Private Safari to Tarangire/Ngorongoro/Serengeti

Jambo Szilvia,

Allen and I returned from our Safari on Wednesday evening and since that time we haven't stopped talking or thinking about it.  AAC planning our safari was the best decision I could have made.  Everything went seamlessly from the very first contact made with you several months ago, to Eurocraft meeting us in Nairobi at the start our adventure, meeting and traveling with our wonderfully knowledgeable guide Ephata, visiting all of the different camps and lodges, to our final dinner while we waited to start our journey home.  

House of Waine could not have been any better....they upgraded us to the largest suite in the house and our final dinner was in a private dining room with a fire, candlelight and rose petals scattered all over the floor.  We knew then that was going to be difficult to beat but everything seemed to have a similar theme. 

We loved Tarangire Treetops---quite a different experience from anything we have ever had.  The Manor at Ngorongoro was like visiting an English Manor house.  The permanent tented camps were remarkable, not like camping at all.  I believe our host at Pioneer Camp called it GLAMPING and I would have to agree.  And at Migration Camp, they baked us a cake as a thank you for staying at all their Elewana properties.  Everyone was so genuinely kind and helpful. 

We saw so many animals and took way too many pictures but it will allow us to relive this experience often.  We especially enjoyed visiting the Maasai village and the Iraqw Cultural Center.  The Maasai men and women were really excited at being able to instantly view the pictures of themselves that I took on my IPad.  They kept coming up to me and saying "take my picture" and would then run around behind me to see how they looked.  It was priceless.  Ephata was terrific!  He was excellent at spotting game and always insured that we had the best view for taking our pictures.  He had quite a good sense of humor and we became good friends by the end of our journey.  We will definitely recommend AAC, Ephata and you--Szilvia--to any of our friends looking for the trip of a lifetime.  Now it is time to get back to editing those 3600+ pictures we took so we can show them to our friends and family. 

Thank you for helping make this such a memorable trip.  Kenya and Tanzania were wonderful places to visit.

Dana and Allen Butler, Oct 2013

Private safari to Tarangire/Gibb’s Farm/Ngorongoro/Serengeti in Tanzania
Flying safari to Maasai Mara in Kenya

Hello, Mark. 

We had an amazing safari last month thanks to all the help with planning and arrangements.  We loved East Africa so much!  Every day was such a wonderful eye-popping adventure.  The African people everywhere could not have been more warm and friendly, the camps were gorgeous, immaculate, and full of lovely surprises, and the animals were AMAZING!! 

Many thanks for an excellent adventure!

Pat and Tony Ithier, Sep 2013

Group Lodge safari to Lake Manyara/Serengeti/Ngorongoro/Tarangire


Just want to say THANK YOU for planning such an incredible safari experience for Lisa and me. It was absolutely seamless. There are not enough adjectives to describe my experience.

The flight was long but when we arrived at Kilimanjaro we were greeted by your airport rep who filled out our visa info and went and got our visas while we went to the ladies room. When we got back we had our visas, collected our luggage and were on the way to Arusha. Everyone else was still waiting in line for a visa.

I want to say that Arusha Coffee Lodge was such a nice start to safari and provided a welcome rest...

I cannot say enough about our guide Molell. He was ALWAYS HAPPY and ready to go every day. He liked to get out ahead of the crowd and it provided us some great game viewing experiences. 

We were able to see all of the Big 5, albeit the black rhino was FAR away. He possesses a vast knowledge of the area and the wildlife -he is even doing lion research in the Serengeti. I was impressed   He is also able to spot wildlife at great distance -WOW to his eyesight. He also used his guidebooks to show us pictures of what we were viewing.

I think Molell represents Africa Adventure Company with great pride -he tells  everybody that he  works for the best safari company in Africa . It is obvious that he enjoys his job and he is EXCELLENT at it.  I always felt safe with him.

I would certainly and have already recommended your company to anyone who is interested in safari.

Thank you again for such a wonderful experience and yes it was the adventure of a lifetime -one I had waited for for a long time.

