EAST AFRICASafari to Lake Manyara, Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater and TarangireIsland Getaway to Zanzibar Island

Hello Lynne. We have been back for about a week now and are finally getting over the jet lag! I wanted to get back to you with appreciation again for everything you and AAC did in preparing for our trip. In a nutshell, we had an excellent, fabulous time. More specifically, here are a few thoughts............
Tanzania----Very excellent! We had the best time on safari. Our guide, Mkenda, was perfect. He was knowledgeable as well as personal. We developed a friendship that we will always remember. I appreciated his experience, his knowledge of birds and his ability to find the wildlife. I started thinking of
him as "The Professor of t he Serengeti"! And as we would run into other safari guides, they treated Mkenda somewhat like a rock star. Sort of like he is legendary among the safari guide circle! (Maybe that's just my
impression but it sure seemed that way!)
Our great experiences on safari were far too many to list but a few highlights included watching 3 cheetahs take down a wildebeest, identifying 227 bird species in 8 days and filming several hundred (if not thousands) of wildebeests and zebras migrating across a dry creek on the Serengeti. Every day offered a new experience over new terrain. And while I'm sure we didn't see every species that exists, it sure seemed like we did. We saw all of the large mammals (elephants, water buffalo, giraffes, black rhinos, etc.) as well as some of the smaller ones not seen as often like the bat -eared fox and serval...
Zanzibar-----we were anticipating that our Zanzibar visit would be the "beach resort" part of our trip and it definitely turned out that way. We enjoyed the rest and rel axation. (Mapanzi Beach Club)
Lynne, thanks very much for all of your and your colleagues planning on our behalf. The fact that African Adventure Company took care of all of the planning including the air -flights made our trip the success that it was. Thanks very much. We truly did have a "trip of a lifetime".
We will recommend AAC given the opportunity.

Bruce Bonifas, Jan 2011

Private Safari to Lake Manyara/Serengeti/Ngorongoro

Hello Alison,
Elizabeth and I had an absolutely fantastic safari in Tanzania. Everything went so smoothly. We were met and picked up on time on every scheduled occasion. We were extremely happy with the lodgings especially the shared mobile camp where the staff completely spoiled us. We would like to sing the praises o f Ephata, our guide. Thank you for assigning him to us. He was so personable, knowledgeable and profession. We think he has superhuman eyesight. He made our safari so memorable and enjoyable. We are very happy we followed your advice and did the priva te safari. The whole experience exceeded our dreams and expectations.

5353 North Federal Highway, Suite 300  Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33308 U.S.A Tel: 800·882·9453  Tel: 954·491·8877  Fax: 954·491·9060

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ï‚· www.africanadventure.com

We will recommend The Africa Adventure Company in a heartbeat to anyone who asks our advice on African safaris. We certainly want to return to Africa and would use your services to arrange future trips such as a safari to see gorillas.
Best Regards,

Elizabeth Huntzinger and Stephen Olmstead, Jan 2011

Group safari to Lake Manyara/Serengeti/Ngorongoro/Tarangire - Serena LodgesGroup Mt. Kilimanjaro Climb - Rongai Climb

Dear Kyle,
A few years ago, someone I know told me about the Africa Adventure Company. He and his son had gone on a safari and Mt. Kilimanjaro climb with your firm. He highly recommended it. My wife and I are VERY grateful that he did.
We just got back from our trip to Tanzania and without a doubt, this was the trip of a lifetime! Everything about our visit was perfect. From the moment we got off the plane at Mt. Kilimanjaro airport, every aspect of the trip was wonderful and was exactly as described in the det ailed itinerary that was sent to us before the trip. Our guide for the safari, Robert Marks is just amazing. He is such a nice man and is incredibly knowledgeable about the animals, birds, landscape, and culture of Tanzania. The parks we visited were
each beautiful. The Serengeti was truly amazing with its enormous size and huge numbers of animals. Ngorongoro Crater was spectacular with the density of animals. The Serena lodges were luxurious and
were a delightful place to return to at the end of a da y of game viewing. The service and the food were
excellent. Your ground operator in Tanzania is an outstanding organization!
At the end of our safari, my wife returned home. I then embarked on the hike up Mt. Kilimanjaro. Once again, everything happened just as described, except for the fact that the African Walking Company provided a much more luxurious and comfortable hiking experience than any of us on the climb had imagined. We were not aware that we would be treated to gourmet food at every meal, facilities for washing, and perhaps most importantly, a portable sit -down toilet! The guides on the hike, Tosha, JT, AT, Nelson, and Damien, were truly amazing. They were so encouraging and supportive of all of us. Without them, there is no way that an y of us would have made it to the top. The one slight gripe I would make is that although your literature says that the climb from Kibo to the summit is the most grueling part of the
climb, we all found this portion to be MUCH harder than we had imagined. Nevertheless, 8 of our group of
9 made it to Gilman's Point and 5 of us made it to Uhuru.
'¦Thank you once again for making this trip so incredible. We are telling all of our friends that if they are interested in going on safari, they need to contact the Africa Adventure Company. We will definitely travel back to Africa in a few years, and you will hear from us then!
Sincerely yours,

Eric Norman, Jan 2011

PS. The birthday cake, gift, and the singing of 'Happy Birthday' to me in Swahili at the Ser ena Mountain
Resort in Arusha on Jan. 15 was a very pleasant surprise. Please thank Salvatore for arranging this.

Private Safari to Ngorongoro/SerengetiVisit to Victoria Falls, Zambia

Dear Kyle:
I'm not sure if either of the other two guys has cont acted you yet but I wanted you to know that we had the best of trips and created many memories that will be with us for the rest of our lives. A very special time that coordinated amazingly. Everything and everyone was on time, courteous, caring, and genui nely
interested to see us over there. You and your group have picked an extraordinary group of talent with which to work with in Africa.
Of particular mention was our guide Jabshir. He consistently went out of his way to make sure everything was just right for us. The connections and extra trips, balloon, helicopter, all went off without a hitch. My Dad said the trip was Magical and my brother said it rated in his top '1' of trips. I personally have no comparison to the experiences, friendship, and uniquen ess of what this trip had to offer.
We are two weeks back but last night I sorted through the 728 photos I have initially printed and several times paused and said to myself 'those guys are having a great time'. Every shot is loaded with either awesome animal pics, the spirit of Indiana Jones adventure, or faces of wonder and fun (us) '¦
Keep in touch. Let me know if you need me to help someone decide whether or not to take this journey. There would be no question.

