Flying Safari to Selinda Reserve and Okavango Delta
Visit Victoria Falls

Dear Kyle and the ACC team,

Thank you for putting together such a wonderful trip to Botswana! We had an amazing time - the trip far exceeded our expectations. The guide you arranged to accompany us (his name was OB) during our first two camps was outstanding. Having the same guide was very beneficial - he knew what we had already seen and wasn't telling us something we had already heard.

Of our three camps in the delta, I can't pick a favorite as they all were excellent in their own way. Chitabe was by far the best for game viewing, being on the water at Kwetsani was a welcome change from the daily game drives and the luxury of Zarafa is indescribable.

I honestly can't think of anything I would change or disliked about our trip, other then I wish we would have stayed longer. We also heard many wonderful things from the camp staff and guides about ACC.

Thanks for the vacation of a lifetime!

John & Anna Davison, Aug 2013

Flying safari to MalaMala Private Game Reserve in South Africa
Visit to Victoria Falls, Mana Pools and Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve in Zimbabwe
Johannesburg visit

Mark, Saskia and friends,

Sarah, Ellie and I are still working through our jet lag, but basking nevertheless in the glow of the fabulous trip you arranged for us. The experience of the three reserves complemented one another beautifully, and we agreed you also sequenced them just perfectly: starting us out with the efficient, fast-paced outings of Mala Mala, followed up by the more rustic and up-close adventures of Mana Pools, and rounded out by the indulgence of Pamushana. We were very impressed by our guides, particularly enjoying Matt Meyer at Mala Mala and Spike Williamson at Mana Pools, and we felt watched over and pampered by the stewards of our logistics all along the way.

You folks clearly know your stuff, and we appreciate your sharing that knowledge with us in so unforgettable an experience. We look forward to working with you again in the future!

Lindley DeGarmo, Aug 2013

Visit to Victoria Falls
Flying safari to Linyanti/Okavango Delta/Moremi


Superb trip, so thank you again for booking us into such a perfect set of activities. We had the holiday of a lifetime. Every guide was a perfect match for our family, the superb coordination of airport pickups made flight arrivals and departures effortless, and we had no negative experiences at all.  Guides Esther at VicFalls, Name at Duma Tau, Obi at Duba Plans and Thsepo at Mombo were all spectacular. For facilities and overall pampering, you did a great job of scheduling Mombo last.

In Johannesburg the Sun Hotel was very accommodating, allowing us to check out late so we had room access to shower and freshen up before the evening flight.

A few items that may be of help to future guests,

  • It might be good to remind people to alert their credit card issuers that the cards will be used in far off places, to avoid denials due to bank security filters- even after having done this I hit a few bumps that a call back to the US solved;
  • All three camps (Duma Tau, Duba Plains and Mombo had 24 hour charging available thanks to tremendous battery banks. I did not expect such continuous access, and realize other camps may not offer this;

I do hope we are able to book another adventure some day with you.

Michael Hitchcock, Jun 2013


Safari in Zimbabwe to Northern Hwange and Victoria Falls

Hi Allana & Africa Adventure Team,

We just got back from our trip and want to say a big thank you to you and your team for a wonderful trip.    After a week of being pampered in Zimbabwe the week we spent fending for ourselves in Kruger as great as that was simply couldn’t compare.  Debbie and I both said that next time we will reverse the schedule and do “on our own” week first so we could end on the high note of having an amazing week planned out by Africa Adventures.

Each of the three places we stayed was superb and the transfers were all flawless.  We were amazed that each time the camp manager knew exactly where we needed to go next and what time we were departing and everything went off like clockwork.  In fact, we ran into another couple at Davison’s who booked their trip through you all (they had Kyle) and they said the same thing.  I’m still processing my pictures and can send some to you if you wish but here’s a few words on each camp.

Imbabala Camp – This is really one you should market more for folks who’d like to visit Chobe and Victoria falls and stay in one place to do it.  It’s close enough to both that you can day trip to either from camp as well as enjoy the activities available directly out of camp.  The game drives were very nice and because it’s on their own concession we never had to share a sighting with any other vehicle.  One of the big draws is the boat trips as well.  We got to watch elephants crossing the Zambezi on multiple occasions.  Overall, this camp is very nice and very intimate with a great staff to client ratio, great accommodations and just a beautiful location.  They don’t have a high predator density on their concession but they do have plenty of elephant, buffalo, giraffe and a good chance to see sable antelope along with good numbers of general game such as hippo, impala and kudu.  I consider this camp a hidden little gem with great value for the money.