Thank Mark Nolting for creating such a great travel company that realizes that this is usually a once in a lifetime experience for many of us and for making it so memorable and easy.

Many thanks to all of your staff.

Linda Kitchen, Sep 2013

Private Safari to Tarangire/Ngorongoro/Serengeti

Hi Saskia.

Our safari was absolutely awesome!

On the way to Oliver's, our guide Hillary found out about a leopard spotting so we made a quick detour to check it out (which made us get to camp a little late that first day...ha).  It was located in a tree fairly close to the path, so we were able to get some fairly good photos. In addition to the more common animals, we also found a small pride of lions with a big male and some younger cubs, a cheetah with four cubs, a kudu, and a couple eland during our game drives in Tarangire.  For all the sightings except the eland, Hillary was able to get us pretty close to them.  We couldn't believe the number of elephants in Tarangire.  The night drive at Oliver's was really neat.  We got to see animals you won't see during the day, like fox, hyena, and honey badger.  Unfortunately, we ended up not doing a game walk at Oliver's. 

At the crater, we got to see two rhino sightings.  The first was two rhinos that were off in the distance that we stuck around a while hoping they would move closer to the road, which they never did.  The second sighting was a single rhino and was much closer to the road.  In fact it crossed the road a few trucks in front of us.  We also got to see a serval who was out hunting.  We circled around and it came right by the truck. 

In the Serengeti, we focused mainly on trying to find the leopards that were supposedly resident around Sayari.  We were hoping to get a photo of one out in the open and not up in a tree.  Unfortunately, we didn't have any luck finding them the entire time we were there.  However, we did a close encounter with a rhino and her baby, and a lioness with her cubs.  We also got to see a pair of lions mating.  The highlight at the Serengeti thought was we got to see a river crossing!  We were the only ones at Sayari that did.  As you probably have heard the crossings happened a little earlier this year.  The guides were saying we may have seen the last one for the season. We were the only ones at the crossing that were able to get photos & video because the herd was fairly small and the other trucks didn't get up to the river bank in time. 

All of the camps and lodges were wonderful.  Even though we knew the Sopa lodge wouldn't be as nice as Oliver's and Sayari, we are so glad we decided to stay there.  It made it so much more convenient to get down to the crater early in the morning.  It was neat to have animals right outside your tent and room.  At Oliver's, we had a pair of dik diks hanging out by our tent, a herd of wildebeest and zebra come through the last night we were at Sayari, and we even had buffalo right outside our window at Sopa.  The entire staff at all the places we stayed were extremely pleasant and helpful.  Jackie, Justin (Little Oliver’s), Cath, and Ross (Sayari) were absolutely fabulous hosts!

The first night at Oliver's they did a birthday cake for Kelly and the whole staff sang.  On my birthday, they did the same at Sopa.  Did you set that up?  I don't remember telling you our birthdays.  If so, thanks so much.  We were both surprised!  Kelly though maybe Jackie at Oliver's called ahead to Sopa after she found out it was going to be my birthday.

We can't say enough good things about our guide Hillary!  He was absolutely fabulous.  He was personable, very knowledgeable, and we felt extremely safe having him as our guide and driver.  He took great care of us.

We feel extremely lucky to have experienced everything we did and can't wait to go back again!

Thanks again for everything!

Kevin & Kelly Marker, Oct-Nov 2013

Group safari to Tarangire/Lake Eyasi/Ngorongoro/Serengeti
Visit to Zanzibar

Dear Africa Adventures staff, especially Elena,

We’ve been home several months now from our safari and visit to Zanzibar.  We had an amazing time!  The four people you put us with were a great match.  We’re sure it can’t always turn out that good but before we left we were already planning our reunion.  Our guide, Moses, was fabulous!  We cannot say enough good things about him.  He went out of his way to make our adventure the best it could be.  If we asked a question that he wasn’t 100% sure about he looked it up.  He lined the Rover up to get the best lighting for our pictures.  He was enthusiastic and fun to be around. 

