Kibale Forest/Queen Elizabeth Park/Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda
Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda

Hi, Szilvia!  Sorry to be so late in responding, but we're really just now getting our heads above water after returning from the trip....seems the older we get the longer it takes us to recover from the long flights.

The trip was wonderful and even exceeded my expectations, especially our time spent with the gorillas!  Our first trek in Bwindi was VERY challenging because it took us 7 hours to find the family...ugh!  Betty became extremely fatigued and needed a lot of help from our two porters to help her down the mountain.  We treked the family all he way to the top of a mountain and then all the way back to the bottom of the mountain....the family was initially at the top of the mountain, but a rouge silverback infiltrated the family and scared them back down to the bottom!  Nonetheless, once we found the family it was awesome.

We enjoyed the gorilla trek in Rwanda the most for a couple of reasons....first, it was a much easier trek to find the gorillas; second, we were able to see the entire family in a much less vegetated areas; and finally, we saw three silverbacks and two 4-6 month old babies in the family.  Wow, did Betty enjoy seeing the babies.

Habib was superb.  He went out of his way to make our safari the best it could possibly be.  So, thanks so much for helping to set us up with him.  The accommodations were excellent, especially after seeing how limited accommodations can be in both Uganda and Rwanda .  We particularly enjoyed staying at the Jack Hannah cottage....we had no idea how special that place is especially after realizing that so many famous people have stayed there (eg, Bill Gates; Bill Clinton; Jack Nicklaus; the creator of Google; etc.).  The entire staff treated us like royalty there.  It was an experience we will never forget…

We'll be calling you to chat some more.

Thanks again for setting us up with such a marvelous trip, Szilvia!

Bill and Betty Campbell, Jan 2014

Kibale Forest/Queen Elizabeth Park/Bwindi Impenetrable Forest/Lake Mburo

Elena & Team,

The only bad thing we can say about our trip to Uganda is that it's over.  We had very high expectations prior to leaving, and are happy to say that they were met (and even exceeded).  Sula was an amazingly informative and friendly guide throughout our journey, and we'd be very happy to travel with him for future excursions.  Our experience with the chimpanzees and mountain gorillas was absolutely amazing, the accommodations were way better than we needed, the food was delicious, and the people were wonderful.  We’d highly recommend Uganda and The Africa Adventure Company for anyone who wants to see the primates while enjoying a luxurious getaway.

Best wishes,

Andrea & Andrew Krohnberg, Feb 2014

Private Safari to Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater
Island Getaway to Zanzibar Island

Hi Sarah,

Sadly, after a truly fantastic trip, we are now back on the Bostonian tundra.  I think I speak for everyone when I say that I wish we were still in Tanzania !  We had a great time, and we are so grateful for all the hard work you put in to make our travels go smoothly.

I can tell you that several people have come up to me telling me that this was “the trip of the lifetime,” and I’m already seeing some amazing pictures and commentary on Facebook.  

It has been such a pleasure working with you – and getting to know you – these last few months.  I’m looking forward to a phone catch-up again soon once all the reviews come in.

Thanks again, Sarah – and please also pass on my gratitude on behalf of the entire group to Mark, Janet, and the rest of the team.  Looking forward to being in touch again soon.

Greg Lamontagne, March  2014

Private Lodge Safari in Kenya to Amboseli/Nakuru/Maasai Mara
Private Lodge Safari in Tanzania to Lake Manyara/Serengeti/Ngorongoro/Tarangire

Good morning Lynne,

Thank you, thank you so much for a trip of a lifetime! All 7 of us had a wonderful, exceptional trip. We were so well taken care of each step of the way. The lodges are beautiful with such attentive staff! All logistics were smooth as silk. Not one glitch!

And the guides! Alex in Kenya and James in Tanzania are superb guides! We all fell in love with them both. They each made our safaris far superior and more satisfying that we dreamed it could be. We felt so lucky with the vast numbers of animals we saw, very up close and personal! I think the average of photos we each came back with is 4000!

Your name is spoken with gratitude and respect by this set of 7 African Adventurers!

Thank you so much,

Kris and Frank Matarrese, Jan 2014

Kibale Forest/Queen Elizabeth Park/Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda
Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda

Hi Allana:

We are back home from our adventure in Africa.  The trip was everything we expected and more!  Of course for me (Bev), the ultimate highlight of the trip was the gorillas in both Uganda and Rwanda . I loved everything connected to the gorillas which included the trekking to find them, the information about them as well as just observing them in their natural habitat.  