Elephant Camp – This camp was pure luxury and after talking with other folks who stayed elsewhere in Victoria Falls was definitely the right choice.  They thought of everything and they have something truly unique that was one of the highlights of our trip.  They are now offering camp guests the opportunity to do a bush walk with their pet cheetah (Sylvester) for only $50 more per person.  Since he’s not on a leash and there are plenty of wild animals around camp we got the opportunity to walk along with him while he stalked and then chased a wildebeest.  Like I said, the accommodations were top notch, the service was superb and the setting was beautiful.  It was nice being outside the hustle and bustle of town but close enough that it was only a 15-minute shuttle.

LivingstoneIsland Tour – The LivingstoneIsland tour was great and the transfers to and through the border went off without a hitch.  It was fantastic having someone there to help us because we saw plenty of “do it yourself” folks who were stuck in line while we breezed right through.  As for the tour itself, there’s just no way to compare to standing on the brink of the falls and everything about the tour was very well organized.  At no time did we feel uncomfortable or unsafe even standing right on the edge because the guides made sure everyone stayed safe.  I would suggest that you recommend people bring some sort of wading or boat sandals with them for this tour though as they had us remove our shoes.  A good set of boat shoes with non-skid soles would be better as the rocks were very slippery.

Victoria Falls Tour With Esther – Esther was simply wonderful and incredibly knowledgeable about the falls.  She knew right were to stand and was a pure delight to talk to.  That same couple we met at Davison’s had done the tour with Esther as well and they said the same thing, she really was superb and we are so glad we elected to see the Zimbabwe side with her instead of going on our own.

Davison’s Camp – First rate all the way!  From the air transfer to the first drive from the airstrip into camp it was the highlight of our trip.  The setting is beautiful and the staff was superb.  Our guide (Livingstone) was a wealth of knowledge about everything in the bush and the culture and history of the different ethnic groups in Zimbabwe.  The food was great and the open bar a big hit.  The highlight would have to be sitting in camp watching the parade of animals come to the waterhole right in front of the dining tent.  While at Davison’s we had the rare treat of getting to watch lions on an elephant kill the first day and wild dogs on a kudu kill the second day.

All in all, I can’t thank you enough for helping us put this trip together.  We will definitely be going back but not for about three years so you can expect me to call you about two years from now asking to put together another trip for us.  Take care and I’ll send you a few pictures when I get a chance.

Best Regards,

Joe James, Jul 2013


Safari to Andasibe-Mantadia and Berenty Private Reserve, Madagascar

Dear Elena and team,

We are writing this on our last day in Madagascar, which turned out to be every bit as fantastic as you said it would be…we took about 3500 of them and every night before we went to sleep we listed our five favorite things of the day but could have listed twenty of them.

We loved the variety of habitats to which you directed us, and we saw 13 different species of lemur, over 40 different species of birds, and a wide variety of chameleons, geckos, snakes, frogs, skinks, spiders, and even an alligator and a scorpion. (As you can tell, our affinities run pretty broadly.).

We took 3 different excursions almost every day, including lots of night-walks, and for the most part we had excellent guides. (Benoit at Berenty was the best. Daize at Manafiafy was still in-training and needed to train some more, in our opinion.) 

The transport services worked well, save for the burned down Nairobi airport that we must still pass through tonight.  We were pleased with the quality of the assigned vehicles, the good drivers, and all the transfers. Both hotels in Antananarivo were first-class, although the four-footed bathtub in the middle of our antique-style room at the Lokanga Boutique Hotel was certainly a first for us. We were happy with the Vakona Lodge in Andasibe/Mantadia, despite the fact that it was unseasonably cold and wet (more than usual - everyone complained!. The same was true  at Manafiafy. Bad weather didn't stop us, though, and Manafiafy was an absolutely amazing place with food that was out-of-this world and would have caused us to gain ten pounds if we had stayed any longer. In all of these hotels, the service was also great and each had wonderful places to relax, enjoy a cup of tea, and/or read about the local flora, fauna and culture.