We all soon realized that going on safari was far more than seeing animals.  It was also the interaction between the people in the vehicle, including the guide.  Our animal sightings were spectacular!  We saw an amazing variety of animals and birds.  Our cultural events were better than expected.  We were wondering if they would be staged events for the tourists.  We soon learned they were not.  The people were open and friendly… We did take items for the school children.  That too was an amazing experience. 

We spent our 44th anniversary in Africa.  It was such a special day.  After a full day of new experiences and loads of fun, Moses surprised us with a special cake, singing and dancing.  We were at Kisima Ngeda (Chris and Nani’s place).  The chef made a decorated chocolate cake.  The staff entered in the singing and dancing, too.  What an ending to an anniversary we’ll never forget! We were impressed with Chris and Nani.  They do so many wonderful things for the people living in the area villages to improve their lives.  And they do it without the feeling of “look at us and what we’re doing”.  You just get the feeling they do it out of love. 

Our lodgings were all good...We just liked being in the tents.  The camps we were in were all comfortable.  The settings were great, too.  (We’re trying not to use “amazing? every other word.)  The people couldn’t have been any friendlier or helpful.  We definitely ended on a high note in the Serengeti.  What a wonderful group of men working there.  They were so much fun to be around.  

We’re glad we found your company.  We feel you worked with us to get the best experience tailored for us.  All your information sent ahead was extremely helpful.  We looked forward to each packet.  A special thanks goes to Elena.  You listened with patience.  We always had plenty of questions for you.  You were so helpful in the planning process. It really was a “trip of a lifetime”.


Judy and Marv Roush, Sep 2013

Flying safari to Maasai Mara

Dear Szilvia,

Thanks for your welcome letter. Our trip was absolutely great and the kids are already calling it their best one ever. Everything went smoothly from the meet and greet service on arrival to departure.

Your Kenyan staff in Nairobi (Newton the guide and Francis the driver) were welcoming and a wealth of information and went beyond in ensuring we got some of our last minute shopping needs taken care of. They got us the best spots in the elephant orphanage and giraffe center. They even fit in a visit to the Karen Blixen museum at no extra cost when my wife expressed an interest in it. Our excess baggage was stored and kept safe when we came back from Maasai Mara. Hats off to Newton and Francis for an excellent job! It worked well that they were the ones that also dropped us to Wilson's airport and also picked us up at the Wilson's airport after the Maasai Mara to transfer us to Nairobi International. A familiar face throughout the tour helps with a sense of peace of mind.

The Maasai Mara itself was fantastic. The staff at Governor's camp were friendly and kept us safe - from the enthusiastic guard at the entrance (David) greeting us "Jambo!!" before and after every safari drive with his little dance, to our night guard (Kisara) who taught the kids to use the Maasai sticks, to Moses the waiter and James our friendly tent keeper. There were so many highlights it will take more than this email to describe all.

The Kenyan and Maasai warrior night songs at the camp added to our experience and created memories of Kenyan culture that will last a lifetime. We were so happy that when we lost our camcorder, one of the guards found it by the campfire and kept it for us the next day. The trip to the Maasai Village was well organized and AAC's tips on gifts to the kids was a great idea - it made their faces light up and made our day. We made sure and bought generously at their craft market as it all goes to the community and their schools. Alex the Maasai guide in the village was excellent in his English and explanations - especially as he is self-taught. The boys and I loved the taking part in the jumping competition with the warriors and my wife is still on about how the women build the houses in their culture. Of course, the trip was about the animals. Richard Kongu, our driver with the lion eyes was fantastic. He located 4 of the Big 5 the first day. We felt we were in a National Geographic shooting on every drive with him including seeing lionesses on a hunt. We never got tired of the animals - each safari drive was unique. We expected 2 drives a day but we got 3 a day including 1 on the day we arrive and the option of 1 the day we left. Our experience there was especially due to Richard's dedication and love for his job.

Thanks as well for your expert organization of this trip including answering all our questions and getting us prepared. That made a difference to our choice of tour operators and we are happy that we went with AAC. The African Safari journals AAC sent us in the package came in handy and we (including the kids) were all busy using it to indentify the animals we saw - even when we came home we were checking the journals again to see what we saw.