The highlight for Jim was observing the chimpanzees first in the high trees and then up close and personal on the ground.  The chimpanzees were a pleasant surprise for us....neither one of us thought much about the chimpanzees before signing up for the trip...for us, it was pretty much all about the gorillas and anything else was just a bonus.  Well, for Jim, that chimpanzee bonus turned out to be his favorite thing.  Albeit, his cold which developed in Uganda kept him from taking his second Gorilla trek in Rwanda ...had he been able to take this gorilla trek, who knows, maybe he would change his favorite thing to the gorillas as well.  

We both thoroughly enjoyed the private cruise on Kazinga Channel.  We were pleasantly surprised at how much wildlife we saw along the banks of the channel while relaxing with our beer and wine on the boat. The Mweya Lodge was an acceptable accommodation for us...  

We loved the Ishasha Wilderness Camp as well as the Gorilla Forest Camp and we both were a bit sad to have been told we had to leave the Gorilla Forest camp a day early due to a reason unknown to us.  As it turns out, we believe the camp was hosting the American ambassador to Uganda .  That said, our night at Mahogany Springs Lodge was very nice and we also loved our accommodations at this site…   

When I take adventure trips such as this one, I'm always ready for the surprises that may come our way during the trip.  Again, we were pleasantly surprised that the trip went according to plan!  Someone was always where they were supposed to be to meet us....that's a very reassuring feeling when traveling in a foreign country.  

Thanks again for showing us a wonderful time through Africa Adventure Company.  I won't hesitate to recommend you to other adventure travelers.

Bev Erickson & Jim Moen, Feb 2014

Private Safari to Tarangire/Ngorongoro/Serengeti
Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda

Hello Kyle,

John and I returned yesterday (just suffering from a bit of jet lag!), and although we are happy to be back home, we are missing Africa! We had an AMAZING trip and we want to thank you and everyone else at Africa Adventure Company for helping us to plan the trip.

I speak on behalf of the Gregg's also in saying that the trip was more than we could have imagined. Everything went off without a hitch (no flight delays, no illnesses, no injuries, etc.). We all fell in love with Mkenda and I was close to tears when we had to say good-bye to him at the airstrip near Olakira to board our plane for Rwanda . I really felt like I was saying farewell to a family member, not knowing when I would see him again. He is such a fabulous guide and provided us with some amazing game viewing. He is so passionate about his job and connects so well with his clients. We just can't praise him enough! If he ever returns to the US , please let us know so we can fly him to Seattle for a visit.

We enjoyed all of our lodging experiences in Tanzania , but especially LOVED Oliver's Camp (and how lucky for us that Paul Oliver was visiting while we were there so we had the opportunity to chat with him over dinner). What an interesting person! Jackee and Justin are the greatest host and hostess, which only added to the perfect experience at Oliver's.

We all fell in love with Rwanda ! What a gorgeous country and how amazing to see how they continue to heal from the Genocide. We loved our guide, Theo, and miss him already also. Gorilla trekking was beyond words, and we were lucky to get Francois as one of our guides. It is amazing to watch him around the gorillas!

Needless to say, we would highly recommend Africa Adventure Co. to anyone planning travel to Africa. Thanks again for ALL your help!


Lisa and John Russell, Jan 2014

Private Safari to Tarangire/Lake Manyara/Ngorongoro/Serengeti

Dear Kyle:

We were delighted with our safari as planned and managed by Africa Adventure Company, your ground operator and guided by Emmanuel Mkenda.

This was Scott’s sixth safari in Africa and Adelaide’s seventh, including a group tour in Kenya , a private safari in Tanzania , and visits to camps in Botswana and to several private game parks in South Africa .  AAC and your ground operator don’t take a back seat to any safari company based on our Tanzania experience.  All arrangements were flawless, the vehicle was in excellent shape, the guide was outstanding and the preliminary planning assistance was excellent.

Arusha:  Your representative met us at the airport walked us through visas and passport control quickly and the trip to the lodge went just as well.   Mountain Village Serena Lodge was an excellent choice — comfortable, well managed, excellent food.   The decision to stay at the lodge for two nights was good.  It allowed an extra day and night to recover from the trip to Arusha and the half-day in Arusha National Park was excellent.  We went there with Mkenda and saw the crater, Momella lakes and colobus monkeys we’d only glimpsed before in Kenya .