Here we had the best guide in Berenty, as I mentioned, and it is true that the lemurs are friendly and one can great fantastic views of dancing sifakas, various night owls, flying foxes (fruit-eating bats) and the like.  We loved-Loved-LOVED the SpinyForest and had a great time out-of doors.…

…We were VERY happy with the services and support you provided. VERY VERY HAPPY!  

Once more, we can't thank the Africa Adventure Company enough for everything you and your colleagues did to make this fantastic vacation possible.

Yours truly,

Bernd Kiekebusch & Lucy Y Steinitz, Aug 2013


“"A Magical Safari Experience at Vundu Camp"”

We just returned from a spectacular three week journey to South Africa, Zimbabwe and Malawi. One of the highlights of our trip was our experience at Nick Murray's Vundu Camp, located on the banks of the mighty ZambeziRiver, and a canoe trip out of camp. The atmosphere in the camp is convivial and high-spirited, with plenty of good conversation, food and wine. The staff treats you with utmost kindness and courtesy. Right away, you know that you're in the hands of pros.

We feel extremely fortunate to have experienced two glorious days on the Zambezi River on a canoe trail across Mana Pools National Park with master guide Daryl Martyn. As he skillfully navigated around numerous hippo pods and crocodiles, Daryl constantly scanned the horizon for birds and wild life. The scenery is magnificent, and we were treated to an outdoor cook-out for lunch on a deserted island, sundowners on the banks of the Zambezi, and a mobile tent camping experience.

When on land, Daryl took us to up close and personal encounters with elephants and a pride of eleven lions feeding on a buffalo kill. As he guides you out of the jeep for the best viewing advantage, his complete sense of control inspires confidence and you never have a moment of fear or apprehension. In brief, his total vigilance ensures that you have the ultimate experience.

We are so thoroughly enchanted by this unique adventure that we are already planning our next excursion with Daryl, Nick and Vundu Camp!

Joan Pagano, July 2013


Safari to Private Game Reserve near Kruger in South Africa
Safari to Chobe Game Park in Botswana
Visit to Victoria Falls to Zimbabwe

HI Lynne,  We are safely back from our incredible trip!   I would like to take some time and share some of our experiences with you!

CAPE TOWN -   The Cape Grace Hotel was charming, intimate and luxurious! The location of the hotel was ideal - so close to the waterfront as well as a nice view of Table Mountain! The staff at the hotel were professional, helpful and friendly - always greeting us with smile! They gave us two complimentary bottles of great wine, allowing us to go into their wine cellar to pick them out! We had a wonderful dinner at the hotel the first night and the concierge recommended two other restaurants for us to try on the following two nights!  We went to Karibou on the waterfront for traditional S.African food which was delicious and then we went to 95 Keerom, an Italian restaurant which we also enjoyed very, very much!

Our guide, Lazarus was personable, knowledgeable and had a great smile. We would highly recommend him to other travelers as he was the perfect guide in our time in Cape Town! We drove along the Cape Peninsula and out through the Cape of Good Hope Nature Preserve and were wowed by the beautiful and varied landscape as well as with the breathtaking views along the way! We all agreed that it was much better to spend a whole day doing this drive rather than a half day!

Lazarus walked with  Jackie and Chris up to the Lighthouse while my husband and I rode up on the funicular. The following day Lazarus took us on a tour of the city which we enjoyed so much! The District 6 Museum was the highlight I believe! We were unable to go up to Table Mountain as it was too windy, but Lazarus suggested that we drive up Signal Hill instead to get a "birds eye" view of the city. He was very accommodating and approachable as he even was willing to hike up Signal Hill with Jackie and Chris if they were interested! Lazarus was punctual on our pick ups and drop offs and we were very sad to say our goodbyes on our final days!  He was terrific person and a very knowledgeable, personable guide!