Richard Wilson, Jan 2011

Safari to Tarangire/Lake Manyara/Ngorongoro/Serengeti/SelousZanzibar Extension

Allan and I want to thank you all for the most wonderful trip we have ever experienced!!
From beginning to end it was flawless and filled with delightful and unexpected surprises. Our guide, Seif, was fantastic and amazing (I'm sorry,I can't seem to stop talking without superlatives). Seif's professionalism, experience, knowledge, charm and his obvious love for his job, all combined to give us a perfect safari. He immediately picked up on the extent of our enthusiasm and interest and he went out of his way to give us the best opportunities and experiences possible.
One morning as we were leaving the Ngorogoro Crater, we stopped to look for some lions that we had
seen in that area, earlier. We immediately saw two of the lioness, resting in the sun. Two other tour vehicles stopped but elected to leave as they had also seen the lions earlier. What they failed to notice or understand,
was the significance of a lone cape buffalo severa l hundred meters away!! Fortunately, our intrepid Seif
knew what might happen and suggested we wait .We witnessed the incredible kill of a buffalo by three lioness'. The team work and synchronicity of those lions is something we will never forget and we give all
the credit to Seif for being in the right place at the right time! We learned so much about animal behavior
and habitat from Seif and his knowledge of the birdlife ,in every park, was astounding. When we said goodbye to Seif, we felt that we left a dear friend.
The lodges and camps were amazing and the hospitality and warmth we found there is unsurpassable. When we went on a walking safari at Tarangire Treetops Lodge we had no idea we would enjoy sundowners on a hill overlooking a wide savanna with giraffes and other animals in the distance. I hope that I can always remember the feeling of peace and serenity that existed on that hilltop. Being greeted by the camp manager with cocoa and amarula after a night safari, a private dinner for two in "the bush", an
African barbeque complete with Ma asai warriors dancing; all of these things and so much more gave us memories from Tarangire that will remain with us forever.
Seeing lions sleeping in the trees in Lake Manyara Park was another thrill beca use these sightings in this park are now somewhat rare and we got to stop at TWO different locations and witness this spectacle. (Again thanks to Seif!)
The visits to local native villages gave us an insight to the culture of the people and has stimulate d us to learn more.
In the Serengeti, we were serenaded to sleep with the sounds of hyenas, lions, elephants and a few other unidentifiable sounds. The wildlife sightings in the Serengeti were nothing short of amazing --leopards, cheetahs, wildebeests by the thousands. It was all breathtaking and really beyond description.
In the Selous, more wonderful surprises awaited us. We were bowled over by our luxurious
accommodation complete with our own fantastic outdoor shower!! At night the hippos came up t o graze on the grass beside our tent....so close we could hear them chewing! What a thrill. This camp has a superb chef
and we had several wonderful dining experiences.
The walking safari was so educational .Who knew that animal poop could tell you so much? We actually enjoyed that morning very much and what a great surprise it was to find a full breakfast set up for us beside the lake .Another special part of experiences here were the boat safaris. The birds were incredibly beautiful and we saw a lot of wildlife from the boat as well. Having sundowners on the river, gave us another memory to hold.
Allan and I are so appreciative for all the suggestions regarding our itinerary and your expertise in putting together the perfect package for us. Thank you for arranging a .guide to take us to and from the restaurant on Herumzi St. in Stonetown and for arranging dinner for us in Dar Es Salaam. It was far better than spending all those hours at the airport.
We really do feel that we had the perfect safari and I feel that this is due to the fact we chose Africa
Adventure Company to help us make our dream come true. Thank you, Thank you.

Allan and Connie Young , Feb 2011

SOUTHERN AFRICAVisit to Cape Town/Safari to Private Game Reserve near Kruger in South AfricaSafari to Chobe Game Park in BotswanaVisit to Victoria Falls to Zimbabwe

Hi Kyle,
Just thought we'd take a few minutes and touch base with you as we recover from our fantastic journey. It has taken a few weeks to get ourselves reoriented to our "normal life".
In no particular order I will provide you with some of our thoughts and imp ressions of the trip. To begin with as is probably obvious we were very happy with virtually all aspects of the trip. Both your efforts in putting the trip together to meet our specific preferences and the execution by all participants on the Africa end worked out extremely well '¦
In the area of lodging we were extremely pleased with all three of our safari choices; Cheetah Plains, Rissington Inn and Muchenje Lodge. All of the guides, staff and management at each facility were outstanding! Each of them met or exceeded our expectations and were top notch in all areas; lodging facilities, food, service and field guides. ..
The guides and trackers at Muchenje Lodge & Cheetah Plains were fantastic! They put us in position to view, photograph and appreci ate wildlife to a greater degree than we had imagined. I have the photographs to prove it! We felt incredibly fortunate to have them share their experiences and skills with us.
In closing we will definitely recommend Africa Adventures (I already passed along your card to a customer of mine from Hopewell, NJ who seriously wants to do a safari within the next 18 to 24 months) to any of
our friends or contacts who have any interests in experiencing the joys of doing a safari! Thanks again for all of your efforts and everyone else at The Africa Adventure Company!

Michael Hafner & Pat Barratt , March 2011

Central Kalahari and Okavango Delta

My trip was just terrific; it exceeded my every expectation. It was clear to me as I progressed through t he camps that your expertise in the choice of the camps and the order I visited them really enhanced my experience. I am very pleased I stayed three nights at each camp since it allowed me to get in the rhythm of
each unique place. The weather in March was ideal 'a few brief rain showers ' for which the camps were very well prepared. As you had pointed out, going at this time also meant the camps were not crowded. In
fact, at each camp I had a solo game drive. The birds were great at each camp. The logistics of the trip were superb, with the flights between the camps efficient and fun.
Kalahari Plains Camp was my first camp and, I think, my favorite. The highlight was sleeping out above my tent each night. This was very flexible and you could hop back down t o your bed if the weather didn 't cooperate. My guide, Ona, was the best guide I had on my trip because of his amazing animal and bird knowledge and his ability to adjust the experience to the guests. While I saw plenty of animals, including amazing lions, the real star of the Kalahari is the landscape, with the vistas, the light, space and open sky.
Kwetsani was such a different eco -system that it was almost disorienting to take a boat through the reeds
and the water birds to reach it. I loved the design of the camp with its raised walkways through the trees and the sound of the birds and frogs. The birds and animals were fantastic and the mokoro ride was the highlight of this part of the trip.
Chitabe Camp had a totally different feel and I was surpris ed that a short flight could deliver such a changed experience. I saw all the predators: lion, leopard, wild dogs and hyena. I loved being able to spend a long time just watching their behavior, including sundowners surrounded by a lion pride with 3 month old cubs. The camp staff prepared a surprise lunch in the bush (very elaborate) that was a highlight.
As an end note, I visited with friends afterwards and they arranged some park visits in South Africa, suiting their needs, which are probably representat ive of most people's experience of safari. I had a great time with my friends, but it also reinforced to me the exceptional experience and value of booking through a high -end firm for a big trip like this.