Tarangire:  …At Tarangire we got our first exposure to Mkenda’s exceptional ability and experience.  One morning, we and others observed a leopard cub in a tree near the road and the mother perhaps 100 yards away in a tree by the marsh.  We went back in the afternoon and saw the cub sleeping on the ground near the marsh but the mother was not in sight.  Other vehicles stopped for brief photos and left.  Mkenda said, “I’m going to find the leopard, I know she’s nearby.”

We drove up and down the road, scanning the marsh edge with binoculars.  Suddenly, there was an outbreak of guinea fowl alarm calls.  Mkenda spotted the leopard moving through the marsh toward the cub.  The cub joined her and they picked up a second cub behind some bushes.  The three leopards angled toward the road while we kept pace.

A dead tree snag beside the road was perhaps 20 feet tall with a horizontal branch about 10 feet up.  The mother leopard climbed it and lay down on the branch stub.  The two cubs played, climbed up and lay on top of her…15 feet from us in the vehicle.  We watched them for 45 minutes until sunset in perfect light with no other vehicles present.

 Mkenda was as thrilled as we were…in 18 years of guiding he hadn’t had an experience like that!  Just the leopards and us.  At Tarangire we also watched three cheetah cubs wait while their mother went through the bush to make a kill, then we followed them as they caught up with her and the four of them began to feast on the kill.

Lake Manyara:  You were absolutely right to encourage us to go to the south end of the park for two days.  The Lake Manyara Tree Lodge was comfortable and a good base.  One day our butler set a lunch table for us at poolside because an elephant was feeding perhaps 50 feet away; but by the time we got there the elephant had moved on, still a nice gesture on his part.  The game viewing alongside the lake was excellent with good diversity and huge numbers of flamingos.  We’re glad we went there.

Gibb’s Farm:  This was a pleasant break mid-way with lovely rooms, beautiful gardens, and excellent food.   I took the walk with Mkenda and a local ranger to the elephant cave and waterfall and it was an interesting 4-5 mile round trip on the ground.  With my forestry background we had a lot of good conversation about the trees along the way.  While I did that, Adelaide was with the artist in residence.

Ngorongoro:  We spent 10 hours in the crater the first day, arriving at 7 am and leaving in late afternoon.  It wasn’t overly crowded and vehicle roads were in good shape.  We saw a diversity of animals and birds and were reminded of the uniqueness of the crater and its habitat.  Often we were alone except when lions were found.  In late afternoon we had an experience with lions reminiscent of our first time there in 2000 when lions lay alongside our vehicle and cubs lay under another vehicle in its shade.  This time we found a group of lions beside the road doing what lions do best:  sleeping.  A large male got up and walked to our vehicle and lay down against the rear wheel for a snooze.  Then, he got up and walked around the other vehicles lie down in the road under the front bumper of the vehicle next to us and went to sleep again.

Explorean is a beautiful lodge facility — elegant, huge bedroom/living room/deck, excellent staff and food.  The first night a German tour group of 20 people and their leader made the dining room lively.  The second night there were only three tables of guests.

Ndutu: Lamala Camp:  The drive from the main road SW to the lake was across a dry, dusty.  When we arrived at the camp, guides had discovered a leopard in a tree 100 yards from the camp just as a rain began.  So, we took more good photos of a leopard and saw her call her cub, climb down and the two of them walk off.   Buffalo and wildebeest and zebras grazed through the camp at night while lions roared in the distance.  The open acacia forest by the lake had lots of giraffes.  The camp facilities were fine, food was very good, and staff was outgoing and friendly.  It wasn’t crowded…only three tents were in use, and two were single ladies on safaris.  It rained during the nights we were there which made the grass green up immediately.  

Serengeti Shared Safari Camp:  The mobile camp was fine; very basic but good beds and good food served “home style”.  We were the only guests in camp so we got full staff attention.   The game drives were outstanding.  We were in the midst of the migration, so on the plain we were surrounded by wildebeests and zebras and gazelles with lots of new babies as far as the eye could see.  We saw long columns of them crossing the lake bed or wading across the shallow parts of the lake.  We went NW across the plain completely alone to the Hidden Valley water hole where we found lions.  On the plain we also saw warthogs, jackals, hyenas, bat eared foxes and vultures of all kinds.