RATTRAY'S AT MALA MALA  -   I cannot imagine staying at a better lodge than at Rattray's! The khayas were incredible - far beyond my expectations! (I had done a lot of research into this trip   as I had been planning this for a year), and even though I "knew" what to expect, this place took our breath away! Our ranger, Grant Roodt was in our opinion the very best guide you could possibly have! His range of knowledge and his outgoing personality indeed made this experience for us! We would rate him a "10" on a scale of 1 - 5!  He offered us an afternoon/evening game drive the first afternoon we arrived and within 10 minutes in the vehicle we came across a herd of elephants along them Sand River! Later that night we were chasing lions though the brush in complete darkness!   He literally brought us up close and personal with the "Big Five" and so much more!  Being able to go "off road" on this privately owned land was a unique viewing experience. He stopped at night and we just quietly gazed up at the nightime stars and the constellations! It was just beautiful!  Everyday provided new and varied viewing experiences, under Grant's expertise. He filled us in on the animal's habits, the names of birds and the topography of the landscape, trees and bushes!  He even offered us an early morning game drive on the morning we were to leave and we were not disappointed as we came across a leopard eating his kill in a tree while hyenas circled on the ground below!   The food was delicious and we were happy to be able to eat in the Boma with Grant and the other guests!...We were truly sorry that our time at Rattray's had to come to an end! and almost wished that we had more time there to simply enjoy our khayas and game drives! However, the  next adventure was right around the corner!

ELEPHANT CAMP/VICTORIA FALLS    Elephant Camp and its luxury tented suites were delightful as was Jonathan and his staff here. Jonathan even arranged for a birthday cake to be made for our daughter, Jackie and he also sat and had a glass of wine with us after dinner!...

NGOMA SAFARI LODGE   We so appreciated the travel coordination of the trip from Zimbabwe to Botswana. Negotiating the customs process without the help of the Wilderness ground team would have been quite intimidating!   The view from our suites at Ngoma was astonishing as we overlooked the Chobe River and the flood plain. On the game drives here you have to stay on the road as it is a national park, so the game viewing may not be as up close and personal. I think that this would be an important fact to pass on to future travelers. However, we did still see many, many animals very close when they were by the side of the road or passing in front or behind us, as well as hundreds of elephants, giraffes, buffalos and zebras along the river! On our full day safari we had a picnic alongside the river and a herd of elephants literally in the field behind us! The river safari was great also, as we saw many crocodiles, hipppos, buffalo and zebra! The only down side to this is having to travel about an hour on a road to get to the boat dock. Mina told us that they were looking into having a boat being able to get down the river closer to the lodge, which would eliminate that long drive!  It was very much worth the drive though and the wool lined ponchos kept us toasty warm on the drive! Our guide, Bevin was knowledgeable and friendly and kept us well informed about the animals that we were seeing.  We actually chose to forego our afternoon game drive on our last day here and just decided to relax at our suite and enjoy the views. We had been having such a wonderfully busy time and it was nice to simply relax. However as I sat on my deck reading a book, I was torn between reading and looking out at the panoramic view in front of me! ( I mean I can read any time!!)

Mina and Gavin, the managers of the property were hospitable, warm and friendly and we were glad we had met them as they were leaving the following week for 28 days to attend their son's weddding.    The food here was very, very good and on the last night we were the only guests there and felt as if we had the entire place to ourselves!   You have to be escorted to and from your rooms here as there is always the potential of animals walking through the camp and sure enough one day a small herd of 6 elephants walked right by our suite and then the next day a baboon was drinking out of the plunge pool on our kid's deck!!!! 

TRAVELING HOME   The ground team through Wilderness Safaris did a wonderful job on all the legs of this trip!  We also so very much appreciated the Premier Lounge passes that we were given to use at the Johannesburg Airport. It was a wonderful respite from the busy airport!

SUMMARY  We had an extraordinary experience and feel so fortunate to have taken this trip together as a family!  I would say that every aspect of this trip exceeded my expectations!  The weather was perfect, the accommodations were spectacular and the support and information we were able to obtain beforehand from Africa Adventure Company were invaluable. I used the African Safari Journal daily to log my trip as well as to record pertinent information. The pre-departure and the final departure information booklets were also invaluable!  I would not hesitate to recommend your company to our friends and family and if I can persuade my family to visit Australia and New Zealand, I will definitely book our trip through you!   (Probably not too hard of a sell!!) Thanks once again for making this trip a "dream come true"!  We are in the process of loading our pictures into the computer so perhaps I will forward some of the better ones to you!!!