Patricia Little, March 2011

EASTERN AND SOUTHERN AFRICAVisit to Cape Town/Safari to Private Game Reserve near Kruger/MpumalangaSafari to Hwange Game ParkVisit to Victoria Falls

I spoke with Kyle this past week about the recent trip with my family to South Africa and Zimbabwe and he mentioned that if I contacted you in this form, the message could be sent on to the guest house and camps that we visited.
The guest house in Cape Town was a wonderful way to start our trip - very nice accommodations and very nice people. My family really enjoyed the courtyard between the two houses where we had our "Happy Hour" each evening before going out to dinner. It was like being in our own private space. The view that Leann and I had of Table Mountain from our room was perfect.
Kirkman's Kamp turned out to be a wonderful choice for us. Four of our group had never been to Africa, much less on a game safari, and it more than lived up to everyone 's expectations and hopes. Our guide Ralph, our tracker Richard, and our butler Sonny Boy were a ll wonderful. We think we had the absolute best guide in Ralph. He found all the animals we wanted to see and a few we did not expect. The accommodations were great and we delighted in growing fat and happy there.
Little Makalolo Camp was an entirely different experience but equally wonderful. I particularly appreciated the openness of the camp to the outdoors, and its small size. Our guide was Sibs and he was outstanding. Rania and Kim took care of all our needs in camp in a very welcoming fashion. The absolute highlight was the pride of 17 lions and wonder of wonders, a cheetah when we were on our way to the airstrip. It was my sister Nancy's birthday that day and she declared it one of the best she had ever had.
Overall a wonderful trip - thanks to Kyle for putting it together and to the wonderful people at the places we stayed. Oh yes, I almost forgot Esther, our guide in Vic Falls. She was a great guide for the Falls but also helped us so much when our luggage didn't make it for a day - very concerned about us. We thank her for all her help.
Best wishes to everyone - it would be wonderful to do it all over again.

Ruth Bloland, April 2011

Visit to Victoria Falls -LivingstoneFlying safari to Linyanti/Okavango Delta/Moremi

Dear Lynne,
Thank you for the absolutely wonderful African adventure we experienced in Botswana and Victoria Falls. The whole experience was amazing! Your planning and expertise made for a perfect trip from start to
finish. We are sold on Africa Adventure Company and Wilderness Safaris. You are both tops in your field,
and we will sing your praises to everyone we know who is interested in visiting the wonderful African wilderness. We truly had a marvelous journey. It was our first visit to Africa, but we certainly hope it will not be our last. We were well taken care of from the minute we landed in Jo'burg.

5353 North Federal Highway, Suite 300  Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33308 U.S.A Tel: 800·882·9453  Tel: 954·491·8877  Fax: 954·491·9060

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ï‚· www.africanadventure.com

The transfer guide was waiting for us and was very helpful with information about the airport and directions for the next day. The Southern Sun Airport Hotel w as excellent --both the rooms and the restaurant. When we arrived in Victoria Falls, Esther was waiting for us. She had arranged for us to have the honeymoon
suite in the Victoria Falls Hotel, and it was beautiful with a breathtaking view of the Falls. Esther is an outstanding guide and is very proud of the fact that she works only for you. She gave us an excellent tour of the Falls which were flowing at their peak and were very impressive. We really enjoyed staying at the
lovely Victoria Falls Hotel, a nd are pleased that you chose that for our accommodation in Victoria Falls.
Our transfer guide to Kasane, Big Boy, was very helpful. The plane was delayed because of engine trouble, and so he took us to the Chobe Safari Lodge for lunch. We truly appreciated that gesture of hospitality.
Needless to say, the facilities at Savuti, Kwetsani, and Mombo are absolutely wonderful. We loved every single camp. Each one is unique and has its own charming features. Wilderness Safaris is flawless in their performance. Their hospitality was amazing at each camp. We were made to feel so welcome by everyone, both managers and staff. The camps are decorated beautifully and are immaculate. The food is
gourmet quality and is ever flowing. We certainly were not allowed to get hungry.
Our game drives in each camp were amazing. The guides were very knowledgeable and considerate of
our every need and interest. At Savuti Goodman was our guide, His enthusiasm and love for the Botswana wilderness was contagious. At Kwetsani, our guide was Ronald. He is a walking encyclopedia of
information about the African wilds. We learned so much from him. At Mombo, we had two guides --Tsile
and Doctor Mallinga. Both were excellent and knew just where to go to make sure we saw e verything
there was to see, especially lions and leopards. These are so magnificent. We saw them in various activities and all ages.
We had the added benefit of having Map, the Wilderness Safaris ecology director, travel with us at
Mombo. His understanding of the African bush is amazing. We felt so fortunate to have him with us.
Of course, the magnificence of the experience was the wildlife. The animals are truly amazing, and we saw so many at each camp. I would not say that any camp was better the n another as far as wildlife sightings. The guides were very diligent in trying to show us the wonder of the Botswana wilderness. We saw everything that we had hoped to see many times over. Our only disappointment was not being able to see any rhinos, but that was due to the high water levels. They were in a part of Chief's Island that was not accessible. The delta is beautiful this year because of the high water, however.
We had a wonderful mokoro ride, so peaceful and calm. The boat rides were really quite thrilling. I wouldn't want to go when the water was not there, because it adds so much to the beauty of the Okavango. All in all, we had an amazing adventure. We hope to do it again. You can be sure it will be with
Africa Adventure and Wilderness Safaris. We are so impressed with Wilderness Sa faris' efforts to preserve the pristine environment of the Botswana wilderness. We hope they can be successful in doing this forever.
It is an Eden here on earth.
Thank you again and again, Africa Adv enture Company, for creating a wonderful experience and memory for us in Botswana and Victoria Falls. It was truly amazing!
With much appreciation,