In the Serengeti we saw numerous cheetahs, including one with five cubs that we watched for perhaps an hour.  We followed a cheetah across the plain where she was hunting — the prey animals were some distance off and after an hour we broke off.  We saw another cheetah catch and eat a scrub hare and another stalked a dikdik that got away in the bush.  We saw lions eating a zebra that was freshly killed.

On the morning drive north from Ndutu to Seronera airstrip, we saw a cheetah lying beside the road just east of the Naabi Gate and another on the plain north of Naabi Hill.  When we passed the Simba koepies, a lioness was lying atop the tallest rock.  The Regional Air plane was on time.  Ironically, after we took off the plane flew to Ndutu to pick up two passengers a mile from our camp, then on to Arusha!

Overall, an excellent safari experience!

Scott and Adelaide Wallinger, Jan-Feb 2014

Private safari to Ngorongoro/Lake Manyara/Tarangire
Flying Safari to Maasai Mara

Elena, Mark & Alison

Thank you thank you, thank you for the most unbelievable trip/vacation we have ever had!!  Having been on some short ‘safari’ day trips on a cruise in South Africa we knew that we would enjoy our trip to East Africa but never in our wildest dreams did we think it would be as fabulous as it was.

We saw everything game wise (almost) and saw it in large quantities.  We got amazing pictures and videos that will help us to relive the two weeks for the rest of our lives.  Our private guide in Tanzania , George Mollel, was super! He was personable, knowledgeable, informative and a great spotter.

The first drive we did (in Ngorongoro) set the tone when we were lucky enough to see a wildebeest give birth (photo attached) only to have the newborn attacked by jackals who were unable to actually kill it.  We watched in horror (caught on video) as the baby kept trying to stand only to be pulled down by the two jackals.  Then much to our surprise a hyena ran in, killed the little wildebeest and ran off with the carcass.  We had wanted to see a birth and kill but not all at the same time.

George proved to be very good at planning and finding the game we were most interested in – lions.  We drove to the back on Manyara directly and then worked out way out to avoid any crowds.  We saw a pride of 4 females & 3 babies with no one anywhere near us.  One of the females chased a porcupine towards our truck and then laid in the road in front of us pulling quills out of its paw.  In Tarangire we once again saw a pride that posed for us on a tree branch – talk about a photo op.

The camps we stayed in were all nice but kudos to Oliver’s whose location allowed us to be first in and last out of the areas deep within the Tarangire.  We also enjoyed the other people at the camp especially Justin & Jacky the managers.  We loved being at the fire pit for wine & sharing every evening.

Mara Explorers was an unbelievable camp also – same fire pit experiences and although we were doing shared drives the camp was very empty (5 people besides us).  The manager, George knew we had been in Tanzania for a week so put the other first timers in one truck and gave us our own driver!

We also are so thankful for The Africa Adventure Company taking all the stress out of the travel, connections, etc.  Elena and the final itinerary made us feel comfortable that we would be well handled but we were not prepared for how well it would be… 

The day we flew back from Arusha to Wilson, Kenya Air cancelled our flight (not enough people) and we were put on a SafariLink flight.  We were running late and of course I worried about our connecting flight and wondered if the person meeting us even knew about the cancelled flight or what flight we were actually on.  Silly me – we were met at the bottom of the stairs and escorted across the tarmac to our flight to the Mara – they were holding the plane for us – too cool.

I’m not sure what day it was – probably the second day in the Mara when after our morning drive Suzy looked at me with tears in her eyes and said “You know we’ll be back.”  To which I answered simply, “I know.”

We are already working with Elena on next year’s safari!!!

Thank you for the most amazing adventure one could ever have.  Like I said to Elena a couple of weeks ago after you’ve been to Africa where else is there?

Suzy & Ewald Wiberg, Feb 2014


Visit to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe
Private concessions within the Okavango Delta and Linyanti

Dear Elena,

Our safari was excellent and thank you for organizing such a amazing trip. Wilderness Safaris is outstanding. As you know, Esther is a treasure and she gave us a most enjoyable private tour of Victoria Falls. We also did a helicopter tour which Wilderness Safaris arranged for us. What a view! Our room at the Victoria Falls Hotel was huge and luxurious with a big balcony. All our transfers and flights went smoothly. DumaTau camp was new, beautiful and very comfortable. We loved the night sounds - the bell frogs, the hippos and the lions. Our driver/guide Lazi was very special. He found us the wild dog pack interacting with hyenas, two African rock pythons and we were chased by a bull elephant in musth! Two other delightful couples were in our group and we celebrated Gail's birthday on the boat at sunset. A very special time. Everyone in the camp was so nice, especially Chris, Greg, Chloe, Alina and Mr. B. The chef took excellent care of our food issues. Little Tubu Camp was just as special. Michael was downright spoiled by the chef there! Our driver/guide Bee was excellent and Phily was so much fun. The flood had come in enough so we were able to have a mokoro ride. It was very special - right before sunset - and was so peaceful and beautiful. Then we had drinks afterwards at sunset. So thanks again. We are already thinking about where in Africa we would like to go next.