Take care for now and thanks for a fantastic and memorable vacation!

Dave Samaroo Family, Oct 2013 

Private Safari to Tarangire/Lake Manyara/Ngorongoro/Serengeti
Flying safari to the Selous

Alison and Elena

I want, belatedly, to share with you part of my travel log for our safari in Tanzania this September. If you will recall, our party consisted of my wife Pamela and me, and Stan and Rebecca Gottschalk.

15 September 2013 - Silale Swamp in Tarangire National Park

Jabshir arranged for a picnic lunch and we ventured south to the Silale Swamp, still within the confines of Tarangire. The drive was rough and dusty. I suppose because we were driving a couple of kilometers off the river, the adjacent savannah was very dry and relatively devoid of game.

But things picked up considerably at the swamp.

After stopping at a small rest area a couple of hundred meters west of the swamp, we drove down to the swamp and proceeded along on a track running along the swamp's edge.

The guides are constantly on the radio with each other, talking in Swahili, and letting each other know when they spot something interesting. Jabshir seemed to be extremely well known and liked, as he frequently received calls to either provide information on sightings, or to receive it.

It was in that manner that we learned of a baby leopard hiding out a couple of kilometers north.  Female leopards will leave their young cubs in a hide during the day while they venture away for food. But these are young cubs with a lot of energy. They stay near their hide, but are very playful. This was certainly the case with the cub we saw today.

On the way back, we drove below a large python, coiled peacefully on a tree branch above us.

Continuing south, we saw a couple of land cruisers parked near a tree. Jabshir got on the radio and learned that they were watching a lioness resting below the tree. As we had not previously been able to get close to a lion, we ventured over.

What transpired next was the first of several compelling dramas we were to observe in the coming days.

Our lioness was quite sleepy; the people in the other land cruisers observed for a while, and then moved off. We pulled forward.

I think that Stan and I simultaneously saw movement in the tree above. As we watched, a long (three meter), black snake wound its way slowly down the tree. Jabshir whispered that it was a black mamba, one of the most poisonous snakes in Africa.

We were in our vehicle, but it occurred to me that we were not much more than the length of the snake away from a black mamba and from a lioness was about to receive an ugly surprise.

My heart beat faster. We were all on edge, waiting for the snake to strike. A black mamba is very murderous and can kill a lion.  The lioness continued to rest for a few moments. But sensing a presence (apart from us), she stood up and looked around sleepily. She started to carefully circle the tree.

Suddenly, she looked up and back and saw her peril. She turned and let out a growl. The snake was not intimidated and seemed to issue a warning in return. Their two heads were only a few feet apart.  At this point, we were all holding our breath. But then the lioness backed off, then turned and walked off. The snake continued down the tree and crawled off into the grass.

Stan and Rebecca Gottschalk
Pam and Robert Wyatt, Sep 2013
 * Please check out the amazing photo of the above game viewing moment (2014 Photo Competition – Wildlife Category)


Visit to Cape Town
Safari to Private Game Reserve near Kruger in South Africa
Safari to Chobe Game Park in Botswana
Visit to Victoria Falls to Zimbabwe

Dear Szilvia,

Catching up on our return from Africa and the holidays has meant that this letter of thanks to you is very overdue.  Please do not take that as an indication that we were less than 150% satisfied with the trip you helped us design and then executed on our behalf.  Tony and I were totally delighted with the accommodations, wonderful service and mind-blowing experience of this safari trip.  Even after much thought, we wouldn’t change one thing—it was perfect!  I am particularly impressed with how you flew into action and rearranged our flights for one leg of the trip on the very morning of our departure when I belatedly realized MY failure to get us proper immunizations made the flight into Zambia a problem.  You had new flights arranged, tickets to us, and the ground transportation all arranged in that last couple of hours.  Amazing service!

We are showing our pictures (600 now whittled down to 325) around to all our friends and urging everyone to take a trip to Africa and by all means let Africa Adventure Company arrange it. I think several will take our suggestion.  I know you will provide them with a trip of a lifetime too.

