and started our journey towards Tarangire and stopped at Maromboi tented Lodge for lunch. After lunch we headed out on an afternoon game drive.  On our game drive, we saw, several territorial male impalas, Zebras, lilac breasted roller, superb starling, warthogs, ostrich, black backed jackal, different families of elephants, herd of waterbuck, about seven giraffe  in the river some walking along the river and some feeding on the acacia tree bushes, pride  of three lioness  with one cub of about  three months on the river bank. Back to Maramboi tented camp for dinner and overnight.


The next day we had an early start after early breakfast at 0600 hrs we departed with picnic lunch at 0630hrs for full day game drive. On our game drive we saw a lot of giraffes, zebras, different troops of baboons, vervet monkey, different bachelor herd of impalas, Pair of black backed jackal caring half of baby impala carcass each, big herd of different elephant families, some wallowing in the river, big several herum of  impalas, buffalos herd different warthogs families, ostrich, lilac breasted roller Tawny eagle, African fish eagle, southern ground hornbill, African grey hornbill. We had Lunch under the tree along the river whilst watching the elephants. What an amazing sight!  After lunch afternoon game drive where we saw two almost grown up leopard juveniles in one tree, red and yellow barbet, more elephants and warthogs almost everywhere common water bucks very big flock of about eighty ostrich chicks Including adults walking towards and eventually crossed the road in front of our car, With a successful day we headed back to Maromboi for dinner and overnight.

 After early breakfast we departed with picnic lunch for full day game drive. On our  game drive we saw different warthogs families, ostrich, three brothers of cheetahs on the little termite mound, herd  of zebra, several wildebeest, lonely hartebeest troops of baboons, vervet monkey, pair of black backed jackals etc. picnic lunch. After our picnic lunch we continued exploring the park with an afternoon game drive where we saw a lot of elephant families wallowing in the mud, drinking and crossing the river. After a successful day we headed back the lodge early to spend the evening at leisure admiring the African sunset.

The following day we drove back to Arusha and had to bid farewell. We had a great adventure and were lucky with the incredible sightings we saw.

Mkenda was with Trippie and Baldwin party  and reported

Melinda and Richard had visited before and I was lucky to have the opportunity to be their guide once again on their safari adventure. The expectation would certainly be much more as they brought their friends with them this time around. Having a big challenge ahead of me to promise and deliver we set out on our journey. We set out on the hunt for game looking forward to catching some unique and memorable sightings.


We started our safari adventure and we drove to Tarangire National Park with picnic lunch. This gave me an ideal opportunity to give a brief of the Tarangire Park, having a river meandering in the Park which is the only source of water during dry season. This means that most of the animals are attracted inside the park during the dry season. Research has shown that over 6000 elephant are congregated in the park and large numbers of wildebeests and zebras. As opposed to wet season where animals are scattered around the park and on the outskirts the park as many water sources are easily accessible.  As we entered the park we were welcomed by giraffe as we continued our game drive we spotted plenty of elephant and giraffe and baobab trees scattered across the horizon.  We continued to our lodge for some rest.

The following day we left early at 0600hrs and enjoyed the morning golden light. We departed with a picnic breakfast and had our breakfast overlooking the view of the swamp, after breakfast we saw a python on the tree, then we saw a leopard from a distance and was a great sighting as it was the first leopard.

We continued our journey the next morning as we drove to Ngorongoro via Mtowambu “Mosquito Creek” Town where we enjoyed a walk, a nice chance to stretch our legs. We then continued our scenic drive climbing the rift valley escarpment and circled the crater rim as we went to Ngorongoro Lemala camp for lunch. After we visited the Maasai village and this was  an awesome experience to see local tribesman and given the chance to interact with them and learning their way of life, we also had the chance to see a few in action as they were taking cattle back to their village.


As we woke up early this morning and all very excited as we descended down into the majestic crater floor for a full day game drive with our picnic lunches. We enjoyed sighting rhino with the morning light and having breakfast with hippopotamus at the picnic site. As we continued on game drive we spotted a pride of 9 lions with very young cubs who were feeding from their mother. We watched on as the family interacted with one another. This very unique sight and certainly turned out to be the highlight of the day.

We continued our journey towards the Serengeti plains. We drove to the Ndutu area via Olduvai Gorge and shifting sand.  This was a welcomed experience and they got a chance to learn and gather interesting facts on our early hominids. The shifting sands were an enjoyable and learning experience. I demonstrated what the sand contain by using a magnet as it is formed by Nitro-Carbonic Iron fillings can be attracted by a magnet perhaps the reason of being pulled together and moving in such form.

As we headed towards the Ndutu area , we continued exploring and spotted a pride of 13 lions and a cheetah. Also a colorful sight of flamingo in Lake Ndutu.

Our next day turned out very interesting. We spotted a lioness with very tiny cubs during morning light which was awesome. We continued on exploring and spotted Cheetah. We spent time tracking and following the cheetah as she perused to hunt. A very dramatic experience as we saw the cheetah hunt and catch a two months wildebeest!


The following day our luck spotting Cheetah continued as we saw a mother cheetah with two very little cubs who had just killed a gazelle, it was a fascinating sight to watch as the little cubs shared the meal with their mother.


As we continued to explore the plains we saw a hyena chasing a mother wildebeest with her young calf. We watched on as eventually the Hyena managed to catch the young wildebeest. According to research findings made in Serengeti and Ngorongoro about 30% to 50% of newly born wildebeest under two months are taken by predators.


The following day we headed off exploring on game drive and we spotted many lions on trees. A unique sight to see tree climbing lions, perhaps they were climbing as the grasses were very long and needed better visibility. Cats either go up the tree or kopjes. We spotted a beautiful sighting of a leopard on a tree, very close sighting and this allowed us to get some great photos!


Our great luck with the Cheetah continued as we saw three coalition male cheetah marking their territory on the kopjes.


That was an amazing trip! We saw 9 leopards, many cheetahs and so many lions. The clients were very happy and they promised to be back.  We had  big farewell as we drove to the airstrip!

We had a thrilling Experience and surely exceeded their high expectations.  Melinda and Richard had visited before and they said this trip was even better than their first trip, they are planning to be back and will visit during a different part of the year to continue to explore the Northern circuit and perhaps to see the wildebeest river crossings in northern Serengeti. Actually we saw exceptional sightings that including a cheetah kill, lots of rhino, tree climbing lions, cheetah with tiny cubs and lions with their cubs too.


Tanzania Guide Reports from Africa Adventure Private Safaris

February 2014

The Russell party had many expectations as they were recommended by some friends who came here several years back but still remember how great this Company is.

Their experience exceeded what they were expecting to see we saw a lot of great sightings the highlight was to see a cheetah hunting, chasing and catching a gazelle. We then watch as it was suffocating by biting the throat and eventually eating.
Safari stated on January 15, 2014 where I met the clients for briefing as they were at leisure at Coffee lodge. The clients asked if they could do something as they were not tired then I mentioned Arusha National Park.
The clients were happy to see all attraction in the Park including but not limited to the flamingo, ark-tree, the Mount Kilimanjaro view, giraffes, white and black Colobus monkey, and a lot of giraffes.

On January 16, 2014 we drove to Tarangire where I briefed them about the Park that is dotted by baobab trees which gives a pre-historical look and just after entering the park we saw a baboon eating a baobab fruit on the tree and some elephant under the tree. Then we saw a male lion under acacia tree where I advice the clients the use of light metering, we also saw a lot of birds.

Then after lunch we saw awesome stuff including two leopards and lots of elephants.

The next day after walking, we saw a lioness just killed a warthog and elephant swimming and African fish eagle eating a bird.
On the January 18, 2014 we saw two male cheetahs in a tall grass, it was lack to see them as during rainy season the grass are very high. On the way to Gibbs Farm we saw a newly born elephant was struggling walking by warbling and trying to find mother’s nipples to have the first suck.
On the January 20, 2014 we did a full day game drive we stared at 0600 hrs we enjoyed being just on ourselves seeing brilliant game with golden soft light. We also saw a martial eagle, huge male elephants and big male lion and about 12 rhinos of which two were very close. I also explained that the crater is one of the intact eco-system as it having big number of predator that including 60 t0 100 lions and about 400 hyenas which make about 2.5 predators per sq.km. These predators kill almost about 30% to 50%  of newly born wildebeests under the age of two months,  as we saw many parks of  hyenas being just finished eating and chasing the young ones.

On January 21, 2014 we drove to the Olduvai Gorge and maasai village then we went to Ndutu. In the Serengeti it was awesome we had the great time there, even the clients appreciated when they asked me at the beginning about what was my favorite park and I said Serengeti. We saw migration, lots of lions, elephants, cheetahs and some hunting and one chased and killed a gazelle and most of the time we have been alone especially seeing a cheetah hunting and killing just on our selves.

On January 23, 2014 we went to the Serengeti we saw a cheetah then we went back for lunch and we came back and see cheetah hunting, chasing and killed a gazelle right there that was awesome

On January 24, 2014 we had a morning game drive where we saw cheetah hunting but were not lucky to kill. We also saw a male lion with a kill and some lionesses. Then we had lunch and went to the Ndutu airstrip where they departed at 1500hrs and that was the end of amazing moment with them.


November 2013

Mkenda was with the Chrysler Party and reported some incredible sights.

My clients were so eager to get pictures of the “big five” and had interest to see animals with large horns as well as looking forward to seeing a kill.

Setting off with High expectations we began our safari adventure.

Highlights from our trip included a Lion Kill and we captured some exceptional pictures.
The experience exceeded expectations and Christie was in tears with a great a unique sighting from the Lion Kill. What an awesome moment that we were blessed to experience.

 SPECIAL SIGHTINGS we encountered during our trip:

We had several special sightings from a leopard posing on the tree, lions hunting, wildebeest crossing; an elephant having just given birth, a crocodile eating a wildebeest and a Python curled around a tree.

We began our Educational experience by going to Arusha City where we had the chance to visit the National museum of natural history. This is located near Arusha and the building was the Germany administration building during colonial times.