Don and JoAnn Cannon, May 2011

Private Safari to Tarangire/Lake Manyara/Ngorongoro/SerengetiIsland Getaway to Zanzibar/Visit to Victoria Falls and Cape Town

Hello Kyle--
WOW!!! Mary coined the phrase for our whole trip - sensory overload!!! The sights were amazing. The tastes were fabulous. The smells were phenomenal. The bouncing around in the Ra nge Rover was awesome, as Mkenda called it: a free Tanzanian massage! Speaking of Mkenda, he truly is "Guide of the Century"!! The various types of Lodges/Hotel/Guest House w ere great! There was absolutely nothing that was a negative about the entire trip, except maybe the plane trips. I can understand why people suggest doing eastern and southern separately, but I'm glad we did both. It truly was a trip of a lifetime and our memories are simply mind boggling.
I do apologize for not going with Esther when we got to Victoria Falls, hopefully that did not cause any troubles. Mary, Mom and I did a walk with lions instead. Flora did go with her and had a great time.
Graham was very flexible. Table Mountain was closed on our scheduled day, but he gave Mom and me our
tickets, so we could try it the next day (it was open and it was fantastic). Mary and Flora also decided to join
Mom and me when we went up.
Everyone that we dealt with was extremely professional and courteous. I can't state enough what a difference it makes when the right person is in the right position. It was such a pleasure meeting and having interactions with everyone during the trip '¦
I noticed at the bottom of your welcome back letter that Australia and New Zealand are also now offered. Could you send me some info or brochures regarding both. I'll need a few years to save up (like I did for Africa), but am definitely interested to see what is available as of now.
Thank you so much for all your help, patience and info to make this trip amazingly wonderful. My mother, who really did not want to go (afraid of what we would eat, afraid of the heat, afraid of the wild animals, at
77 yrs old was definitely NOT going to get on a hot air balloon or helicopter and who can't swim) had a fantastic time and loved every minute of the entire trip. When I said I would love to go on another safari,
maybe to Botswana/Namibia/Okavango Delta, she piped up with "I'd love to go"!!
Again, Kyle, and the entire Africa Adventure Team, THANK YOU so much for a trip of a l ifetime. Everything was fantastic!! Can't wait for the next trip of a lifetime!

Drew Dicastro, May 2011

Gorilla trekking extension in Volcanoes National Park, RwandaFlying safari to Okavango Delta/Moremi Reserve/Liny anti Reserve, BotswanaFlying safari to Sossusvlei, NamibiaVisit to Cape Town, South Africa

...This trip was fantastic! It's all about the guides...Vincent in Volcano Nat'l Pk. hdqtrs, in Rwanda. From Botswana: K.B of JAO, Anthony of Chitabe, & Kane of S avuti camps all excellent & attentive. From Kalula Desert Lodge in Namibia's Sousselvai area, Peatris also very knowledgeable.
Biggest highlight: visits to Sabyinyo & Kwitonda gorilla families. Other highlights: mokoro rides in
Okavango Delta, chasing wi ld dogs on an impala kill thru a thicket of 7 giraffes w/o injury to them or us,
noting the alertness of giraffes & thus finding a leopard so stuffed from a heavy feed that we photographed him at leisure, sundowners along the Savute Channel, spotting a rar e Roan at entry to Savute, being mock - charged by elephants. Seeing & hearing hippos & elephants by Linyanti River & Savute Channel. Most horrific: the murder of a baby baboon by cross, jealous old female & the "discipline" meted out by the dominant male & his deputies. Many enchanting bird sightings: jacana, bee -eaters, both the giant & the tiny owls at Chitabe. Hard to say whether Chitabe or Savute yielded more excitement; both were excellent & busy spots for wildlife'¦
Fresh bottled water, plenty of inse ct repellent, flashlights, escort guides in some camps, big fans & nice mosquito netting all very appreciated & necessary.
About low-impact travel: we are most impressed with the sensitivity toward respecting wildlife, not wasting water (as in Kalula's provision of a bucket in shower to catch the cold water before it turns hot which is used in cleaning floors next day), not wasting electricity where possible. Seeing the hard -working vegetable farmers of Rwanda w/produce carried on their heads & then alway s having fresh local veggies meats, fish wherever we were made us happy.
So glad & proud to have been to Rwanda despite the horrors of their bloody recent past. Is amazing how much they've accomplished w/very little in such a short time! The Holocaust Mu seum in Kigali is a life- changing experience & tells the stories very well. The team of trackers, guides & porters for those gorilla treks are as determined to protect their precious charges as they are to boost visits from adventuring tourists, share the wonders of their world & better their own lives. Those little 1 hour times spent with gorillas are expensive, but well worth it

Allen and Helen Kozinski, April 2011

Visit to Cape Town/Safari to Private Game Reserve near Kruger/MpumalangaSafari to Hwange Game ParkVisit to Victoria Falls

Words cannot describe our adventure in Africa. It was absolutely outstanding, awesome, unbelievable, etc. The accommodations were magnificent. The guides (Chris in Cape Town, Ralph and Richard at Kirkman's Kamp, Esther in Victoria Falls and Sids at Little Makalolo) were extremely informative and great fun to be with. Food could not have been better - probably more than was needed e specially at Kirkman's Kamp, but enjoyed every bit of it.
For me the last day at Little Makalolo was most memorable - it was my birthday and on the way to the airstrip we saw a cheetah and a pride of 16 lions. Could not ask for a better birthday present.