Maureen, George, Chris and Jackie King, Jul 2013


Safari to Chobe in Botswana
Flying Safari to Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe
Visit Cape Town and Victoria Falls

Dear Allana,

I am sorry we are so late in sending this message.  With your help, Bill and I enjoyed a wonderful trip to Africa in June.

Our accommodations were excellent ... Welgelegen in Cape Town, Muchenje Safari Lodge in Botswana, as well as Victoria Falls Safari Lodge and Davison's Camp in Zimbabwe.  By ending our trip at the Holiday Inn Johannesburg Rosebank, we were able to sightsee in that interesting city, including the area of Soweto.

All of the personnel were cordial and helpful.  We could not have asked for better guides in the three countries we visited!  They were friendly and so very knowledgeable.

The food was wonderful, we never saw a cloud in the sky, there were never more than two other guests on game drives, every sunset and sunrise was breathtaking, and we never expected to have such incredible experiences!

Our all day private tour of Cape Town was extraordinary ... exploring Table Mountain, boating to  Seal Island, visiting the Boulders penguin colony, and enjoying the view of the Cape of Good Hope.

In Botswana we saw two large male lions, who were quite near us as they searched for prey one morning, and we later saw giraffes, baboons, zebras, hippos, and elephants (my favorite animal).

We especially enjoyed watching herds of elephants swim across the ChobeRiver, while we sat in a boat eating the delicious lunch that was prepared for us.  Later the same day, we had an unbelievably close view of three young male lions taking down a Cape buffalo.  When we returned in the morning, they were still guarding their kill, as a hungry jackal waited nearby for leftovers.

A tour of the Victoria Falls was a great way to begin our first days in Zimbabwe.  Bill surprised me with a special dinner of Beef Wellington at the lovely restaurant at the lodge.  I thank you for helping him make our anniversary such a special occasion.  Thanks, too, for setting up the reservation for our exhilarating bridge experience.  Bill and I each jumped from the 400' Falls bridge, then we jumped in tandem and ended our exciting bridge adventure by zip lining across the Zambezi. In the afternoon we went on an hour long Wild Horizons elephant back safari.  I'll never forget that wonderful time with Janet and her five year old son Fumo.   

Our stay in Hwange National Park was equally as amazing.  What a thrill it was to see a beautiful adult male leopard sunning itself several feet from our jeep just fifteen minutes after arriving in the Cessna!  We, of course, saw a large variety of animals in the park, including three female lions who walked right in front of our jeep for a long time. 

Bill and I appreciate all that you did to make this a trip of a lifetime, and we will enjoy our memories forever.  I am sending a few of our 1000-plus photos.

Karen Spiegelberg, Jun 2013


Visit to Cape Town/Safari to Private Game Reserve near Kruger in South Africa
Safari to Chobe Game Park in Botswana
Visit to Victoria Falls to Zimbabwe

Dear Allana,

Starting with the bottle of wine you sent to us in Cape Town, for which we thank you, to our final goodbyes at Ngoma in Botswana there is not one thing about the trip that I would change.  The professionals who coordinated our transport between various venues were all, efficient, knowledgeable and friendly.  Allana, you have great contacts in Africa, keep using them.  The guides we had were all very good.  Special Kudos to Brendan Cole, our ranger at Rattray's, who was simply phenomenal.  Please request him when you book guests into Rattray's in the future. The facilities were we stayed were all first rate, comfortable, well maintained and well managed.  Staff was always helpful, friendly and eager to please.  The locations where we stayed where all unique in the attractions that they offered and the things we did.  We never felt that we had "been there, done that" at any place we went.  At Rattray's you see the game "up close and personal", often getting to within just a few feet of them.  At Chobe, you come to realize the vastness of Mother Nature and the animal kingdom when you see the huge herds of animals (its like the old African Safari movies) and how the animals interact with each other.  Each place is unique and well worth going to. (Janice said Chobe was your idea Allana.  It was a brilliant one!).  Words just seem inadequate to express our thanks and gratitude for all that each of you did to plan and execute this trip for us.  We will be eternally grateful to you. 