The next day our safari experience began as we drove to Tarangire where we saw three lions just after the gate. What a great sighting, we decided to take lunch and after lunch we went to Silalei swamp where we saw lots of elephants, a leopard on a tree and python curled up in a tree.

The next morning we decided to explore the park earlier in the morning and began at 0600 hrs. Leaving early we were rewarded. We saw three cheetah at dawn an awesome sight to see a mother with her two cubs. Then we saw a leopard walking, later we saw lots of elephants and a lioness.

We departed from Tarangire and headed to Lake Manyara National park. We stayed at Tree lodge and we saw lots of baboon and flamingo enroute. The scenery was breath taking.

Our experience in the Ngorongoro crater was great! We were lucky with sightings as we just arrived we spotted two lionesses hunting and were so lucky to witness the kill unfold in front of us! Witnessing the whole drama unfold was spectacular and we managed to get great pictures.

As we left Ngorongoro and headed for the majestic Serengeti Plains, we enjoyed an enroute game drive going towards Serengeti Four Season. Being seasoned Four Seasons travellers they loved the hospitality. Mr Crysler’s daughter works at the Four Season in Hawaii and was happy to experience great hospitality in the Serengeti. We were lucky and saw some great sightings including leopards and a fully grown male lion. The most eye-catching and astonishing was to see elephant which had just given birth and other females helping.

We continued to explore and headed to Northern Serengeti as we drove to Sayari Camp on the way we saw some interesting sightings: lions mating and we managed to witness the great spectacle of the wildebeest crossing the river. We arrived at the river and waited patiently where they began one by one to cross the river. The next day we also saw a crossing and cheetah just close by. The highlight of the day was unimaginable! We saw the drama unfold as a crocodile managed to snatch one of the wildebeest and began to drown it in the water and rip it apart as other crocodiles joined. What a site we witnessed overlooking the mighty Mara River.

Our safari adventure had come to an end, it was difficult to say good bye as we shared some life memorable experiences. It was sad and heart-breaking as Christie hugged me with tears trickling from her eyes which induced Mr. Gage to cry too. What an incredible Safari, one I will truly cherish and remember. 

George Kilias was with Chan Party and reported:

Our safari was adventurous from start to end, sightings of many animals as we visited (Ngorongoro, Lake Manyara and Tarangire). We were rewarded us with excellent photo opportunities.

On our first day we visited Arusha town and went around visiting key place and monuments as we made the town tour. We drove around different places, including markets, Uhuru torch monument, clock tower well known as the geographical centre of Africa, Later on we drove back to Mountain Village Lodge where they overnighted.

We departed for Kitela Lodge at 9;00hrs and arrived there in time for lunch. On our way we passed through the semi-arid country side where Masai and their livestock seemed to enjoy life. Later in the evening I met guests where I gave lecture on the history of the country, protected areas in Tanzania etc. Guests enjoyed the magnificent landscape of this beautiful facility (Kitela Lodge) situated just outside the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

We left our lodge early enough for a full day Crater tour, diversity geological landscapes of the area made it interesting for my guests who had lots of questions. We headed into the Crater floor and were rewarded with lots of game sightings. We enjoyed the abundance of animals as well as birds life that was plenty. After our crater tour, we visited a Masai Village where they had the opportunity to learn more of the Masai Lifestyle and culture. Given the opportunity to see how they lived and interact with the Masai.

The following day we departed early at 7:30 am for Lake Manyara Park followed by lunch at Lake Manyara Serena Lodge. As we explored the unique Park and its flora and fauna, the view from the top of escarpment provides a good view of the Rain Forest, there was number of baboons that kept us entertained. We spotted Giraffes, Elephants, Zebras buffalo’s monkeys. After a successful game drive we drove to Lake Manyara Serena Lodge for lunch over looking Lake Manyara and spent the afternoon at leisure enjoying the view overlooking the Park and its surroundings.

After our breakfast at the Lodge we departed with picnic lunches as we headed to explore Tarangire National Park. The park was quickly well appreciated by Chan party and they loved the wonderful landscape and the abundance of wildlife. We spotted Thousands of Elephants that could be seen all around us, this was indeed a great Elephant’s day. We spotted herds of Zebra, buffaloes, wildebeest all animals were congregating along the Tarangire river. We saw a female lion sitting on a high ground enjoying the herbivores as they went from the river into the open savannah. Our game viewing was really successful and we decided to exit the park and Drive to Maramboi Camp for dinner and overnight.

We had the chance to continue to explore Taranigire Park and decided to start the day very early in the morning. Chan Party went on an early morning balloon ride and enjoyed the beauty of this Park from a birds eye view. I later joined them after their balloon ride and we continued with our game drives in the Park. We were lucky and had some great Sightings: two brother cheetahs. They seemed to have recently eaten as they had full belies and were resting under acacia tree digesting their meal. We observed an abandoned carcass nearby few hundred metres. We drove as far as to Silalei swamp where the game got more and more exciting. Elephants, Zebras, Lions with a buffalo kill. We were even lucky to spot python curled on the tree. We had a superb game drive in Tarangire and saw some great sightings today. We thereafter drove to back to Maramboi camp.

The next day I dropped off the Chan Party at Kuro Airstrip. The trip was a great success and we managed to share some wonderful experiences together and leaving with great memories.

Gorge Mollel was with the Mason Party and reported:

Our Safari adventure began as we left from Arusha mount meru hotel and headed to Maromboi for lunch passing through the masai steppe. After a wonderful lunch we drove to Tarangire park for our afternoon game drive. We had great sighting of Lions on the tree, Leopard, Elephants , Impalas , Zebras , Wildebeest , and monkeys.

Our second day on safari and we went out with pinic lunch so we could spend more time in tarangire park. Our full day at the park was great and we saw spotted all the big cats, Baboons, Waterbucks, Elephants bathing at the Silalei swamp, but the highlight of the day was seeing Lions foot prints and tracking them until we saw them! We had a thrilling experience! On our way to the camp we stopped at the local market where they got to see how the local people trade. We headed back to Camp for dinner and overnight.

We left Maromboi camp after breakfast and headed towards Lake Eyasi village. We got to Kisma ngeda for lunch, and the Mason Party had suggested that they want to buy a Goat for the Hazabe people, Our guide took us to the village and assisted us to buy a Goat and we headed to the Hadzabe people. We learnt all about their life style and this very interesting. The Goat was very much appreciated as it was enjoyed by all quickly put on the fire and roasted.

We had the opportunity to spend the day with the Hadzabe. The day began at around five in the morning where we followed the Hazabe for their hunting walk, it was a great experience especially when they made a kill and make their own fire.. After the time we the Hadzabe and the hunt, we visited the Datoga craft men to see how they make the iron tools. Having had witness two great cultures we head towards Exploreans for dinner and overnight. This turned out to the most appreciate and favourite lodge.

The follow day we left the camp at around seven and headed to Ngorogoro Crater. With our picnic lunch. We left with a clear mission and were eager to spot and keep a look out for Rhino. We were lucky to spot Female lion with her cubs nursing from their mother. We spotted lots of Flamingos in the distant lake, the Hippo sighting was also a treat of its own since they were out of the water and very close to the car .We left the crater floor and preceded to Oldupai gorge for learn more interesting facts on our early hominids. We the continued our drive to Serengeti Katikati camp for dinner and overnight.



Tanzania Guide Reports from Africa Adventure Private Safaris

October 2013

George Mollel was with CHANG PARTY and reported,

As we drove to Gibbs farm for lunch, The drive took us through Arusha town and across the Masai steppe where we stopped at one of the Masai market to have a look . We arrived at Gibbs farm in time for Lunch. After lunch we got a chance to stretch our legs and go on a walk around the farm to see the coffee processing and the organic garden. After, we visited the Iraqw village to learn more about their culture and lifestyle, before heading to the Ngorongoro Manor where Chang Party had the opportunity to go Horse riding and enjoyed the experience.

We departed early in the morning and headed towards the Ngorongoro Crater as we descended into the crater in the morning mist. As we were circling the rim we spotted our first wild animal Buffalo. Down in the crater we had great sightings of Elephants, Lions feasting on a Buffalo they had freshly killed, Hyenas, and Jackals were quick to pay a visit for the remains.  Further on we spotted resident Wildebeest and Zebras before we stopped for wonderful breakfast enjoying the beautiful views. After breakfast we continued with our game drive and very lucky to find more Lion sightings, Hippos, birds like Kori bustard, Ground hornbill, Flamingoes at the lake. After lunch we continued with our game viewing where we saw more Buffaloes and an amazing sighting of a Serval cat.  As we decided to head back up on our way out we spotted two Rhinos which made the highlight of the day! We stopped at the viewpoint on the crater rim adoring the majestic views of the crater floor from above.

We began our long journey  to the Serengeti Plains, en route we visited the Oldupai Gorge and learnt more about early hominids, As we drove into Serengeti NP we spotted Lions , Elephants ,Hippos , heartbeats , Topi , and Impalas near our Lodge as we got to the Four Seasons Serengeti in time for lunch.  After Lunch and some time to relax enjoying the stunning views from the Lodge, we went out for our evening game drive and we saw Dik dik, Klipspringer, Thomson gazelles, Grant gazelles and headed back to the lodge.

The following day we opted for a full day game drives as we explored the Serengeti Plains, we left with packed lunches and our first sighting of the day was a group of Hippos followed by Giraffes. We were lucky to spot the wild cats and enjoyed sightings of Lions, cheetah, and two leopard. The day got even better as we were so lucky to witness a Lion killing a Thomson gazelle which began the Highlight of the day! We also saw lots of birds and after a very successful day of great sightings we went back to the lodge.