Laura Garrick, March 2014

Visit to Cape Town
Safari to Private Game Reserve near Kruger in South Africa
Safari to Chobe Game Park in Botswana
Visit to Victoria Falls to Zimbabwe

We are home from our great adventure with stories and memories that we will be sharing for our lifetime. As an older novice traveler, traveling with a minor, the one thing I knew to do well was to research the travel company I chose. I could not have done better. So many thanks for the prompt replies and reassurances for the many questions I had. You guys are awesome!

Every thing went exceedingly smooth. Each time we got off the plane there was someone to greet us and take us to our destination. Dropping off at the airport meant taking us and our bags to the ticket counter and making sure we had our tickets for the next flight. Special thanks to driver Wilbert in South Africa and Bigboy in Zimbabwe.

Our hotel in Cape Town was excellent. The rooms were clean and the staff friendly. The day trips suggested were full of interest. And if I was thinking that hotel was excellent I had no idea what was waiting at Buffalo Camp. Really, there are no words to describe the luxury of these permanent tents. The reception was warm, the food wonderful, the guides knowledgable and approachable, it was spectacular. My grandson learned so many things from the guides and was spoiled with kindness at the camp. The hotel in Zimbabwe was again excellent. I appreciated knowing to take cash and try and refrain from using a credit card or bank. It was really good advice and I was able to follow it. I was unprepared for the cost of food and personal items in Zimbabwe. I believe it was at least twice what I paid for similar expenses while in South Africa. We ended our safari at Muchenje Safari Lodge in Botswana. I was surprised at the completely different feel between the two lodges. This lodge had a more homey, going to camp as a kid feel. I thoroughly enjoyed it and appreciated the different experience that each camp offered.

This was the kind of trip I had imagined. I had a knowledgable company to do the planning and have as support, without the stifling nature of travelling in a herd of folks... The tips on tipping were very helpful and taking 100 one dollar bills is something I shall always do now wherever I travel.

Thank you all so very much.

Dawn Lowe, March 2014

Central Kalahari and Linyanti in Botswana
Cape Town in South Africa
Visit to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe

Dear Lynne,

All I can say is you "heard" me and helped provide an experience we will never forget. And, we are determined to go back, so begin thinking about our next adventure.

I believe I suggested that we go to Botswana and that the less people we were with the better, and rustic was fine with us. We loved the Kalahari Plains Camp and Savuti. They were the highlight of our stay in Africa. Our guides were knowledgeable and caring. Half the time it was just Bill and me and the guide. Other times there was one couple, always from another country rather than America (great!).  A few times there were two couples in addition to us. We rarely saw other jeeps on the road. It seemed our jeep was the predator searching for game. We knocked down low brush and small trees to get to the animals the guide was determined we should see. And, did we see. We didn't experience too many herds of animals, rather, we had to search for them, which made it fun. 

We spotted 28 different mammals and 68 different birds. It was phenomenal. Turning a curve on the dirt road to face a lion head-on sitting in the road. Or, a mother cheetah playing with her cubs. Warthogs, kudu, giraffe, elephants, hippos, and dung beetles pushing their home down the road. We loved it all, and I literally cried when we left Botswana to fly to Zimbabwe . 

We enjoyed Victoria Falls, but given we live near many water falls, we were less in awe than maybe some people. We found Elephant Camp almost too nice after our experience in Botswana . But, we enjoyed a two hour hike with a guide and loved meeting the resident cheetah up close and feeding the elephants.

Cape Town is beautiful. We enjoyed Table Mountain, Cape of Good Hope, the Botanical Gardens, eating in great restaurants, especially Baia on the Harbor. The Radisson Blu was a lovely hotel to end the trip, but I believe both of us would have given up Cape Town and Zimbabwe if we had known what Botswana was like. 