Saralyn and Ed Richard, Jun 2013


Flying Safari to Linyanti and Okavango Delta
Visit Cape Town and Victoria Falls

We had a wonderful time on our trip to Africa. Thank you for your organization and coordination of our experience. All of our accommodations were of first class quality.

Our only regret was we did not have more time at Elephant Camp. We had to rush our lunch to get to Victoria Falls and then only had time for dinner. We then had to leave at 7:00 am before breakfast. I know I was the one who said we wanted to stay there even if we only had one day but more time would have been good. My mistake.

All of our camps were wonderful. Thank you for organizing it so we were at three different locations and experiences. Our favorite camp was Duma Tau. It was amazing the experiences and what we saw in only two days there! We saw all of the animals (variety) there that we saw at both of the other camps. The other camps however, gave us different experiences with them, such as getting closer to hippos at Kwetsani etc. Duma Tau is a very active place to see a variety of animals, birds etc. Amazing! It is the only place we saw wild dogs. Again, all the camps were great with wonderful staffs and guides.

All of the transfer connections at different locations were always on time and friendly. Our guides on organized trips in Cape Town were also great and willing to teach us a lot about many aspects of South Africa. More Quarters was a wonderful place to stay in Cape Town. We were upgraded to a two bedroom apartment. What a nice way to start our trip. The staff was very friendly and breakfast was superb.

Thank you also for the complimentary tickets for the special waiting area at JohannesburgAirport before our trip back to New York. We needed the time to relax and have complimentary wine, etc.

Thanks again and we would very much like to have a free copy of "Africa's Top Wildlife Countries". Who knows, we enjoyed our trip so much we may return sometime.

Roger Steel, Aug 2013


Visit to Cape Town
Safari to Private Game Reserve near Kruger in South Africa
Safari to Okavango Delta in Botswana
Visit to Victoria Falls to Zimbabwe

Hi Alison,

All 4 of us are still trying to come down off of cloud 9 from our fabulous trip to Africa.  I think I had mentioned to you that we are pretty extensive travelers and this has to be the best trip we have ever been on.

I almost don't know where to start.  I guess at the beginning.

We have decided that Cape Town is our new favorite city.  From the time Rob picked us up at the airport, we were totally enamored.  Our tours with him were wonderful adventures.  He is so knowledgeable, entertaining and took such great care of us.  Catered to our every whim.  We decided he was probably the best guide we have ever had.  We truly missed him when it was time to leave.  ONLY negative was when we only saw 2 whales in Hermanus on our whale watching trip and they were pretty far away.

Kensington Place was another highlight.  So different than those big hotels we are used to.  But it had to be Austen (the mgr) that made our stay so fantastic.  He treated us like we were guests in his home.  He couldn't do enough to make our stay perfect.  We loved the rooms, location and food and met some really wonderful people in the bar area.  He arranged for dinner reservations at different restaurants without us even asking.  I must say we were shocked at how inexpensive everything is especially the alcohol.  We knew nothing was going to beat Cape Town but of course we were wrong.

Tanda Tula was one of my kids’ favorite places.  Especially the food, the resident hippo and Richard our guide along with Isaac.  My daughter thought Richard was so cute. It was the perfect place to start our safari adventure.  The only tough part was getting up at 530am during those chilly mornings.  Of course Bush Babies really helped along with Amarula and Hot Chocolate.  These guides are so knowledgeable it is unbelievable.  We learned so much about the animals, the environment, trees, etc.  It was a lot to take in so the journal you provided really helped in taking notes everyday.  Our visit to the village/orphanage/faith healer and women’s center was very eye opening.  After the orphanage visit, we all wanted to cry and wish we could have done more.  We handed out gifts, school supplies, soccer balls, candy and donated some money. They sang for us and our picture with them will definitely go on our Christmas card.  My kids were speechless which was a good thing.  Once again saying goodbye to everyone at Tanda Tula was hard to do.  It is amazing how you start to feel like family in only 3 nights.  By the way, Amanda got the most incredible picture of a leopard walking around our jeep and then stopped at the small road sign to scratch its back.  Amanda got a perfect picture with the words Tanda Tula above the leopard.  They wanted to pay Amanda for the photo, but she is happy to send that to them (no charge...haha).