We planned to explore the northern territories of the Serengeti as we headed up to the Mara river. As it was a long journey we decided to leave the lodge early in the morning and got to the river we eagerly awaited to see if we can see any river crossings, We patiently waited and  we got to see our first crossing and a crocodile taking one of the wildebeest down!!!  Well worth the long wait!!  The crossing took almost twenty minutes and it stopped because of the crying and calling of the Wildebeest that was taken by the Croc.  Having witness a spectacular crossing we drove into the woodland where we had our lunch overlooking the majestic Serengeti plains.  We chatted and the Chang Party told me about their friends who came a month ago and they were lucky to witness the migration and the crossing and therefore it was their dream to have witnessed the same. It did not take long before we got another crossing we watched on and great miracle as one after another wildebeest followed each other struggling across the river in search for greener pastures on the other side of the river bank.  After having full filled our hearts desire we drove back towards the lodge and after around thirty minutes of the crossing they told me they were happy to go to the lodge.

Our last day in Serengeti and we explored the Moru kopjes in search for the Rhino which is a very rare sighting.   We instead were treated with a great sighting, we saw a mother Leopard which had killed a Thomson gazelle and was calling her cubs out of the forest covering. To our great surprise it was not one but two cubs of about a year old about ten meters from the vehicle!! Later we saw a great show of the Lions and Buffaloes!  The Lion were trying to hunt down and bring down the massive buffalo, we eagerly watched on as the buffalo continued defending itself! What a breath taking sight! We also got a chance to see a mother Lion and three cubs feeding on a Zebra! The day was full of great sightings as we saw another male lion scaring off buffaloes and Baboons who were approaching the kopjes they were on. 


Elibaraki was with the Keller party and reported,

Our Safari began as we drove to Maramboi Tented Lodge for lunch. After lunch we explored Tarangire National Park and on our game drive we saw giraffes pausing under the tree shade, impala  grazing and some females displaying and showcasing their jumping talent with tails up, a big herd of elephant parading across the plain some grazing along the road whilst others crossing the road. We also saw zebras crossing the road, big herd of wildebeest grazing with zebras, waterbuck lying in the shade, males and female ostriches one male with pink neck as a sign of breeding adult, big bachelor herd of impala. After great days of game viewing we headed back to Maramboi tented lodge for dinner and overnight.

The following day after an early breakfast we departed with picnic lunch for full day game drive exploring the park.  On our game drive we saw a big bachelor herd of impala crossing the road and four of them were fighting with their horns showcasing their strength against one another. We also saw bachelor elephant bulls, seven of them walking towards the road and two of them had broken tusks and the other one his right tusk was completely missing. We watched as eventually two of them crossed the road in front of us. After fifteen minutes we saw another big bachelor herd of fifteen elephant bulls in the western side of Tarangire river digging and drinking water from under the ground. We continued on and we saw giraffes browsing and one of them walked towards us, where they gave the clients different profiles, we saw dwarf mongoose coming in and out of termite hill den, male ostrich far away shortly walked towards us and crossed the road in front of the car. We were lucky with plenty of sightings and saw zebras, warthogs, wildebeest, olive baboons, vervet monkey, and a lot of birds.

The following day we drove to Lake Manyara Park for morning game viewing, and  we saw blue monkeys jumping up and down in the trees some grooming each other,  we saw troop of baboon young one playing whilst some grooming each other. We saw three giraffes along the lake shore posing, vervet monkeys, silvery cheeked hornbill, crowned hornbill, big group of impala, bachelor herd of impala and we stopped at picnic site for lunch overlooking spectacular views. After lunch we continued with game drives, where we saw one family of eight elephants walking very fast toward us when they approached us they started browsing on the tree branches and eventually decided to rest under the shade of acacia tree. We continued with our game drive where we saw another family elephant with a matriarch with no tusk. After a great day’s game viewing in the late afternoon we drove to Ngorongoro Serena for dinner and overnight.

We departed early in the morning after an early breakfast and descended down into the Ngorongoro Crater where we saw a lot of resident zebras, wildebeest, Thompson and grant’s gazelles, golden jackal, lesser and greater flamingos. We were very lucky and had an amazing sighting of Black rhino walking away slowly from the road and later on we witnessed lions mating, individual bulls of elephants in lerai forest. Close to mid-day and the sun became stronger which made the animals head towards LakeMagadi to drink water. The wildebeest and zebra were all at the drinking place and an amazing sighting was watching them with the pink flamingo in the background. We also saw porcupine almost at mid-day walking around searching food in the ground. We headed to the Picnic site and enjoyed our packed lunches and got a chance to stretch our legs. After, lunch we continued with afternoon game drive where we saw big herd of buffalos just drinking water at Munge river close to them was a pride of two lions and three lionesses. We watched and waited for a drama to unfold but the Lions looked well feed and no appetite to hunt. We headed back to our lodge on the Crater rim after great days of game viewing.

We continued our journey to Serengeti and visited Oldupai gorge and Masai village en route. We stopped at Naabi hill and enjoyed our picnic lunches. After we headed out in search for game in the Serengeti Plains, we saw Thompson and grants gazelles, ostrich, and giraffes seven of them eating/feeding in one tree. We then spotted a leopard lying at the base of a tree and opposite a lioness that walked to SeroneraRiver to drink water.

After quenching her thirst she walked back into the bush for the shade. As we were busy watching the lioness, the leopard walked to the next tree and climbed it for shade.  We continued with our game drive and we spotted hippos coming out of the pool. We also saw Huge Nile crocodile along SeroneraRiver. Further on we saw big herds of elephants, vervet monkeys, baboons in the tree. As we headed to camp we saw a big herd of about fifty elephants which was very close to Serengeti Explorer camp where we overnighted.

The following day after breakfast we departed with Lunch hamper to explore the Serengeti plains for full day’s game drive. On our game drive we saw an impala with waterbuck together with Thompson gazelles, two martial eagles in the tree, lilac breasted roller, African grey hornbills feeding on the termite on the ground, hippos at retima hippo pool bachelor herd of buffalo herd of nine topi, dikdik, zebras  two bat eared fox, warthogs, white backed and lappet faced vultures feeding on the carcass, elephants, two leopard in a different trees but close to each other. We enjoyed our Lunch Hamper overlooking the Serengeti plains.

After lunch we continued with afternoon game drive where we saw a pride of lion with two cubs of about four months old walking from across the plains and  crossing  the road in pursuit for some shade under a tree where they parked themselves , As we continue we spotted giraffes, more elephants, hippos . After a successful day game viewing with some wonderful sightings we headed back to Serengeti explorer camp for dinner and overnight.  

Our following morning exploring the vast Serengeti Plains we headed outafter an early breakfast for morning game drive, we spotted big herd of buffalo, We saw two cheetahs mother and almost fully grown cubs, we watched on and eventually the mother cheetah stalked something and disappeared in the bush, was too far for us too see. We continued and spotted a big family of elephants browsing on trees, herd of eleven topi and another big herd of about twenty two elephants under acacia tree under the shade. Further on we spotted two more cheetahs moving from one tree to another for shade. We headed back to Camp for lunch and after headed out for an afternoon game drive, we saw black backed jackals, topi, giraffes, warthogs, elephant we headed back to camp.

Our last morning in Serengeti after breakfast we headed out on game drive en route to the airstrip where we saw gazelles, zebras and group of about  fifteen wildebeest together pausing for picture. We continued with our game drive en route towards Seronera airstrip where we said goodbye and they departed on their Flight to Selous.

Hilary was with Sotak and Iseman Party and reported, after landing at LakeManyara airstrip safely we began our journey as, we drove to Gibbs farm. Lovely place and they really enjoyed their two night stay. In the evening we had the chance to share the experience with Iraqw people who live around the area.  It was a great learning experience as the clients participated and asked many questions during the tour and learnt a lot on the culture and lifestyle, including how the bio gas is made.

The following morning we spent a full day in the Ngorongoro Crater game viewing and it was very successful!  Our day started very early with packed lunches and we managed to see some great sightings as soon as we entered the crater! The day was highlighted by several sightings including lion with two week old cubs, Male lion feeding on wildebeest while number of hyena and jackals ‘surrounded him. Later the hyenas chased off the lion and took over the carcass It was great experience!  Other sighting where we spotted Giant Elephants, Serval cat, Foxes Jackals fighting, Hartebeest Zebra Wildebeest, Baboons, Gazelles and many others were very impressive. . The landscape of the area, its geology and birds of Ngorongoro made the trip very special.

Our Safari ended in TarangireNational Park where we stayed at Olivers Camp. With the few rains in the area this made it look green though big part still looks very dry.  Most of the animals are now along the river and swamps. The Highlight was big herd of Elephants about 90 mostly calves enjoying their mud bath in the silale swamp.

We had a chance to spot good number of lions including one tried who to hunt on Zebra but failed. The balloon ride in the morning was among the highlight of their trip, seeing the Tarangire habitat from above. 

Mkenda was with the Luque Party who were serious photographers and had just visited Botswana. They shared the pictures of recent sights Leopards and Lions and Mkenda was up for the challenge to showcase what Tanzania had to offer Flora and Fauna and sights of the big cats. They wanted to see Male lion with a large black mane and Cheetahs and Rhino up close!

The Luque Party commented to Mkenda on their experience. Wow! it was real special and incredible as everything we were looking for we managed to see and get great photos! We really enjoyed extraordinary game viewing where we captured the big five and the migration crossing in Mara River! These sightings turned to be the highlight of the trip and the clients fell even more in love with nature and want to come back to experience the southern Serengeti and time it to witness the wildebeest calving in a near future.

As we drove into Central Serengeti - Seronera from Migration Camp we were treated to some extra special sightings of 4 leopards and three cheetah!


As we began our journey we drove to Tarangire NP where we saw a leopard and lots of elephants and other resident game. The next day we started very early with both breakfast and picnic lunch and spotted a big male and lioness mating and lots of elephants again.

We departed from Tarangire and we drove to Gibbs far and on the way we made a stop at a local Maasai village where we learned more for the lifestyle and culture.  It was great as they managed to capture some unique shots of the Masai with their traditional clothing.  This created great interested in other tribes in the area and we discussed more about the Maasai, Datoga, Makonde, Sonjo, Iraqw and the more traditional Bush men the Hazabe.