Kind regards and many thanks,

Marsha Asp & Antonio Gizzi, Oct-Nov 2013

Safari to Limpopo – Mashatu Private Game Reserve
Visit Tzaneen in the Drakensberg Mountains
Safari to a Private Game Reserve
Visit to beautiful Cape Town
Visit to Victoria Falls

Lynne -

Got home from the trip last Wednesday morning after being on the plane for about 18 hours from Johannesburg.  Trying to adjust to the time difference and getting caught up on things.  What an adventure I had!  The trip was great.  Everything couldn't have worked out better.  Was thinking on the way home about all the different little parts of the trip [people meeting us at the airports, drivers coming to pick us up, guides meeting up with us] and how there were no problems anywhere along the line.  Everyone was there when they were suppose to be and took care of us.  I didn't have to think about or worry about how to do something or how to get somewhere.

All the sites and places we visited where great.  It is amazing to see the animals in the wild - not in a pen or zoo.  Really interesting driving around looking for and tracking the animals.  The guides were so knowledgeable and I hope I can remember at least some of what they where trying to inform us about.  Both Mashatu and Tanda Tula were very similar but yet a different experience.  At Mashatu, Boshi's deep connection land and love of the animals was really felt.  At Tanda Tula, Patrick's deep more scientific knowledge of the animals came through.

Cape Town was a vibrant place, maybe like San Francisco in a way.  What a setting for a city with the ocean and the dramatic mountains as a backdrop.  Really enjoyed the scenic drives and the walk in the city center.  Margrit, the guide, was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable, and her love of the city was obvious.   The tour of Robben Island was very moving.

Even at low water and only 10% flow, Victoria Falls was impressive.  Again the guide, Esther, gave us a great tour explaining everything about the falls.

Thank you for helping to make my South Africa adventure a great success and a trip I will not forget!

Elwin Aspegren, Oct 2013

Visit to Victoria Falls
Flying safari to Linyanti and Okavango Delta, Botswana

Greetings Allana and All!  

Arrived safely home last evening after a five plane, 35 hour sojourn to return home from the bush!  Whew! The hardest part was the leaving, amid tears of joy and gratitude for the experiences we had, none of us wanting to return except for the missing of our own beloved pets back home.  Erica is numbed in astounded awe by her first-time experiences and is forever changed ~ that's my girl!! 

Received your note card and I will be happy to share pics and stories as soon as I have processed the lot. For now, please know this trip had to have been the most extraordinary and wonderful of all, with a plethora of highlights that kept us all in a state of awe and wow-ness.  A quick example: arrival at Abu to find out the newest member of the herd, Nelady, was born less than two weeks earlier; a feisty sweetheart with charisma plus! A rare siting of a pangolin!  Lots of lion interaction(s) from lounging, meet and greets, to hunting and coming upon a pride with their recent zebra kill.  Leopard sightings abound (including a vehicle walk-by with a stare and hiss/growl at us!!).  Wild dogs!!! Love the wild dogs and got to see them on a successful hunt.  Lots and lots of babies of every species (love the green season).  Weather!  Weather astonished us with its ferocity in thunder, lightening, wind and downpour (most NOT affecting game drives) at each and every destination along our travels.  Needless to say, camps were happy to see us coming as we joked we brought rain (palu) wherever we went.  And there's much more ...

This trip and experience was flawless and incredible.  I thank you for your outstanding work, know-how and experiences that allowed us to have the time of our lives.  Wilderness Safaris is exceptional in what they do, and all that they do, and that goes to each and every team member of the organization.  Camp staff and guides, all top notch.  Camp facilities ... wow!  

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  

Stacie Brink, Dec 2013

Safari in Zimbabwe to Hwange, Mana Pools and Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve

Dear Alison and the Staff of AAC who organized our 2nd trip to the spectacular continent of Africa:

After our 2011 “bucket list” safari, we found ourselves drawn back to Africa for another trip of a lifetime.   Africa’s enchanting beauty, amazing wildlife and embracing people called out to us.