On to Johannesburg overnight.  My kids went crazy over the Michaelangelo Hotel.  You would have thought they had never traveled before.  So that was fun to see.  Had a great dinner at the Butcher Shop in Mandela Square.

Next day it was off to Botswana.  Had heard such great things about the country and was not let down.  We had heard that Callum was not able to join us but they had someone named OB that would be with us at Chitabe and Kwetsani.  He was beyond anything we could have imagined.  He made us laugh so much and did anything possible to make our trip even better.  Also very, very knowledgeable.  Chitabe was amazing.  The resident elephants kept us entertained everyday… 

Kwetsani was lovely.  The resident baboons kept us entertained there.  Managers Don and Charmayne were charming and let us teach them how to make Margaritas.  (a lot of fun).  They are finishing up a book and hope to tour the states starting in Feb to the 5 top zoos.  We hope to fly in to see them possibly in San Diego.  The opportunity to experience a wet safari was well worth it.  One of the guides also took CJ and Jim fishing one afternoon which they loved.  The rest of us went on the Mokoro.

…On the way to Kasane our lady pilot was very informative and as we got closer to Kasane she saw the biggest heard of elephant and hippos she said she had ever seen.  So she dipped way down so Amanda could get photos and the pilot gave Amanda her email address because she wanted those.  Said she had never seen anything like it in all her years.

Elephant Camp was a lovely surprise.  Although I don't know why.  It was as perfect as the rest of the trip.

Jonathon the mgr was another perfect host.  One of the funniest guys I have ever met.  My kids loved him.  It was nice not to have to get up at 530a and it was quite a bit warmer.  In fact, we used the air conditioning they provided.  Loved our village visit.  Another eye opening experience.  We will be sending the family a package in the near future.  Bought a wonderful wood carving from the dad.  Nice souvenir.  Also LOVED our Elephant ride safari.  So much fun.  We bought the DVD and laugh over it all the time.  Finally on our last day, we got to enjoy our morning with Esther and our tour of Victoria Falls...

We really hated to leave Africa.  Amanda took over 2,300 pictures.  We are anxious to go through them and pick out the best which will be many I am sure.

Can't thank you enough for the perfect family vacation.  Everything went without a hitch and everyone was so nice and accommodating.  I would do it all over again tomorrow and not change a thing.  Too bad it is so far away. 

Trust me, any chance we get to tell people about you, we will do that without hesitation.

Kathy Stevens, Jul-Aug 2013


Safari to the Okavango Delta in Botswana
Flying safari to Matobo Hills

Dear Elena and everyone at AAC,

What a wonderful trip! We’re home safe and sound, still working through our images (will send you some) and getting over jet lag. We want to thank you for all the good work in setting up the arrangements. Everything went very smoothly and we loved every minute!...

Zimbabwe:  CampAmalinda and its staff are simply outstanding – what more can we say? Paul Hubbard is an excellent, knowledgeable guide and did a fantastic job guiding us through the Matopos and Great Zimbabwe. This was the highlight of our trip – we soaked up as much as we could, savoring every day of wonders, bolstered by the fine meals at the Amalinda and attentive, friendly staff. Billy the manager was supremely helpful, always cheerful and easy-going, a delightful host. We love the design of the “Wilderness of Granite” – the view, the décor, and the grounds are all a marvel of taste and ingenuity – the swimming pool area is not to be believed – just gorgeous.  (But the Amalinda is not for anyone with bad knees, that is for sure!)  We loved our room and the bridge to our gazebo – we have wonderful memories of our decadent breakfast tea in bed!

For future consideration, the trip to Great Zimbabwe was excellent and worth every minute – (the drive was very long and tiring). We left camp at 5:00 am and returned about 8:30 pm – with a four-hour drive each way. I think Billy’s idea of setting up a camp there and spending the night is an excellent one. If we had it to do over, that would be our preference, as we could see the sunrise and sunset there, relax and see more of the ruins.

So – thank you again for everything. We will soon be ready to start planning our return with you – back to Zimbabwe with Paul for probably September, 2014. 

More soon,

Anne and George Stoll, Jun 2013


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