We enjoyed lunch at Gibbs and then we visited Iraqw people to learn more about their lifestyle and culture and use of biogas. We then headed to the Manor Ngorongoro which was one of the favourite lodges we stayed at with the spectacular views. 

The following day we had a very early start as we departed at 06hrs to the Ngorongoro Crater. Our early start rewarded us as we spotted three lionesses and one big male in morning light and this was ideal for some great photo shots!  We then saw a lioness with very tiny cubs at least a month and few days walking on the road as the cubs were be able to walk in grass.

The following day we left early morning from Migration Camp for Seronera as there was limited game in Lobo area having explored it. We were treated to some awesome sightings! We saw all the big cats and unique sightings. A mother leopard with her two cubs and three cheetahs’ one on the tree and two walking just close by and the other leopard on the tree close by entertaining us as she decided to come down, we managed to get some Fantastic pictures.    


Having explored Central Serengeti it was time we headed Northern to explore the Kogatende and Mara area. We drove to Sayari Camp, as we drove north in the afternoon we stopped in distance and black figure and drove closer to find a rhino! What a great and unique sighting in the Serengeti!

The next day we embarked for a full day with both picnic Breakfast and lunch. We were so lucky and saw a rhino and migration crossing at the MaraRiver! It was incredible!

This was truly an unforgettable experience with some breath-taking wildlife. 


Tanzania Guide Reports from Africa Adventure Private Safaris

August 2013

Ephata was with the Stratton party. They enjoyed their night at Shangazi House resting from their long travels. They departed Shangazi house and passed by Arusha town and proceed through the Maasai steppe land having the chance to see both livestock, and the Masai Boma’s and enjoy the beautiful landscape. 

Ephata reported; the two days spent at Tarangire were marvellous! The Stratton Party liked the beautiful scenery with the Baobab trees. We saw tons of elephants and had interesting experience as we watched their behaviours (wallowing, eating and fighting). We also spotted many giraffes, impalas, olive baboons, vervet monkeys, hippos, and waterbuck. The highlight was one cheetah standing on a termite mound. The birds in Tarangire were colourful and interesting too!


The following day we had an en route game drive in Tarangire and saw lots of elephants before we headed to Manyara Ranch for lunch. After a nice lunch we headed out on evening game drive to explorer the wildlife around the Ranch and did not manage to spot much due to the Tall grass!

The next day two clients enjoyed horse riding while the other two went on a nature a walk. After the morning activities we left the camp and headed to Lake Manyara National Park for a game drive in search for better game viewing. We spotted troops of olive baboons, blue and vervet monkeys, hippos, gnus, buchells zebras, Maasai giraffes, waterbucks, impalas, buffaloes and lots of water birds. The highlight of the day was the leopard just resting on the tree near the road.  The party also enjoyed the magnificent views of the Great East African valley. We returned to the camp for dinner and overnight.

We left the camp very early at 5:00am and drove through Karatu town enjoying the farms of maize and beans and the view of the Ngorongoro Highlands We stopped at the crater rim viewpoint to see the breath taking view of one Seven wonders of the world” The Ngorongoro crater”.

We had a great time in the crater we spotted large herds of wildebeests and zebras that were spread out all around the crater floor. We saw herds of gazelles, many spotted hyenas, warthogs, hartebeest, olive baboon, few elephants and hippos.

We continued on our game drive and explored the Gorigor swamp, Ngoitokitok spring, and Lerai forest were we spotted two black rhino very near to the road and that made our day. Having had a thrilling game viewing experience we returned to the lodge with a successful day that included the two black rhino, 3 lionesses among other wonderful wildlife we had spotted on the crater floor.

We left Ngorongoro sopa headed for Oldupai Gorge where they enjoyed the museum and “Zinj” site where they discovered the Homo habilis. The lecture was interesting and the children learnt all about the Oldupai and its history.

Our afternoon game drive in the Serengeti was very special. We were very lucky with game on this day! We spotted a single male leopard with a baby zebra kill, 7 lions, 3 black rhino!!! In Serengeti! This was definitely a very unique sighting as it is very rare to spot Rhino on the Serengeti Plains. We spotted herds of elephant and buffaloes near Moru kopjes. We managed to spot the “Big five” in only 3 hours! What a thrilling day!

The next day’s game drive was equally impressive. It just got better and better. We spotted a pride of 14 lions, female leopards with her two cubs eating a Thomson gazelle on the tree, two brother male lions, 8 lions hanging on the tree enjoying the breeze.

Also a mother leopard with other two cubs near Moru kopjes and many other herbivores species namely buffaloes, hartebeest, topi, gazelles etc. We returned to the lodge having wonderful day out on the Serengeti plains.

We headed to the western corridor of the Serengeti and to Ubuntu Camp. The two days spent in Western Serengeti was impressive and enjoyable were we spotted the great migration of wildebeest and zebras, two lions mating, 1 lioness with a wildebeest kill, crocodiles in the river, hippos, black and white colobus monkeys, and monitor lizards as well These all made great game viewing and great sightings in the western Serengeti (Gurumeti/Kirawira areas). 


Jabshir was with the Marjorie Party and began their safari adventure in TarangireNational Park.  With the Tall grasses they were not able to see any cats but spotted the resident Wildebeest and Zebra and other herbivores.

They explored the Ngorongoro Crater and spotted Pride of lions and Flamingoes in Lake Magadi and also were lucky to spot two Rhinos while they were about to leave the crater floor.

The Serengeti plains lived up to expectation; they were able to spot more cats (Lions, cheetah and leopard) few non migrating zebras and wildebeests. They missed the migrating herds as they were in western corridor and heading north.


Jadim was with the Geller Party and they had and interesting visit to Jangwani primary school which is near Mto Wa Mbu village.  

We were warmly welcomed by the head teacher, we introduced each other, and we were briefed about the school and the difficulties and challenges experienced. Then we visit one class where the Geller party was able to interact with the pupils and they distributed books. The pupils were so exited!!


We then drove to Gibbs farm for dinner and overnight. The following day the guests were able to participate in farm activities at Gibbs Farm.  They woke up early and went to milk the cows at 7:30AM. After interesting time in farm activities they went for breakfast and followed by a walk at 8:45AM to the water falls and Elephant cave.  After a nice lunch at Gibbs we drove to Iraqwi center where the guests had the opportunity to learn all about the Iraqwi tribe culture.

We then proceeded towards Ngorongoro Sopa lodge on the eastern crater rim where we overnighted. The following day was an early morning and we left Ngorongoro sopa at 6:15am to explore the Ngorongoro crater. Departing in the mist we headed down the eastern road and descended into the crater floor.

We were very lucky to spot a serval cat killing a mouse very close to us. There after we saw big black manned male lion with a kill and about fifteen plus hyenas surrounded him to scavenge! What a thrilling experience “that was cool” the guests commented.

 After lunch we headed to Maasai village, where we were welcomed by a Maasai dance, and followed by visiting their home. The Geller party was able to ask lots of questions and received information and explanations on the Maasai lifestyle and traditions.

The following day we drove to Lake Manyara airstrip and this marked the end of their wonderful safari. The guest commented that the safari was fabulous and they depart with unforgettable memories.


Masha was with Daniels Party and reported:  Tarangire was the best place to start after we had lunch at Tarangire Safari lodge. Many Elephants became the highlight of the first day exploring TarangirePark, before we headed to Tarangire Treetops for dinner and overnight.

The following day we continued to explore the park and spent and full day in Tarangire game viewing with picnic lunch, we spotted lions and Cheetah and completed a successful game drive.

Later in the evening we returned back to Treetop for a wonderful sundowner and clients enjoyed night game drive later.

We left Treetops after breakfast and drove towards Manyara stopping at Escarpment Lodge for lunch. Later in the afternoon we had a game drive in ManyaraPark where it was much quieter in terms of game viewing compared with Tarangire. The beauty of the park was the landscape and the Terrain of the park itself. Hippos were one of the attractions we had at the park and clients really enjoyed time spent at the Hippo pool. Later in the evening we went back to the lodge for dinner and overnight.

After breakfast at Escarpment Lodge we drove to Gibbs farm where we had a chance to stretch our legs and did a nature walk towards the waterfall. After the walk we were famished and enjoyed the lovely lunch at Gibbs. After lunch, we had the chance to visit the Iraqw tribe, a dominant tribe around the area where by they were able to share with us their culture and life style. The Daniels Party found the visiting quite interesting and listened careful to the explanations and had the chance to ask many questions after.

Having being enriched with a wealth of information and learnt about a new culture and tribe we departed and headed towards Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge where we spent two nights. The next morning very early we descend to the crater floor with our picnic lunch. Our drive was great enjoying the majestic scenery around us and we were treated to a great sighting of pride of lions which were very close by. We spotted Rhinos which was great. We saw lots of hyenas who were busy eating a wildebeest carcass.  


We left Ngorongoro Sopa after the breakfast where had to visit Olduvai Gorge first before heading to Serengeti Serena for Lunch.  Our game viewing in serenity was excellent! We spotted Cheetah just close to Serengeti Explorer Camp and this was a great sight to mark an end to our first day’s game viewing in Serengeti.


The Second day in Serengeti we drove to the western corridor where we explored the vast plains. Daniels Party was keen on seeing the wildebeest Migration and we continued our quest and were very lucky to see the mighty herds. We spent some time observing the herds and enjoying the moment. After enjoying our picnic lunch amongst the migration on the sight we drove back to the camp very late evening for our second night at Serengeti Explorer camp, we enjoyed dinner and reminisced on our day’s adventure over the camp fire.   

Lunch under a tree in the Serengeti Plains, while we observed Migration around.

The third day at Serengeti Explorer Camp , we decided to explore another area of the Serengeti Plains and embarked on a long day visiting central Serengeti where we had the opportunity to see the illusive Leopard, a cat that we hadn’t seen yet. We continued exploring the Serengeti plains and just before we were to head back we had another great sighting of a leopard on the tree with two cubs on a nearby tree. Jenifer was so happy since this was her favorite animal and she was desperately wanted to see it.  Jenifer could not stop taking pictures. After all the photos and us enjoying the moment we drove back to camp.