Lynne, we would like to return, perhaps to other camps in Botswana , and if you can suggest another country that would be similar, without much commercialism or too many people. Botswana may be unique as there are only 2 million people in the country and their emphasis on sustainability is easier to attain with a low population.

I can't thank you enough for helping to plan this amazing adventure for us.


Karin Ash and Bill Huling, Feb 2014

Private concessions within the Central Kalahari, Okavango Delta and Periphery of the Moremi

Dear Elena,

We are home now from our great Botswana adventure and as I'm writing this it is snowing outside, such a contrast to the warm temperatures we got to experience for 10 days.  Of course we had rain, but as one of our guides said, "It's the rainy season."  True it was. We had such an exciting adventure!  All our camps, guides, food, and service were all excellent.  Everyone was helpful and travelling from camp to camp was flawless.  

We saw loads of animals, including an entire pride of lions, a cheetah and 2 cubs and 2 elusive leopards. The highlight for me was of course observing so much animal behavior, but getting to know the people at the camps, especially our guides, was equally rewarding for me.  Richard took thousands of photos and he was able to get some really great shots, particularly when we were with our private guides.  

Africa has a kind of magic that draws you there and then back again.  We are already talking about where we'll go next!

Thank you and everyone who made our journey to Botswana one we will never forget.


Irene Maxcy, Feb-Mar 2014

Visit to Victoria Falls
Private concessions within the Linyanti Reserve and Okavango Delta

The trip we just completed was amazing. We have used every superlative that we know to describe this trip, the accommodations and the people we met. The facilities were definitely A+, that is if there is no higher mark. The staff at each camp were friendly and helpful beyond our imagination. The food was also great, everywhere. The logistics worked flawlessly and the animals ... oh the animals, WOW! Our guides never failed to deliver. They were so very knowledgeable and patient.

The fact is we are already planning a return trip next year during the dry season. Is now too soon to start?

Cleve and Barbara McGehee, March 2014

Private concessions within the Okavango Delta and Moremi
Visit Victoria Falls

Hi Kyle,

We had a trip of a lifetime!  Thank you for making it special.

Both hotels were wonderful places to stay.  I hope to return to the Victoria Falls Hotel with its setting and history and ambiance.  The Residence had a unique layout, and we had a wonderful dinner there.  We appreciate too the opportunity to use the club at the airport at Johannesburg.  And all the flights and shuttles worked like clockwork.  Your planning relieved a lot of our stress in traveling.

Both camps were exciting places to stay.  It was good that we stayed at Xigera first because Citabe had so much more wildlife.  The reverse could have been disappointing.  For us, it seemed that each day in the bush got better and better.

We saw lots of animals.  We saw four of the Big Five (really didn't expect to see a rhino). Probably the most memorable event was seeing lions feeding on a giraffe.  And no one will forget Matt trading his clothes for crafts at the market.

It is possible that we could return to Africa.  I would be interested in your guidebook " Africa's Top Wildlife Countries".  We still have to see a rhinoceros and I'm interested in seeing chimpanzees.

Thank you for planning such a memorable trip.  We appreciate your work.      

Jerry and Val VanWoerkom, March 2014

Private Game Reserve near Kruger and Kruger Park
Tswalu Kalahari
Visit to Cape Town

We have arrived home from our Africa Adventure and Safari. We truly had an amazing time and already want to go back.

Lion Sands River Lodge

We saw so much game here it was amazing. We saw the Big 5 and truly enjoyed seeing the wild dogs as an added bonus.  The rooms were lovely and the view from the patio was breathtaking.  The food options were delicious and they accommodated my 9 year old niece’s food needs as well.  


Oh gosh, where to start. The scenery here was unbelievable (red sand and dunes) and such a dramatic difference from anywhere else we have been.  The staff were truly exceptional as were the rooms. The game viewing was nice but not as good as at Lion Sand. I truly enjoyed my yoga sessions and all the extra attention we received from the whole staff.  My niece loved all the activities that they provided for her and the backpack for kids upon arrival was a lovely touch.  The food was delicious and the attentive extras they provide their guest was incredible.  I loved the ability to plan our day as we liked and have everything catered to our needs. This was truly a 5 star lodge and I hope to return one day. P.S. The black maned lion was so amazing and large, it was my favorite animal of the whole trip.

Attached are some photos from our Safari.

Thanks so much, 

Kristen Walsh and Donnie Payne, Feb-Mar 2014