As we were preparing to depart on our safari to Zimbabwe in November 2013, we had some concern that with this being our second trip to Africa, would we find things as unique and memorable as the safari that AAC arranged for us two years ago?  Well, let there be no doubt, this trip was over-the-top in experiences and memories for us!

As we have become accustomed to with AAC, all of the arrangements for our travel (including the charter flights) were accomplished seamlessly and with no stress for us.  It was just another example of why AAC is widely recognized as the leader in African travel.

We started our safari in Hwange Park, at Little Makalolo Camp.  What a nice camp, intimate and engaging with an excellent and friendly staff.  Our guide, Brian, was great with his knowledge and friendly manner.  Our first night there, we went to sleep with lions calling to each other.  When we awoke, they were lying out on the pan right in front of the camp!  We saw much game at Little Mak, and especially enjoyed a bush walk with Charles.  Charles, Natalie, Avias, Jadu, Valenti, Honest and Innocence took very good care of us at Little Makalolo.

Our next destination was Vundu Camp at Mana Pools National Park.  We all agreed that this was the “highlight” of our trip.  On the first afternoon we were there, our guide and camp owner, Nick Murray, led us on a game walk to within about 50 feet of 13 lions from the local Mucheni pride!  This was the first of many game walks with Nick where we had close encounters with lions, elephants and the Vundu pack of 27 painted wild dogs.

On an especially memorable walk, we saw a huge bull elephant nicknamed “Handstand” balance on his hind legs to reach up and gather acacia leaves!  We have since seen this magnificent bull on a National Geographic documentary. We also enjoyed canoeing (and swimming) on the Zambezi, where we were in close proximity to hippos, crocodiles, elephants and plentiful bird life.

Nick introduced us to what we consider the “real” Africa with his intimate knowledge of the bush and the wildlife at Mana Pools--he is an extraordinary guide.  We also met legendary African guide, Flip Nicholson, at Vundu.  He kept us captivated with tales of his experiences.  What a character!  Nick, Flip, Mark, “Biggie” and the rest of the team at Vundu helped us make memories that will last a lifetime.

Our final stop was at Singita’s Pamushana Lodge in the Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve.  Pamushana was an ideal place for our final destination.  Its luxury was welcome as fatigue had started to set in after many days in the bush.

When our charter flight landed at the Lone Star airstrip, a female cheetah sat nonchalantly 30 feet away from our plane.  Our pilot, Lindsay Wells, said she had never seen anything like this before.  After loading our gear on the Landcruiser, our guide, Time Mutema, drove us to where the cheetah had gone to rest in the shade, accompanied by her sister. What an awesome welcome!

On our first afternoon game drive with Time, we saw a large male leopard in the daylight-a rare sight!  Time then found the cheetah sisters that we had seen upon arriving at the airstrip, and we watched them hunt impala (unsuccessfully).  This was the first of many cheetah sightings during our stay, including watching two older brothers of the sisters--what a thrill!  The unique terrain of the Malilangwe Reserve is beautiful, with the mighty baobab trees and Serengeti-like areas teeming with game.  We saw many game species during our stay at Pamushana, including new ones for us--white rhinos (an entire family), the rock-hopping klipspringers, nyala antelope and of course, the delightful “dassies” (rock hyrax).

During our stay at Pamushana, we met and talked with noted wildlife documentarian, Kim Wolhuter.  His latest film, “Man-Cheetah-Wild” chronicles the lives of the two cheetah sisters that we saw at the beginning of our visit.  It is currently being shown on the Discovery Channel.

The architectural beauty and furnishings of Pamushana were absolutely fantastic.  The hilltop “aerie” setting of the lodge and villas was breathtaking.  The staff at Pamushana was delightful.  Time was masterful in finding game and shared many African tribal customs and his extensive bush knowledge with us.  Our “butler”, David Danana, became like one of the family!  Jason, Emily, Reuben, Cherub, Valerie and the rest of the staff helped make our stay very comfortable and memorable.

Once again, our wonderful experiences left us with an everlasting appreciation of the magic of Africa.  AAC, thank you again for arranging another trip of a lifetime!