We departed to explore the Northern Serengeti and headed to Olakira Camp.

We spent three nights here and clients real enjoyed the camp. Game viewing was pretty tough as the areas had long grasses, though we were very lucky to spot lions on the tree and other lions mating. Back at Olakira camp the clients enjoyed the Meals and all the services.

The following day we left the camp at 7:30 am game drive en route and headed to Kogatende airstrip where we had to say good bye to the Daniels Party.  They were continuing the adventure and flying to Ruaha. I had a great time guiding and sharing the beauty of Tanzania with Daniels family.


Hilary was with the Kumro Party and had a great safari. They were lucky and very successful in spotting interesting game viewing.  Hilary had a great time with Kumro party and reported:

The four nights spent in Serengeti were the most fascinating part of our trip. We stayed at Serengeti Explorer camp and had a chance to explore Central Serengeti and western corridor of Serengeti. We encountered several highlights during our time in the Serengeti.  

The migration of Wildebeest and Zebra became the highlight of the entire trip, Hundreds of thousands of wildebeest and zebra were spread on both sides of Grumeti River heading western, though good numbers have turned right towards north east around Grumeti reserve.

Bush breakfast in Serengeti

Lion kill in Serengeti

A Lion kill in front of the clients and the number of vultures clearing the remains, this was thrilling and the Kumro Party promised to return.  Being the beginning of rutting season for wildebeests; we had such a great time and funny noise from every male trying to defend their temporary territories.

We spotted a number of lions in different prides, four Leopards, two Cheetahs, Jackals, Serval Cat, Foxes, Baboons and many other ungulates made our stay very fruitful. Our success continued when the clients were intrigued by crocodiles sharing a dead wildebeest along the GrumetiRiver. It was an excellent sighting. The clients were not true birders but in Serengeti only we were able to identify more than 80 different species of birds. 

We spent 3 days in Ngorongoro conservation area. 

Apart from various pride of Lions seen in the morning some feeding on Warthog; we also saw big numbers of Hyenas, some of them feeding on Zebra carcass. Other interesting sights include Serval cat hunting a Rabbit, Jackals, and Elephants fighting with massive tusks, number of flamingos and many others. The landscape of the area, its geology and birds of Ngorongoro were among the most memorable.   The Kumro party much enjoyed staying at the camp rather than lodges; they still had an excellent time at the Ngorongoro Lodge and breath taking safari experience.    We began our crater tours very early with picnic breakfast and packed lunches. Being one of the first to reach the crater floor, we were fascinated with interesting wildlife we spotted. Highlights include two Rhinos crossing the road few feet from us, and large number of lions along the road.  This became the highlight of the day though other sightings were fascinating as well. 


 Mkenda was with the Whitcomb and Nielsen Party and had a fantastic Safari experience which exceeded his client’s expectations. They were treated to some awesome and unique sightings including elephants with babies in Tarangire and Wildebeest migration crossing in Mara River.

The major spectacle was sighting the migration crossing the Mara River

The clients were very happy on the timing of their visit and all the places they visit. Everything seemed to supersede their expectations as they went thru some breath taking experiences. They were generally very pleased with Manyara Ranch, Serengeti Soroi, Buffalo camp and Olakira.

They loved being alone watching the mighty herds Wildebeest and Zebra for several hours and also seeing crossing from the Olakira camp! It was awesome and incredible experience. Another Highlight was an opportunity at Manyara Ranch visiting remote Maasai village was incredible.

                             A wildebeest being caught by a croc                                                      Rhino looking at the mighty herds

Our adventures started in Tarangire where we saw lots of elephants with babies just two kilometres from the air-strip.  As we began our Game drive we spotted two cheetahs walking in grass enroute to Tarangire Treetops where we arrived for Lunch and client enjoyed a sun downer and night game drive after. Then the next day we had full day game drive where we saw elephant interacting with their young ones, baboons and a pride of 12 lions near the banks of Tarangire River. During diner I gave a talk about Manyara Ranch that it is a conservancy where the government and AWF working together to protect the important corridor for animals movement from and to Tarangire National Park and Manyara National Park and due to human Settlement the impact was so high that was affecting the normal migration. Thanks to the conservation efforts taking place we now see some improvements.      

At Manyara Ranch, on our way we visited Maasai open market we saw lots of activities and trading of cattle and local products being sold that was good opportunity to have interaction with local people. In the Ranch we enjoyed and found out is a very good place to learn about conservation and enjoyed the activities like waking, visiting very remote Maasai village and night game drive and horse riding.  During dinner I talked about rift valley escarpment and about MosquitoCreekTown that is Mto wa Mbu and about the activities at Gibbs. Our adventures started in Tarangire where we saw lots of elephants with babies just two kilometres from the air-strip.  As we began our Game drive we spotted two cheetahs walking in grass enroute to Tarangire Treetops where we arrived for Lunch and client enjoyed a sun downer and night game drive after. Then the next day we had full day game drive where we saw elephant interacting with their young ones, baboons and a pride of 12 lions near the banks of TarangireRiver. During diner I gave a talk about Manyara Ranch that it is a conservancy where the government and AWF working together to protect the important corridor for animals movement from and to Tarangire National Park and Manyara National Park and due to human Settlement the impact was so high that was affecting the normal migration. Thanks to the conservation efforts taking place we now see some improvements.     

As we headed towards Gibbs farm on the way discussed about cross-pollination of various tribes at Mto wa Mbu and that due to fertility of volcanic soil and under-ground water from the Ngorongoro high land At Gibbs we enjoyed walking to the elephant cave spotting foot prints of various game and waterfalls. After the activities the lunch was well awaiting and was fabulous and we had a chance to relax in the tranquil gardens. After lunch we enjoyed visiting Iraqw Center and learnt more on Iraqw culture and tradition, weddings how to use grinding rock to grind millet and how to make wedding skirt and observed a tradition Iraqw semi- underground house. We stopped at Ngorongoro view point where I explained all about the largest intact caldera in the world and that is unbroken wall and un-flooded and also known as area with the largest number of animals per square km.

The next morning we left early in the morning to explore the Ngorongoro Crater. We were as close as we just missed a pride of lions catching a warthog. Later we saw other lions closed by and lucky to have a rhino cross the road in front of our vehicle! Super sight!

The next day we departed with picnic lunch and headed to Serengeti Soroi, on the way we talked about Olduvai Gorge from the Ngorongoro highland as we were going to the Gorge. The highlight was visiting and seeing live excavation site and being explained what is going on and that they had a new finding which was that there was a fresh water stream feeding the lake as they found Calcium carbonate traces at the area. We continued our Journey to Serengeti Soroi; on the way we saw a leopard which was a great spot.

The Whitcomb family went for an early balloon they left at 0415 hrs, they enjoyed it but they were quite tired from the early wake up call. We continued on en route game drive to Buffalo luxury. The highlight of Buffalo Camp was seeing the migration, special bush diner with Maasai dance and visiting Maasai village. The next morning we went to Lobo Air-strip where we took a plane to Olakira and said bye bye to the Nielsen party as they flew back to Arusha.

Upon arriving at Olakira we saw a crossing and that was just a second day of the onset of crossings. The Whitcomb family thrilled with the timing and happy they were able to spend the nights at Olakira to witness the migration crossings the river from Camp.  The next day we saw a pride of 13 lions and one and a half hour crossing of wildebeest and some of the being caught by crocodiles. The last day we saw again several crossing and also a black rhino in Serengeti. This was a very unique sighting and we were extremely lucky.  Sadly after so much adventure and great sightings that marked the end of adventurous safari, we took a plane to Arusha from Kogatende via Seronera and South Serengeti.

The Whitcomb family was thrilled with their visit and extremely happy they managed to sight the migration crossing and the timing of the safari and properties booked was just perfect and that made them have a really enjoyable safari adventure.


Seif was with Grant Party and reported; we began our safari adventure driving towards TarangireNational park and stayed the night at Maramboi Tented camp.

The following morning we ventured out into TarangirePark and spotted lots of gnus and zebras close to the camp, as we continued into the Park we spotted herds of elephants that welcomed us as we started our game drive. The Grass were still long and made it difficult to spot wildlife but we managed to see giraffes, mongooses, impalas beautiful birds.

Our adventure into the crater started early from Ngorongoro Farm house .We departed early morning to begin our journey to the crater, it was cold and fogy,  as we drove further descending to the crater it cleared up.

We got to see some great wildlife sightings, lions who had just finished feeding on wildebeest from last night’s kill, followed by hyenas vultures and couple of jackals  having a party with left overs. We stopped to use washrooms facilities and we saw an elephant heading towards our jeep! Observing the Elephants behaviour and my knowledge of crater elephants tend to be friendly to jeeps, so we stayed quiet and elephant just passed like 20meters close to us we took excellent photos! What a thrilling experience!

We then proceeded to the lunch spot where we could stretch our legs and watch hippos come close to the shore. In the afternoon, our game viewing was exciting; we got to see rhino very close! Having had a fruitful day we decided to head back for our lodge with big smiles, wonderful game drive!

The following day we checked out from Farm House and began our journey to Serengeti en route we stopped at Olduvai Gorge and visited the museum on site to learn more about the early hominids.  We also had the chance to spot at a Maasai village and learn more about the culture and lifestyle. Grant Party really enjoyed the visit as they compared and contrasted with their visit in Amboseli.

As we entered the SerengetiPark we had an en route game drive towards our camp and saw lions, a leopard and we arrived in time at our camp to admire the great African sunset and beautiful view of the Serengeti plains from camp.

An early morning as they all went on balloon ride which they really enjoyed as this was different and memorable experience. I met my clients after their balloon ride and we continued exploring the Serengeti plains. We came across to a mama leopard with 2 young ones feeding on Thompson gazelle on the very low acacia tree branch! That certainly became the highlight of the trip! One of the young cubs happened to come down and rest close to our rear tire of our jeep! What a thrilling and memorable experience.