Nancy Langord, April 2011

Visit to a game reserve near Kruger - South AfricaVisit to Victoria Falls - ZimbabweFlying safari to Linyanti Reserve/Moremi Reserve - Botswana

Hi Alison,
Mary and I had a great time. Below are some of my thoughts.
-our best guide overall was Bens at MalaMala. He was originally a tracker and his family has been involved as guides for many years. He was knowledgeable and could track anything. All the other guides respected him.
-Jabulani is a very beautiful and romantic spot. Great for the elephant ride at $250! And would be good for newly weds. There were only 4 of us in the camp. Not particularly good for game viewing as they really don't have much there since it is fenced. Food was fantastic.
-Hoedspruit Endangered Animal Reserve. Excellent and so well done. The cheetah were the only cheetahs we saw the whole trip and we got to pet two 7 month old cheetah. The guide from Jabulani took us around. Very worthwhile.
-MalaMala is still the best for game viewing. Mr and Mrs Rattray were there and I had cocktails with them one evening'¦We did view Rattrays an d it is quite a prize. You could send anyone there and know they would be pleased. Did you pick up our bar bill at MalaMala? When we paid our bill they said that someone had paid for the bar. It was either you or the Rattrays. Thank you!
-Vic Falls..Esther is great. The rivers were so swollen that the spray in the falls kept us from seeing the falls except at the very beginning. It started raining and lightening while we were will at the bridge.
-Savuti. The girl managers try so hard. The camp has wate r in front and pretty much all around the area. The camp is getting a motor boat in a few weeks so they can take campers out in the water. They have canoes now but do not like using them because it takes 2 -3 guides to be sure the way is OK since the animal s are
not used to boats. We did have a Mozambique Spitting Cobra in the bar while we were there! They deftly hooked it and took it elsewhere. You have to go a long way to see game and all through deep sandy roads. It
was a pretty spot but not great for gam e viewing. We did see one leopard in a tree. Our guide was OK but
not like MalaMala.
-Mombo. As you know the place is beautiful. Again, water has come up to the steps of the camp so there is much of the property they cannot get to. We did see 3 pride of lions and a leopard in a tree--the one in Eye
of the Leopard DVD. We also saw the lone wild dog several times. There will be a DVD out next year about the dog and the jackals who took him in. There were elephants and a good view of a hippo. They have not
seen cheetah for 2 years and the rhino are gone. They are going to introduce black rhino, they think. It's a great place {and the game viewing would be better when the water recedes}. The staff was impressive and
we liked them all. Our guide was good but st ill not as good as Bens in MalaMala'¦
Thanks for all the support you gave us! All best,

Jan Petersen, May 2011

Shared Mobile Tented Safari to Moremi and the Khwai ConcessionVisit to Linyanti

Dear Mark,
We are back home and have ano ther great Africa trip under our belt. As usual the guiding was excellent. Brian Gibson of Capture Africa was a gracious and extremely attentive host as well as a skilled and educational guide. He runs a taut, first rate outfit. I give him my highest recommendation. Isaac at Linyanti Bush Camp was also excellent. The only real difference between them was that Brian was more similar to us culturally and therefore we could share stories and jokes much more, but that plus for Brian (and he was very good at it) should not detract from Isaac.
The camping and safari in Khwai was terrific. Moremi was very good, but suffered one day from a weather front which was still a fun if not fantastic day. The park rules of no off-roading and no walking were a little frustrating. This was our only such park experience and while Brian did a great job and the animals were good (cheetah were great), we prefer concession areas.
Linyanti may have been too short to provide an accurate review. The lodge was excellent, Isa ac truly aimed to please, and we really enjoyed our walks. But other than elephants up close and personal (which was great), the animals were less impressive. Again this may have been influenced by time.
Overall it was a wonderful experience and flawles sly put together by your team. Congratulations and a huge thank you.
We will be looking forward to our next trip - hopefully in the next two years.

Jim Reynolds, Kathleen Lindell and Andrew Reynolds, June 2011

'Great Wilderness' Safari to Okavango D elta/Khwai/Linyanti/Chobe/Livingstone - Victoria Falls

Dear Elena,
Lorraine and I wanted to send you our thanks for a great vacation to Africa. It truly was a vacation of a lifetime. Your staff made for seamless travel where everything was well planned out. Our guide, Victor, along with Ollie, another guide who was learning new areas, worked very hard spotting animals
and following their tracks.
On our adventure, we saw 4 of the big 5, including elephants, leopards, buffalo and lions. We only missed seeing rhinos, which were not expected anyway. On 6 of the 9 days on safari, we saw either lions or leopards. This was quite an experience. We also saw hippos, giraffe, zebra, ostrich, kudu, and impala, as well as other animals. Not to be forgotten were the e agles, including the fishing eagle, hawks, owls and rollers.
Although there were many highlights on the trip, the main ones in our opinion include seeing a male lion roar while on our morning drive during our stay at Jacana Camp, seeing a female lion and cubs in Khwai, and watching a leopard in Linyanti.
On our second day, we spotted the male lion walking alongside the vehicle path. The lion knew we were there, but continued walking and looking for his mate and their cubs. We followed the lion for a small distance and eventually the lion stopped and roared for a couple seconds. Our guide said this was unusual to see and hear.
While in Khwai, we spotted a female lion with cubs. Initially, the mother was lying in an area about 15 feet from our vehicle. Her cubs then joined her. A few minutes later, the mother lion went back into the forest and left her 2 cubs where she was initially. She did this knowing we were watching.
In Linyanti, a leopard was sitting on a termite mound as we were driving by. There we re no tracks on the path our vehicle was following and for that reason; the spotting of the leopard by Victor was a surprise. All of a sudden we stopped and wondered why. Victor told us he spotted a leopard on a termite mound and pointed him out to us. We eventually moved closer to about 35 feet away and watched him for an hour. Although a couple other vehicles arrived, the leopard was unfazed and continued to sit on the
mound while grooming and napping. Eventually, the leopard got up and yawned and then wa lked slowly away.
However, what made the trip most notable were 2 different events.
The first occurred in Linyanti. Our guide warned us that an elephant was walking through the camp area and to be careful and watchful. Around dinner time, we left our ca mp and walked to the main area while watching out for the elephant but did not see him. However, once we got into the main area, we looked back and voila, there was a large elephant standing on a path, just behind the vehicle we used for the day. He was around 15 feet from us and was looking at us while eating. He then smelled for us with his trunk. The elephant eventually walked away and went toward the water...
The second event was the sounds of the night which occurred throughout the trip. Hearing hip pos grunt at night as you try to sleep as well hearing the elephants breaking branches as they ate made you truly feel you were in Africa. We never felt in danger, even though the sounds were very close and seemed like
they were just outside the tent. On t he last night, the hyenas joined in and made their own night howls.
Our last day on safari, we visited Chobe. This area should not be missed if you are in the area. This is because animals are plentiful as you view them from a boat ride. We finished our t rip in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. The falls were spectacular. We also enjoyed the helicopter flight over the falls and our one hour elephant safari ride.
Thank You again for setting up our trip of a lifetime,