Tom & Kathy des Enfants, Nov 2013

Walking Safari to South Luangwa Valley

Hi Ian,

I had a wonderful time in Zambia !  

It was a nice surprise to be met by a tour operator in Lusaka to help with visa and luggage (not necessary but still very nice), and provide a place to sit while I waited for my next flight. They met me on my return too. And they let me leave my small luggage cart in their office since I would not need it on safari. That was an unexpected, and appreciated, service!

Robin Pope is an outstanding safari operator. Everything worked flawlessly. Lodges and personal service was wonderful. I was glad to do both regular and mobile safaris. Their organization of the mobile camping was amazing. They moved camp 3 times which was a ton of work for them (I think that all of us would be fine with just changing camps twice). I had left some feathers stuck in my tent and the crew carefully saved and repositioned the feathers on my tent at the next camp - very thoughtful and such attention to detail. I understand that we lucked-out with our guide, Jason Alfonsi, who is apparently The Best. Another woman in our group was back for her second walking safari with him. He was wonderful. The cook, Alfred, was really amazing! The food was much better on the mobile safari than at the lodges (which is quite good), with more interesting spices and variety. The camp manager, Cristabell, is delightful and made sure that any personal requests were cheerfully fulfilled…

I was surprised and pleased with how much wildlife I saw while walking!  I really enjoyed the different perspective that walking gave to me about the terrain and wildlife. It felt more immediate, more personal and intimate. In a vehicle, the animals are more used to humans and we did get closer to them, but there were sometimes other people and vehicles. I like to do both, but now I am yearning for another walking safari.

Thanks again for organizing another fantastic safari for me!  Where else do you do walking safaris?  

S.G. Sep 2013

Private safari to the Periphery of the Moremi Reserve, Kwando Reserve and Linyanti Confluence in Botswana

Hi Mark,

I'm back about 24 hours from Botswana . And as per my usual custom I will give you a trip report. So to be fair I have to give you both the good and the bad. The bad first...too short a trip and I gained 4 pounds...now that that's over with here's the good.

All three camps were wonderful with great staff and wonderful rooms. I was so taken aback by the change in Savuti since I was last there in 2007 that it was amazing. Who expects a waterfront room? It was beautiful.

The guides in each camp were outrageously good. Not only were they masters at finding what we wanted to see but they could not have been more eager to spend as much time out as we wanted. Every full day but one was spent totally out in the bush without even coming back for lunch or siesta. Every day we were out of camp no later than 5:30 and sometimes earlier and back between 7 and 8pm. The highlights included multiple wild dog sightings including 2 hunts (1 successful), a leopard and hyena feeding together for 30 minutes  on a zebra that the leopard killed about 15 minutes before we arrived, 2 sightings of 2 honey badgers in one day, a serval, civet, 2 wildcats on one night drive and a genet and porcupine on another, two martial eagles, a juvi and an adult with a piglet kill about 15 feet from us for at least 20 minutes, 7 other eagle species, roan and sable antelope. Of course no safari would be complete without great leopard sightings and here we had multiple ones including a female with her 5 month old cub and numerous others…

I know Tim had a great time and he said it was a life changing experience...for me my life changed a long time ago so it just reinforces how much I love the bush and the experience each day.

Thanks again for everything and hopefully I'll be able to cajole some family member to do this with me soon.

Eric Gurwin, Oct-Nov 2013

Visit Pemba, Niassa Mozambique and Chelinda, Malawi
Odzala-Kokoua National Park

Mr. Nolting and Saskia:

I returned from Congo Thursday, and wanted to give you a trip report. In short, everything went perfectly! As you know, ours was a fairly complicated itinerary, with 8 internal flights (including three scheduled charters and two private charters) and accommodations in three hotels and four bush camps in four countries. That resulted in a lot of what we in medicine call “handoffs”, and each one went like clockwork. All the people we dealt with were friendly and professional, and everything happened on schedule.