Another big day in Serengeti plains .After breakfast we left to Kirawira western corridor with picnic lunches, and headed in the direction of the migratory herds.  We managed to spot the vast herd of wildebeest and zebra and witnessed a spectacle of the Great Migration at Nyasirori plains toward Grumeti Game Reserve, what a great sightseeing mass of wildebeests on the go!! Later we also saw our first cheetah! We spotted Crocodiles and hippos in GrumetiRiver. We also spotted lions with a zebra kill fifty yards from our jeep. We had a long day but rather adventurous day of game viewing and saw some breath taking sightings. We headed back to camp for shower and relaxed around the camp fire enjoying and revisiting our day’s adventures!

Our last day in the Serengeti as we made our way to the airstrip, we spotted wildlife en route; we saw 2 leopards and a tree climbing lioness. It was like they wanted to say goodbye to Betsy and Kristofer, They left with big smile!


George Mollel was with Graff Party and reported,

We began our African Adventure, with a visit to local market, where clients got to experience and walk around with me as I explained. We then proceeded to Maramboi driving through the Masaai steppe where some women were doing laundry and men looking after their Life stock cattle and goats. We arrived in time for lunch.

 After lunch we left for our game drive in Tarangire where we saw Elephants, Monkeys, Giraffe, Zebras, Impalas, Waterbucks, and birds with the beautiful landscape dotted with baobab trees.

The following day we continued exploring TarangirePark and left for a full day game drive with packed lunch. We were lucky and has some great sightings We spotting a Cheetah up close, Lions , Birds, Baboons, Elephants, Martial Eagle killing a quine fowl ,Giraffe,.  We broke for lunch at Silalei picnic spot, where we were able to stretch our feet.  After lunch we continued with our game drive stopped more Birds sighting and Warthogs, Elands, Dik Dik. After a successful day of game viewing we headed back to lodge in the evening.

Today we decided to have an easy paced day and after breakfast we had walk around the lodge and spent the morning at leisure, then followed by a nice lunch we departed and drove to Ngorongoro Farm house admiring a beautiful scenic drive.

Today a highlight was awaiting for us, we left early at 06:30 with our packed lunch and drove towards the Ngorongoro Crater and as it was very fogy we could not stop at the view point so we went straight down to the crater floor where we spotted some very interesting game : we saw Lions , Hyenas ,  Hippos, Thomson gazelles ,Grant gazelles , Wildebeest , Rhinos, Zebras and we went for lunch ,

After lunch we proceeded with our game drive where we saw more lions, Jackals, Kori bustard, Buffaloes, and finally magic moment Big guy crossing the road ‘Rhino’!!! What a fantastic sighting and truly made the highlight of the day.  We began to ascend back to the Crater rim and stopped at the view point for pictures and returned back to the lodge in the evening.

We left for the Great Serengeti plains and enroute we visited Oldpai gorge, on our way there we saw Giraffes, we stopped at the gorge and the guest enjoyed the museum followed by lecture on the history.  We then visited a Masaai village, where they enjoyed the village walk and dance.

We continued of Journey into the Serengeti plains and exploring the Ndutu plains and had great sighting of Lions with cubs, Cheetah, Elephants, Giraffes, Elands, a coalition of three brothers.

The follow day we left camp early with a packed lunch and got a beautiful sunrise with Giraffe followed by hundreds of Thomson gazelles what a moment!  We managed to spot a lot of interesting wildlife on our game drive: Cheetah, Elephants chasing Lions, Male lion walking on the road, Mother Cheetah with two cubs on the Rocks Hippos, Jackals baboons, Monkeys, then we went for lunch. After lunch we continued with our game and saw Leopard and a cub, more lions and Zebras, Impalas, Crocodiles. We spotted a Secretary bird enroute to our camp.

We left the camp early in the morning to explore Moru kopjes and we spotted Hyenas, bat eared foxes, Giraffe, Ground hornbill, Flamingoes, and then visited the Ngong rocks, Maasai painting. We continued with our game drive and around the Sopa pools we saw female lions with cubs and then we broke for lunch. After lunch we went to the Maasai kopjes where lions were eating a Giraffe carcass but it was overcrowded so we decided to leave and drove to the Maasai kopjes pool and we were rewarded with a Lion kill. They had killed a Buffalo, what a moment to experience, my clients were emotional but they really enjoyed the experience as this became our highlight of the day as we drove back to Camp for the evening.

The next day the guests were anxious and excited and wanted us to leave early to see what was going on around the Giraffe kill, but when we got their the lions had already left and a whole pack of Hyenas, Jackals , and vultures fighting for left over’s.  We watch as they all competed for the scraps left. After we went to looking for Topi which Michelle was really eager to see and we were lucky to spot them.



Tanzania Guide Reports from Africa Adventure Private Safaris

July 2013

Mkenda was with Canfield Party and reported a great safari experience which exceeded all their expectations.  The Canfield’s have visited earlier in Nov 2009 and in Sept 2011 and this was their third visit and we managed to come across some incredible sightings.

Highlights from our great sightings include spotting two lion kills, crossing of the migration and a rhino in the Serengeti!! A Rhino spotting in the Serengeti is a very rare sighting. They truly enjoyed their experience in the northern Serengeti and close to the Mara River.We began our safari adventure from Kogatende Airstrip as we began our game drive en route to Olakira camp, where we saw massive number of wildebeests. Then after lunch we drove far away from the river crossing and we were lucky to witness a spectacular event unfold in front of our eyes. What a crossing! It lasted for one hour and a half as we watched the wildebeest making their journey across the river.

The next morning we left early at six we saw a pride of 18 lions and then they started hunting and they caught a wildebeest. We watched on as the entire the pride came and started feasting. What an incredible sight unfolding right in front of us and this turned into the highlight of the day.

The next day we explored the Northern Serengeti close to the Kenya border where we saw a pride of five of which there were a big male two females and two tine cubs.

Our last day exploring the Mara area was great! We saw another kill where we left at six in the morning and came across two female lions and two very young cubs, we waited patiently as they started hunting and eventually one caught a wildebeest right in front of our vehicle. We watched as the lioness suffocated the wildebeest and called for her cubs.


After Great adventure in the Northern Serengeti and Mara area we headed more central and to Four Season Serengeti lodge.   We left at six with a packed breakfast and lunch for en route game drive and on the way we saw herds of Wildebeest. Further on we spotted mating lions, which was a great sight. We then spotted a rhino right in the middle of nowhere that was awesome as we drove very close and we were the only ones!  Later on we spotted a pride of 15 lions. This turned into a special drive as we drove to the Lodge.  The next we managed to explore the central Serengeti and spotted three cheetahs and three leopard both of which were very close.

Leaving the majestic Serengeti National park behind, reminiscing from our incredible sightings we drove to Kitela Lodge in Karatu where we spent time visiting a local market and interacting with local people.

Jabshir was with the Hughes Party and reported, after successful landing and welcome to Serengeti via Seronera Airstrip, We enjoyed en route game drive towards Serengeti Explorer Camp.

We spent three nights in the Serengeti where they managed to see some great sightings. Highlights include lions, two leopards with a kill in a tree, also many Elephants which was near to the Serengeti Explorer Camp.  They managed to see large herds of zebras and few wildebeest.

After three nights in the Serengeti we headed out of SerengetiNational Park and stopped at Olduvai and after an educational visit we continued our journey to LakeEyasi at Kisima Ngeda for overnight.

The following day was quite an adventurous day as we went hunting with the hadzabe which was an interesting experience.   

We were very lucky because they managed to kill three baboons. We enjoyed the experience and learning more about the Hadzabe. We even learnt how the Hadzabe make fire!

The following day we went Exploreans lodge for two nights. We enjoyed our crater tour as we had some great sightings; we saw more lions also spotted a serval cat on the road and was right next to our Vehicle.

We ended our safari in Tarangire; we enjoyed our time at Tarangire safari lodge. Our game drive in TarangireNational park was nice and we saw more Elephants also Zebras and a lot of wildebeests.

Jabshir was with the Dickerson party and reported

After a long haul flight arriving into Tanzania a night spent at Shangazi house was ideal to recover from the jet leg. The following day after breakfast we started our safari journey by visiting Seela Primary school in Tengeru then we went to Ndarakwai for lunch followed by nature walk in the afternoon, which was much enjoyed.

We headed to TarangireNational Park and stopped at Tarangire Safari lodge for lunch and spent the Afternoon game viewing in the Park and spotted Elephants and resident Zebra, wildebeest and other herbivores as we drove towards Oliver's Camp for our overnight stop.

The following day we were very lucky to spot three cheetahs and also managed to spot the shy five kudus. The day got better as we spotted two big male lions with a kill! We were treated to many elephants and enjoyed a successful day of game viewing.

We left Tarangire and headed towards Ngorongoro stopping at Manyara Serena for lunch, overlooking the lake and views of the rift valley. We headed for an afternoon game drive and spotted hippos and blue monkeys. We then went continued our drive arriving at the wonderful Ngorongoro Manor for our overnight stop.

The following day we headed out earlier and descended into the crater and explored the crater floor. We were quickly treated to some special sightings two rhinos up close; we spotted many lions and hyenas and also a lot of flamingoes in LakeMagadi.

The Serengeti Plains lived up to their great expectations. We managed to come across some great sightings which added to our great trip. Highlights included three leopards, Many lions (we lost count), three cheetahs who stalked and killed a gazelle as we watched the action unfolding. We were also very lucky to see the great MaraRiver crossing where we spent more than one hour.

We had an over whelming safari experience and were truly lucky to be treated to some great sightings.