Bob and Lorraine Stauber, May 2011

Group safari of the Kruger and The KingdomsFlying safari to Kalahari Desert - Makgadikgadi PansVisit to Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town

Hi Ian!
I travelled with Africa Adventure for the 4th time from Apr 1/11 -Apr30/11
Again, my most precious friends -- you have provided not only an itinerary that totally suited what I wanted, but the most needed back-up from Thompson Tours through to Wilderness safaris.
Your passionate support of conservation was evident in the booking at Jack's camp in Botswana, a morning with the Bushmen. What an experience. Cobra and his 4 other click speaking (not Dhosa but another dialect of click language) showed me how to suck the sand from a scorpion's eyes and all else everyone should know.. survival 101 in the bush!!
They will not kill plant or animal unless they are hunting for food, which sustains their lives, and they use all parts. I was so impressed on their consideration of every living plant & animal.
I landed in Maun (the bush hub) to change aircraft, and had a 20min wait . A rep. from Wilderness Safaris found me and presented me with a huge hard cover, out of this world to die for book, on life & animals in Africa as a thanks for booking in with them so many times! Chip is the Wilderness meet & greet in Maun, and with him you lay all your excitement about your safari. He is a wonderful enthusiastic person.
Africa Adventure has got all trips down pat --you can't go wrong and if Ian is involved--well you lucked out twice!!
Kudos my friends---what insight to a Canadian who ha sn't even met you. Love you Ian!

Barbara Young, April 2011

EGYPT-JORDANSharm El Sheik/Abu Simbel/Nile Cruise - Aswan to Luxor/Cairo

Szilvia and Team,
I just wanted to write you all to provide a more detailed review of our recent tour of Egypt. Overall, we all had a really fantastic time on this vacation and all of the logistics and arrangements that were coordinated by Africa Adventure Company worked out very well...we had no issues whatsoever in terms of flight delays or any other issues with any of the transportation or hotel accommodation arrangements. From the beginning of the planning process with Szilvia all the way to the execution of the vacation, we were very pleased with the services provided. The communication process was great and I appreciate the discussions with Mark regarding the security situation in Egypt as the events of their revolution unfolded. Mark's advice was correct...the timing really was great from a tourist perspective in that the crowds were greatly diminished.
Anyway, below is a detailed review of the trip:
1. Sharm el Sheikh - Accommodations were the Ritz Carlton. Very nice hotel and the location was great. The staff was very courteous and the restaurant food was great. I was amazed by the beautiful sea li fe you could see and swim with right off the beach/jetty of the hotel. Some of the sea life we saw here, we didn't even encounter during our snorkeling trip to Ras Mohammed. While I found the hotel to be very nice, my own personal opinion is that this ho tel will be eclipsed in the near future, if not already, by newer more updated style hotels. This comment is not a negative comment about the Ritz or any disappointment at all, but my opinion that the popularity of Sharm will continue to bring newer resor ts that are trying to outdo each other similar to what has happened in Playa del Carmen on the Mexican Riviera over the past 20
years. Our second day in Sharm, we took an excursion organized by the Travco representative to snorkel in Ras Mohammed national park in the Red Sea. The price was very reasonable per person, and the snorkeling was absolutely unbelievable!
2. Aswan - Accommodations were the Movenpick on Elephantine Island. The Movenpick was a great hotel and is situated in a beautiful locati on on Elephantine Island in the middle of the Nile. As noted previously, we elected to move from our suites to the main building due to problems with the air conditioning units in the suites. The suites were very nice, two -story units in a separate build ing.
We ran the air conditioning for about 5 hours and it did not cool the units down much at all. My guess is the heat was about 110 degrees F outside these days and the hotel itself was fairly vacant...maybe 25 -30%
occupancy when we were there so the units may not have been used in weeks/months. The management was very kind and helpful and re -located us to the main building with some great views. The staff was very
courteous, the pool was outstanding, the restaurant was excellent, and the local shops located at the base of the hotel were very nice with some good vendors. The water taxis were easy to use and we never had to wait long to get off the island.
3. Aswan, Day 2. We met Joe, our Egyptologist this day and toured some of the sites around A swan. Joe was very courteous and nice and we could tell the moment we met him that he was going to be a fantastic guide for us. I'll write more on him later.
4. Abu Simbel. This excursion was basically a half day trip by air to Abu Simbel. We had roughly 1.5 to 2 hours time to see this temple due to the flight arrangements. We weren't sure how this excursion would turn out given the time constraints but everyone on our flights were doing the same thing. The timing was great...all flights were on time. 1.5 hours was plenty to see Abu Simbel entirely which was one of my favorite temples of the entire trip.
Joe did not accompany us on this excursion (which we already knew) and we had a local guide...not the same quality of course but the local guide was ok. Joe would have been better as the guide, but the excursion was well worth it. Our original itinerary had us staying one night in Abu Simbel but to be honest, I am glad it changed because the town around Abu Simbel did not seem very exciting and s taying two nights at the Movenpick in Aswan turned out very well. Following the excursion, we board the M/S Minverva for our 3 day Nile cruise.
5. The Nile Cruise. The M/S Minverva was a great cruise ship. The rooms were very nice and surprisingly the bathroom was much larger than I expected which was a plus. The staff was extremely courteous and always greeted us with a smile. The food on board was excellent. The first day on board the ship we just stayed in Aswan. I don't think we departed until about 4am. Day 2, we stopped at Kom Ombo and then on to Edfu. Both of these temples were excellent stops. The final day of the cruise we stopped at Luxor.
Luxor easily had the most sites to visit and we had a very busy day on our final day on this cru ise. In Luxor, we had the Valley of the Kings and Queens, Temple of Hatchepsut, Karnak, and the temple of Luxor to
visit. Every single one of these sites was absolutely breathtaking. If time had permitted, I would have spent another day or at least a half day in Luxor to split up the si ghtseeing, but it worked out for us.
6. Cairo. Accommodations were the Mena House Oberoi. The Mena House was easily the most luxurious hotel we had on our vacation. The rooms were beautiful and the staff was clearly tr ained for 5-star service....extremely friendly staff and it seemed like we had two people taking care of us at any particular moment. The location and views of the pyramids are amazing. Our first day in Cairo we toured the two Mosques, the Citadel, and visited the market. All were outstanding excursions.
7. Cairo, final day. Our final day was the grand finale so to speak in which we toured Memphis, Sakkara, and of course the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx at Giza. All of these sites were amazing and did not disappoint us one bit. On our final day, we were escorted by a private security officer '¦.I can tell you that we never felt unsafe at any time on our entire trip...the people of Egypt were very friendly to us.
8. Joe, our Egyptologist. I can't say enough great things about our guide, Joe. Joe was extremely friendly, very knowledgeable, and was always very patient with us. We could tell he was extremely well educated and knew his history about Egypt. Not once did he ever not have answers about anything we had questions about which is a testament to his 7+ years of education in Egyptology. In addition, he was very patient with us and was able to strike a very good balance of providing education and explanations about the various
sites we visited but also allowing us enough freedom to explore the sites on our own for some time and take photos. Joe was always on time, gave us a daily itinerary and kept a very good pace and schedule for us. I
would highly recommend his services in the future to anyone taking a trip to Egypt!
9. The Ground Operator representatives. Every one of these employees were very friendly, always on time, and were extremely helpful. We had a great experience with all of them which ranged from the a irport greeters, the drivers, and the assistants that would accompany us in the vans and help us at the airports and hotels. Very good service.
10. General comments - What a wonderful trip and I praise everyone involved who worked together to make our vacation come together and execute so smoothly. I am extremely happy we did not have to postpone, or worse, cancel this trip due to the situation in Egypt. It truly may have been a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience that beautiful country with so few tourists. We will definitely look to use Africa Adventure Company again in the coming years for trips in Africa...can't wait for the next one!
Best regards,