Your choice of Chelinda in Malawi was brilliant: it was eerily beautiful and completely different from any other place we’ve been in Africa; virtually indistinguishable from a ski lodge in the Rockies, complete with thin air, pine forests, and rolling hills, except where you would expect to see folks on skis or snowboards, there were herds of eland! Nic Von Rensburg at Lugenda was particularly warm and hospitable, and the staff in Odzala were terrific. My African mammal list was already pretty long (as one would expect after six previous trips to Africa), but I still added over 20 new ones!

All in all, it couldn’t have gone better, and I will certainly turn to AAC to plan all of my future Africa trips.


Jim Spar, Sep 2013

Kibale Forest/Queen Elizabeth Park/Bwindi Impenetrable Forest
Flying Safari to the Serengeti
Private Safari to Ngorongoro and Tarangire
Safari to South Africa ’s Sabi Sand
Flying Safari to Zimbabwe ’s Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve
Explore Botswana ’s iconic Okavango Delta and Selinda Reserve
Namibia flying safari to Sossusvlei, Kunene Region and Damaraland
Visit Nairobi, Zanzibar, Victoria Falls, Cape Town
Self drive the Garden Route
Rovos Rail – Luxury train

Hello Mark, Szilvia and  Africa Adventure Staff,

We truly had a 62 day once in a very lucky lifetime African adventure.  For Africa Adventure Company to have executed a flawless, out of this world trip for that length of time is testimony to all of your insider knowledge, expertise, professionalism, and dedication to your clients. Everything was incredible and was orchestrated to perfection. The safaris, accommodations, food, wine, and transportation were all first class. We will never forget the African people, wildlife and visually incredible scenery. We can not believe it ourselves that we made a journey that far away to a previously unknown part of the world for 2 months and everyday was sheer bliss. Our family and friends are in awe of how we did it, but our response is always the same------We were very fortunate to have the best in the business, Africa Adventure Company, plan our trip of a lifetime, and if you ever go to Africa (which is a MUST) then have the expert of the experts plan a truly unforgettable journey to an unforgettable land.  You, Africa Adventure Company, have enriched our lives beyond belief! You are all the BEST, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

We have a small request.  Would it be possible to send us another copy of the 8th edition Africa's Top Wildlife Countries hard copy book, along with the latest African Safari Journal & Field Guide and the latest Safari Planner.  We would like to display those for family and friends as we show our thousands and thousands of pictures. 

Thank you again for everything, and we hope to travel with you again someday as we journey around the world!

Kindest regards,

Eileen Sota and Mike Iseman, Aug-Oct 2013

Visit to Cape Town
Safari to Private Game Reserve near Kruger in South Africa
Safari to Moremi Game Reserve in Botswana
Visit to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Dear Szilvia,

We returned from our Africa trip yesterday morning.  The trip was wonderful.  Everything went extremely well and the planning that you put into the trip made everything, including flights, transfers, and lodging, go smoothly.  Even the seats that were chosen for our flights were great.  We were very pleased with South African Airways; always on time.  Our guide, Russell Gerber, in Cape Town was knowledgeable and easy to get along with.  When our plans had to change because of the weather, he gave us options and worked with us.  Because of the weather we could not do the Dyer Island trip and instead we had a very pleasant trip to wine country.  All transfers were prompt and efficient.  The small plane charter flights went very well.  We very much enjoyed the Sabi Sands River Lodge experience and felt we had an excellent guide in Ferdie Miller.  Our excursion in Mpumalanga was interesting and a good break from animal viewing.  Victoria Falls was awesome and the Victoria Falls Hotel was excellent. Our stay at Xakanaxa in Moremi was wonderful.  It was interesting to experience the delta as compared to the woodland savannah.  A different mix of animals and great birding.  We did enjoy the tent experience at that camp. 

We used your “African Safari Journal & Field Guide” as a constant resource and did indeed keep a journal in it.  Others commented on what a wonderful guide it was.  The duffel bags were perfect for the small plane flights.  We recommended with high praise your company to anyone who asked who our travel agent was. 

Thank you again for planning such a wonderful trip for us!

Ken & Carol Wildonger, Sep 2013