George Mollel was with the Schnieder Family and reported,

We left the coffee lodge and headed to Tarangire for our game drive passing through the Masai land where Masai were leading their cattle’s to their grazing fields and we saw women going thru the daily activities of fetching water. As we entered Tarangire NP we started seeing game and spotted Vervet monkeys, Zebras, Giraffe, Wildebeest, Waterbucks, Impalas before stopping at the Tarangire Safari lodge for lunch. After lunch we continued game viewing and saw more Elephants around the river drinking water, Baboons, Giant eagle owl and our first big cat, a female Lion. Having had a great day’s game viewing we headed to our lodge.

The following day we continued exploring Tarangire NP and saw more Elephants, diks diks, Jackals, and a pride of Lions and more birds and got to Olivers Camp for lunch. In the afternoon we headed out looking for the illusive Leopard but instead we spotted Monitor lizard on top of the trees and were treated to large herds of Elephants bathing at the Silalei swamp. We headed back to Olivers Camp.  Schneider Family had the chance to see some nocturnal animals as they headed out for a night drive.

Our Journey was taking us to Manyara and we decided to depart with packed lunches with an en route game drive thru Tarangire NP.  The Family had heard back at Camp that they were Lion tracks around the Camp area and heard Lion roar during the night. We decided to keep a look out and were rewarded with a big male Lion walking on the road. We continued to follow him and we saw the females as well.

We continued game viewing and came across two Cheetah Brothers.  We continued our journey from Tarangire to Manyara.  In Manyara NP we saw lots of Baboons, Blue monkey, Elephants but the day turned to be a day of the big cats since we managed to see the Leopard which was a very lucky sighting! The family were over the top and expressed their joy. We left ManyaraPark and headed to the Ngorongoro Manor for the night.

This was one of the days the guests were looking forward to, as we left the Manor early and by seven we were in the crater floor. We were lucky and spotted Lions, Hyenas, Jackals, Buffaloes, and huge male Elephants with large tusk and stopped for our breakfast in the Crater floor. After we proceeded with our game viewing and the sighting of the day two Rhinos a few meters from the road we managed also to see several cats which was a great sighting. We spotted, Hippos, Kori bustard before Heading to Ngorongoro Sopa lodge for late lunch. After Lunch we visited a Masai village which was a great cultural experience for the Family as they learnt more about the Masai and their lifestyles.




“Galloping Gnu” sightings from Tanzania Guides–May 2013

On Africa Adventure Company Private Safaris


Mkenda was with Gerald Smetana

His private safari,one on one with Mkenda was a thrilling experience and a memorable one. Having the opportunity to tap into Mkenda’sdepth of knowledge, they encountered unique sightings throughout their safari. Gerald a Professor at Harvard Medical University in Boston, author of three academic books and about 100 publications in Medical field, was truly overwhelmed by the wildlife encounters they had seen.

Several special sightings were witnessed including a cheetah at top speed chasing a gazelle and wildebeests, spotting a leopard and witnessing the great migration in Southern Serengeti.

Mkenda reported: Our drive to Oliver’s camp was great and we managed to spot a few Elephants and resident Wildebeest and Zebra en route. The following morning we spotted two lionesses and many more elephants and giraffes the highlight was certainly being so close to nature and being able to be the only ones at the sightings gave us more time to enjoy the wildlife,

The following day we left Oliver’s Camp with en route game drive thru Tarangire National Park and then arriving at Gibbs Farm for a delicious late lunch and later had some time to relax and spend some time at leisure, soaking up the tranquil surroundings.

After a good nights sleeps at Gibbs, We departed to next day with picnic lunch to explore the Ngorongoro crater. We managed to spot a large pride of 20 lions, what a great sight to catch! Watching the large dark manned male with the rest of the pride was awesome ! We spotted another unique sight of the black rhino with a small calf. The mother was very careful and protective and we ensured we kept a good distance. We witnessed Africa’s largest mammal cross the road just in front of us - elephant crossing the road was breath taking.


We made our way towards the great Serengeti National Park. We drove thru Olduvai Gorge having an interesting experience stopping by at the museum. We continued with game drive in Ndutu where we saw cheetah and the great migration. The plains were full of Wildebeest and Zebra . Having had a wonderful journey thru the migration we checked in late at Kusini Camp.

We departed the following morning with picnic lunch to spend a full day exploring the Great Plains. We spotted cheetah attempting to hunt, many lions and the great migration (plenty of wildebeest and zebra). We had a private picnic in the middle of the Serengeti, a table set in the middle of wildebeests what an experience and possible the highlight for a day along with the cheetah hunt attempt


Central Serengeti - Seronera was great. We spotted a beautiful leopard perched on the tree! A pride of lions relaxing on the Kopjes, overlooking the great plains. Later on we saw the migration (wildebeest and Zebra in number) . A unique spotting was watching a cheetah in top speed trying to catch a wildebeest calf, however this time around without success. This was truly an action packed day as events folded in front of us!


The following day our safari was coming to the end. Our en route game drive as we drove to Seronera airstrip was a great farewell! We spotted elephant in the plains, lions and another leopard.

Ephata was with the Feuebrach Party,

After a relaxing night at Serena Mountain Village, we departed through Arusha town and proceed through the Maasai steppe land seeing lots of livestock, Maasai with their steady homes, farms of maize and beans, and coffee plantations. A beautiful drive a scenic drive as we travel towards the great Africa Rift Valley

Our visit to lake Manyara National Park was nice. We spotted elephants, plenty of olive baboons, blue and vervet monkey, hippos, impalas, buffaloes and many water birds. Spending the night at Kirurumu Camp.

We left early the next morning and drove thru Karatu town enjoying the farms and valleys and then had stop at the crater viewpoint to have same photos of the “Wonder of World” the Ngorongoro caldera. Our Game drive inside the crater floor was fantastic. We spotted 7 Black rhino, large prides of lions totalling to 18 lions, great number of lesser flamingos, many spotted hyenas, Jackals, gazelles

The second day we had a great time were we spotted 10 lions fro m different prides with two couples mating, black rhinos with 2 young ones. The highlight was the crater itself and the number of mammals within.

On our way to Olakira we visited the Oldupai Gorge where they enjoyed looking around the Museum and the educative lecture on the Gorge and discover y of early hominids!

We continued our journey and into the Serengeti Plains. We had an impressive game drives were we witness the great spectacular migration of wildebeest and Zebra . The plains were full of them white and black spots across the plains towards the horizon.

We managed to spot 6 lions, 7 cheetahs (3 cubs jumping around and being playful near our vehicles). We spotted the resident wildlife like elephants, topi, gazelles, hartebeest, and tail wagging warthogs. 

The following day we had great highlights. We spotted a mother cheetah with 2 cubs killing the baby wildebeest. That was the highlights of the day to the Southern Serengeti (Ndutu area).

We left Olakira and headed towards Dunia camp. Enroute we spotted lions on the tree, giraffes before arriving at Dunia camp for lunch. The three days we spent exploring the Serengeti plains were the most enjoyable. We saw several prides of lions on the tree, another pride of lions with a kill and a cheetah mother with her cubs. Two leopards seen at Seronera were impressive too! Having seen numerous wildlife during game drives the Balloon ride was much enjoyed having a bird’s eye view of the great Serengeti plains.


Gorge Mollel was with the Changuris Party and reported :

Having a good night’s rest at Mt Meru Hotel, we departed on Safari the following morning. We had an interesting drive towards Maramboi as we drove through many villages.

As it was the start of the long rains we observed passing by many farmers at work cultivating their lands. We observed the women were doing their laundry work while the young boys were looking after their cattle. We arrived at Maramboi Camp for lunch.

After lunch we entered the Tarangire National Park where we spotted giraffe, elephants, monkeys and the grounds were green and lush from the continuing rains. We had a spectacular view of the park, with baobab trees and birds of which the secretary bird was their highlights on this day.

Having an early start we left at 6:30 am wit h picnic lunch and were very lucky. As we entered the park we spotted a great surprise and unique sighting of cheetah, which generally are very hard to see in Tarangire . We enjoyed the day with more wildlife spotting’s: lot of elephants, lions, baboons, Bat eared foxes, jackals, Dik dik, Hyrax. Certainly the highlight of day was spotting the bat earned fox.

We had the morning at leisure then drove to Ngorongoro farm house. We enjoyed a walk around the farm and treated to a beautiful sunset overlooking the Ngorongoro conservation.

We left very early in the morning at 0630hrs to get to the crater floor by 7:30 . Our early morning trip was worth it as we managed a few great sightings. We spotted lions hunting and another pride of lion feeding on buffalo! We spent a lot of time with the pride and watching how the pride interacted with one another.

Later on we were lucky to spot a Rhino crossing the road in front of us! Great timing!! Our adventure continued as we spotted hyenas, hippos, Jackals wildebeest, Zebras, marabou stock! The highlight of the day was the black manned Male lions, Rhinos and the big herds of buffalo, truly a memorable and enjoyable day in the crater.

An early start as we had a lot of activities planned, we left the lodge at 7:00 am and drov e across the Ngorongoro conservation. We managed to have a culture interaction with the Masai and were lucky to see them milking their cow. As we travelled thru we spotted around 30 giraffe and lot of Masai with their livestock grazing in the plains. We stopped at Oldupai Gorge – visiting the museum and lecture. We visited a Masai village of which we enjoyed and learned a lot on Masai culture and tradition. We stopped for lunch under the acacia trees, overlooking the great plains into the horizon looking at hundreds if not thousands of migrating wildebeest and zebras.

We continued our game drives and explored the Great Plains. We spotted pride of lions, 7 cheetahs, 3 leopard and the highlights of the day w as 3 cheetahs playing with a white tailed mongoose. What a unique sighting!

The Following day we broke the day in to two in the morning we went to explore the Moru Kopjes. En route to Moru kopjes we explored a Hyenas den here we spotted more than twenty hyenas with their puppy’s playing on the side of vehicle. We also had the chance to view rock paintings and Ngong rock.

We spotted the lions on the Kopjes rocks Andrea and Amanda commented this was their dream since it reminded them of the Lion king!!!!