Chris Barth, May 2011

Southern AfricaFlying Safari to Chobe in BotswanaFlying Safari to Victoria Falls and Hwange in ZimbabweVisit to Cape Town

Hello Elena,
We are back from our trip. It exceeded all of our expectations. It really was an amazing experience. We saw many animals and got great pictures. The whole time we felt very taken care of. The Davison's Camp was our favorite. The food was excellent, the acco mmodations were great. We had an excellent guide by the name of Dixon who really taught us a lot about the animal life. My boys idolized him.
All of the transfers went without a hitch. At no point did we ever feel left on our own to navigate the system. There was someone at every transfer point.
The animal life at the Chobe camp was a much higher volu me which was nice. Our guide there went out of his way to get us some views of leopards. The accommodations were very nice, but I would have to say that the Davison's Camp's hospitality and food was a bit better if I had to compare the two. That said, I wouldn't have wanted to miss the sheer number of animals at the Chobe Park.
Victoria Fall Hotel was opulent. It felt like we had stepped back in time. The food there was very good. Ester was a wealth of knowledge, and the experience at the village was excellent. I thought it might be commercial but it definitely was not that at all. We also stopped at an orphanage in the township on our way back. Those experiences were very good for the kids. We had a lot of fun on the elephants. The kids were sad we didn't have enough time to do the zipwire (I'm not so sad).
We hit the ground running in Cape Town. Buz was another amazing person. We learned a tremendous amount and he tailored the time to the family's interests. I can't believe we covered so mu ch ground!...
One piece of feedback I'd like to give is this: I didn't realize how involved Wilderness Safari is in giving back to the communities. It felt very good to be a part of this, and it would be nice to understand that a little more before going. Realizing this just made me even happier to have worked through your agency.
Thanks for making that amazing experience come together.

Wendy Barros, July 2011

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email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ï‚· www.africanadventure.com

Safari to Mashatu Private Game ReserveVisit to Coach House-Tzaneen in the Drakensberg MountainsSafari to MalaMala Private Game Reserve

We had a fabulous time!!!
I have so many great things to say about the trip and I know you are well aware of the quality of Mashatu and MalaMala.
As you might expect, they are very different and from our perspective, each had it own unique benefits. For
Mashatu we loved the isolation and authenticity of the guides and staff. I loved how our ranger tracked using foot prints and other signs. A special treat was when the big cat researcher was wi th us tracking a lion using a radio signal and antenna. One of the old rangers found the lion (the old fashion ed way) just before the technology did! The girls and I did a village excursion and I would highly recommend that you encourage your clients to do it. We learned a lot, loved the warmth of everyone we met in the village and
felt like princesses the whole afternoon.
At MalaMala, the unique benefits included the quality of the food, the rooms and the wit and energy of our ranger, Kurt Bertels. With up to 15 vehicles driving around the reserve, we were able to see a lot of cats and they did their best to limit the number of vehicles in one spot.
In the end, 3 of us had a preference for Mashatu but one of my daughters preferred MalaMala. The combination was perfect, though'¦
Thank you for all,

Ellen Lasch, Aug 2011

Visit to LivingstoneSafari in Zambia to Lower Zambezi National Park (Old Mondoro + Chiawa) Visit to Cape Town