In the afternoon another surprise!! A close sighting of a leopard! This was Zeke’s dream of a close encounter of the leopard, managing to get beautiful pictures of Leopard! We also managed to spot lions, elephants, hippos, giraffe and variety of colourful species of birds all along Seronera River.

Leaving the camp and heading back to the airstrip, whilst our short game drive en route we spotted another leopard! A remarkable farewell and end to the safari of a lifetime.

“Galloping Gnu” sightings from Tanzania Guides – April 2013

On Africa Adventure Company Private Safaris

Seif was with the Dehoney Party, spending time in Arusha National Park for a full day g ame drive with picnic lunches. A couple of kilometers from the gate, they came across the infamous black and white Colobus Monkeys. They were very close to the road and were not shy at all. A family together with young ones and adults all in playful mode. Stunning view of the Ngurdoto Crater rim and they got to see the beauty of the crater. Later they drove to Momella Lakes and got to see Giraffes en route, stopping for their picnic on one the Lake shores . This was beautiful moment with nice view and lovely breeze from the Lake. After lunch driving next to Lake they saw beautiful pink Flamingos lined up close to the Lake shore. With nice weather they took the opportunity to stretch their legs and took a short hike!

The Crater lived up to expectations as they left for the crater early morning with picnic breakf ast and picnic lunches. It was still dark even though it was at 0600 hours. Driving thru the crater rim with headlights, Buffaloes welcomed them in the crater. We were lucky to sight a pride of lions relaxing together along Munge River. We later notic ed they had killed a Buffalo last night and left the remaining on the other side of the river and Hyenas, Jackals and couple of vultures were at the task. One Hyena nearly had a bad day when one of lions from the pride decided it was hungry and began chas ing the Hyena away. The Hyena was quick and managed the getaway. They also spotted Rhinos and later Hippos at Ngoitoktok picnic site. Having our lunches at Lerai Forest picnic site with a few cars and watching the Elephants in the distance.p />

In Afternoon we visited a Maasai village. A fabulous experience Mrs. Les ley De Honey really enjoyed herself as she participated along with the other Masai in the dance while Barry capturing the moment on video, surely a trip highlight!

As we approached the Serengeti Explorer camp we started to see part of the great migration (Wildebeests and Zebras) from a distance. We drove closer and closer and stopped to see the mighty herds scattered across Ndutu plains. We decided to have lunch at the camp and relax thereafter , before going out for an afternoon game drive. Our Game drive was thrilling and w e saw lots of game, the magical moments of seeing the mighty herds in Ndutu plains was breath taking.

We came across to the single female lion feeding on wildebeest ba by. I noticed that the Wildebeests had started calving. There were quite a few new born among the big herds. We got back to Serengeti Explorer camp in the evening and after the guests freshened up, we sat around the camp fire, had an evening talk with drinks and snacks, reminiscing on the day’s adventure.

It was our last day on safari. We left early and explored the Ngorongoro plains and Lake Masek area. We spotted Cheetahs up close. They were playing chasing each other, going up on small trees etc. I t was very interesting to see a mother and 3 sub -adult cheetahs.

Around 1100 hours, we came across a Leopard feeding on a migrant stork (White Stork) on the branch on big acacia tree. We drove carefully up close and managed to position the vehicle to en able us to take good pictures this was truly a special sighting and we were very lucky to have spotted the Leopard in the moment. To top it all off the Migration was all around us and we saw herds of Wildebeest all around. It was great day.

Mkenda was with the Mieczkwowski couple and they had a super trip! The six days was a thrilling experience and each day had a special sighting and incredible moments to cherish for a lifetime. The most thrilling and top highlights were observing a pride of 11 lions in Lake Manyara Park and in the Serengeti at the Sayari Camp to spot the big five. .

A full day’s game drive in Tarangire National Park after walking in the morning, we enjoyed birding and the highlight was seeing elephant wallowing and a mock charge by a big male. This created the opportunity to talk at length on Elephant behaviour.

A giant eagle owl and elephant in Tarangire

Lake Manyara was thrilling experience full of special sightings. As we began the day early with a morning game drive in the Manyara, we were lucky to spot 11 lions hunting. We also spotted many monkeys, Baboons and elephants.

A lion pride in Lake Manyara Park

The following day we continued to discover Lake Manyara Park and spotted hippopotamus and rare spotting of the hyena in Lake Manyara. We then drove to the Southern end of the park, less utilized zone where we saw awesome sightings. We enjoyed the baboon’s interactions as Manyara Park is infamously known for home of a huge number of baboons, where one troop can have a s many as 200 baboons.

En route to Serengeti Explorer Camp for lunch, after lunch we saw a cheetah with 4 cubs they tried to hunt but with little luck. During the night at Camp, we spent time star gazing and saw the Southern Cross, Scorpio and great dipper. Hearing the sounds of the African Savannah and the cry of the hyena in the background. The following morning we left very early and spotted a rare sighting the stripped Hyena.

As we continued our game drive we saw the same cheetah we spotted yesterday hunting in the morning where two brother cheetahs had a full stomach. Our cheetah spotting’s continued as we spotted another cheetah with three cubs who tried to hunt twice with spectacular runs, but failed both attempts.

The next day we left early, in h ope to catch some action and an early morning kill. We followed three cheetahs as they crouched and tried to hunt but again they were unlucky and did not manage . We were in the middle of the great wildebeest migration with the herds surrounding us. We managed to spot a very unique moment as a mother wildebeest gave birth; the calf was up on its own feet in no time. That was truly a very unique moment to have witnessed a true bonus we did not expect. Later during the day we also spotted a pride of 11 lions.

Cheetah in Ndutu

As we departed towards central Serengeti - Seronera we spotted a leopard with two tiny cubs on a tree. This was great entertainment observing the two cubs on a tree playing. While the mother on another tree just dragged in a kill. The mother then came and called her cubs, the cubs hearing the mother cry and call climbed down and along with the mother leopard climbed up the other tree where the cubs started eating, while the Mother Leopard recovered and kept watch . In the mist of the action and all the eating we also began to feel hungry and decided to have our packed lunch right there whilst observing the leopards. After finishing our lunch we saw male lion nearby as approached cautiously with our vehicle we found the male lion with two cubs on a tree and the whole family together near water hole . This was an awesome sighting and very special. After spending time with the pride of lions we then decided to continue our journey north towards Sayari. Looking above us the clouds began to build and it started raining! We continued driving in until we reached Sayari camp.

A truly unique day as we finished our safar i in a special way we started early at 0600hrs with picnic breakfast and lunch. We continued to explore the northern territories of the Serengeti . After a long drive without spotting much we spotted a huge large male lion, as we continued to drive we found a very unusual and very unique spotting in the Serengeti! A rhino! We couldn’t believe our eyes, as we i nched closely and carefully not to scare away the Rhino. A stunning and tranquil moment! Our luck continued to grow as we spotted a leopard. This really was the icing on the cake and made the safari to be very special and unique one with incredible sights. The clients shared their game viewing experience at the Camp and others commented they were extremely lucky to have seen such unique sightings including the Camp Staff.

The special sightings of rhino and leopard at Sayari , Northern Serengeti

Jadim bwas with the Tham’s Party and had an interesting experience at the Iraqwi culture visit. They had a chance to wear the leather skirt and clothing made by the iraqwi people.

Game drives in Tarangire were nice, they managed to spot and find resident gam e and then came across some action as a Solitary old Bull Elephant was weary of his surroundings and gave them a warning and charge trumpeting towards them. With enough warning and knowing Elephant Behavior, we managed to keep a safe distance and move away swiftly. After the action, later during the day we came across two lionesses that seemed to very famished, we observed their hungry looks and could easily tell from the skinny build and rib cage showing. They seemed to be interested in hunting at silalei i swamp and we watched and observed for a while but they did not manage to catch anything.

We decided to explore the Ngorongoro crater and left at the crack of dawn with breakfast hampers and drive back to the lodge for late lunch. We had an amazing game viewing experiencing. So amazing we were greeted by a large pride lions, we managed to spot a total of six black rhino, and managed to spot great game with the abundance of wildebeest, zebra, and gazelles.

The Serengeti lived up to its game viewing expec tation. We found ourselves totally surrounded by wildebeest and zebra. Breathe taking experience with endless black, grey colours covering the Serengeti savannahs from the mix of wildebeest and zebra . Later during the day we spotted five cheetah, a mother and four cubs that seemed young and looked about five month old.

Elephant in Serengeti giving himself a back massage on the tree bark

Jadim was with the Jacoby Party, a great day’s adventure with a picnic hamper exploring the Southern Serengeti plains. They had amazing day’s game viewing, “we left in search for spotted cats (Leopard and cheetah) and we came across huge herd of wildebeest and zebra, spotted eight lions on the tree. See picture below of lions on the sausage tree!”

Eight lion in tree and five cheetah mother and her four cubs - southern Serengeti near Lake Ndutu

Another thrilling day of game viewing in Serengeti ! They spotted a cheetah and her cub, herd’s buffalos, the great migration and even witnessing a wildebeest giving bi rth. “We were able to see mother cheetah and the cub had just killed the baby wildebeest. “ During their afternoon game drive they spotted a pride of 23 lions on the rock

Lions on the Rock in Serengeti

Hilary was with the Lamb Mayyann Party and the Serengeti National Park was their top highlight from all the parks they visited. Staying at the Serengeti Explorer camp they encountered several interesting game and unique moments which turned to be trip highlights. The most fascinating was the great migration which had spread itself along the border of Ngorongoro Ndutu plains and the Southern Serengeti plains towards the Kusini area. Seeing the young Wildebeest having born only a few weeks earlier the clients really enjoyed seeing many young ones and calves, especially when young wildebeest walked in a single file following their mothers and others in the herd as they marched on for green pastures. It was breath taking moment and created long lasting memories .

The other highlight was the sheer number of big cats we spotted particularly Lions and Cheetahs . Also managed to spot three Leopards in Seronera area but were quite far away. The sight of the Leopard however topped our highlights as it was the most wanted cat by the clients. We were truly lucky to see such an abundance of wildlife and so many cats