Hi Elena,
The trip was wonderful and I can't wait for an excuse to do it again.
The Royal Livingstone was an oasis of peace. We were treated to marvelous food, great scenery and animals, and a warm staff. Within 15 minutes of our arrival they had Chris out on the water to try his luck. I just lounged around the pool. Th e ultralight was an adrenalin rush and the elephant ride hilarious. Our bull wouldn't follow directions and "Bob" the dominant bull had to keep coming back and rounding us up. Then our bull would start running and Chris would be yelling something about bul l riding in the Texas rodeo and the manager would be laughing and so forth. Great fun.
Old Mondoro was everything a bush camp should be. Reed enclosed tents, lanterns at night, a resident frog who liked my laundry hanging on the clothes line in the bath, hippo grunts at night, campfires, elephants outside our door, bush lunches, etc. Our only regret was we weren't there longer. The manager Jason took Chris and me out Tiger fishing and we both caught great fish on the fly. Unfortunately I also got way too much sun and was under the weather for a couple of days.
After the delightful water transfer to Chiawa, Sacha, Tam and Bren took one look at me and put me on salts and electrolytes. They had me back in good form in no time, but I never was able to take t he afternoon game drive because of the sun. So they either arranged for me to go under shade for a boat cruise or kept me company while we watched all the game that wandered through the camp and had our sun -downer by the river. Then as evening approached a nd Chris returned from fishing, they would meet him with a sun -downer and made sure we had a driver for the night drive. The lion, leopard and elephant sightings were
magnificent. We spent part of an evening watching two leopards cubs harass their mother, a morning invading the privacy of mating lions, and lunch shared with the resident camp bull. One time we were trumpeted and false charged by a bull --and I was in the back seat alone and my vision still brings up two massive ears and a trunk. The aardvark was fascinating and the baby elephants adorable. At one point there were eight of us in camp from Africa Adventure Company.
The fishing was fantastic. Chris fished 12 hours a day and caught magnificent Tiger fish, reputedly the finest freshwater fighting fish in the world. He was just one big grin. I went with him twice for a few hours and caught fish also. The guides were very knowledgeable and we had brought all the right fly rods and bait casters. He also caught one ugly 50 pound Vundu catfish.
Cape Town has such suburb food. We especially enjoyed Baia's seafood. Andrew, our private driver, was the best and he made both excursions special. Unfortunately we scheduled the Stellenbosch wine tasting for a Sunday and almost all the wineries were closed. An drew took us to some of the smaller wineries, which was probably a good thing as the wines were great, and the company picked up the tab for lunch at La Petite Ferme, a great county French Inn. We enjoyed the penguins and the fur seals and the Cape of Good Hope. When it came time for the cheetah encounter Spier said we couldn't see the cubs because they weren't old enough. Andrew made a phone call and the next thing we knew we were back on the road to a different location and ushered into an enclosure with all four cubs. It sure paid off on more than one occasion having the private driver'¦
Overall, however, I'd do it again in a heart beat. Thank you Elena for a great trip.
As ever,

Barbara Lyndrup, Sep 2011

Private flying safari to Hwange/Mana Poo ls/Motobo Hills

Dear Alison,
Congratulations on your 25th anniversary --- Karen and I wish we had started our Africa safari -ing with you back in 1986.
Nic Polenakis was once again the highlight of our safari, just like our previous trips with him. His contagious enthusiasm and sincere kindness and empathy, coupled with an apparently infinite reservoir of wildlife knowledge makes time with him such a pleasure. We're already thinking about our next trip.
Somalisa was our favorite camp with its com bination of great game viewing, authentic bush camp atmosphere and excellent food and staff. We loved the front porch waterhole and one day watched an elephant family dote on an hour -old ele baby. A partial list of our game sightings would include giraff e,
kudu, waterbuck, sable, roan, elephant and buffalo. Some of the action highlights were when watching a nervous cheetah family on a waterbuck kill a big male lion appeared, ran off the cheetahs, and stole the kill. Another was the remarkable 'Out of Africa' scene at a waterhole one evening when a huge herd of buffalo, maybe one thousand, enveloped the waterhole and mingled with elephants and other game. Just like the movies! One evening after dinner a roaring male lion came right into camp to be illum inated by lights, and on several other nights elephants walked between tents. And finally at Somalisa Nic got us onto a rhino track and we were able to walk up to a family group of three white rhinos, and that was a thrill. One in our party saw wild dog which we missed. We just needed more time to appreciate everything Somalisa had to offer.
Our mobile camp in northern Hwange near Shumba was delightful --- more excellent meals and service. Very comfortable beds and tents and en suite facilities. Although the lions eluded us we enjoyed seeing literally hundreds of elephants, plus a big herd of buffalo coming to water, along with roan, kudu, hippo, honey badger, and some nice birds like golden breasted bunting and blue waxbill.
At Vundu Camp in Mana Pools our dreams came true one morning when we got in the midst of seventeen wild dogs on the hunt. It was so exciting seeing them run and split up into pairs and singles and then
regroup and go again. Nic kept us in the hunt until they killed and ate an impala. Wild dogs are our favorite so this was a special sighting.
Nic was able to locate Handstand (the elephant and several times we were able to video the big tusker stand on his hind legs while reaching high into a tree with his trunk for a green branch). Amazing! The lions did not elude Nic here and we observed several groups including youngsters. Two solitary female lions had a dispute with hyenas one morning and both lion and hyena looked the worse for wear, with multiple wounds and mangled ears. One elephant bull we walked close to gave us the trumpet and mock charge treatment, kicking dirt on us as he skidded to a stop, which is what my heart did momentarily.
There was lots of other game at Vundu including impala, waterbuck, warthog, hi ppo, crocodile, banded and dwarf mongoose, kudu and numerous eland and birds. Camp beneath the shade trees on the bank of the Zambezi was very comfortable with hot water for showers constantly available. The food and service was excellent.
Nic delivered us to Camp Amalinda and turned us over to the care of guide Paul Hubbard. For our few days in Amalinda we elected to just relax and enjoy the scenery, company, and food. This proved to be a good choice as Paul was a virtual encyclopedia of all things M atabo and especially cave paintings. Paul made our stay there so fulfilling and enjoyable - - - - not to forget our visit to the Children 's Home which we would not miss and hope to return.
All the travel arrangements, connections and transfers went per fectly. The small plane flights were reassuringly professional and delightful.
A genuine Thank You!! from both of us, Sincerely,

Fred & Karen Peters, July 2011

Flying safari to Ongava -Etosha/Kunene/Skeleton CoastFlying safari to Okavango Delta -Moremi and LinyantiFlying safari to Lower Zambezi National Park and visit to Livingstone, Zambia

Dear Mark and Szilvia,
We have returned from another amazing safari experience. Thanks so much to everyone at Africa Adventure who organized every detail for us.
Mark, thanks for setting up such a great itinerary. It was absolutely fabulous. A very special Thanks for arranging to have Brooks as our guide at Mombo and Zarafa. He was excellent. He was so knowledgeable about the animals, their habitats, the wond erful working of nature...he would stop the vehicle and just listen and then he could tell us what messages the animals were sending. We found a leopard with a kill because of that listening. But he also had such knowledge of Botswana. He gave us a talk w hile we are on a sunset cruise at Zarafa. I told him he should be a teacher. He also was very attentive to any need we had at the camps. Excellent!!!!!
Wilderness Safaris was great. When we discovered that we could not store Dave`s extra bag at the Joburg airport, they arranged to have it stored at Windhoek and again at Maun and we retrieved it at Kasane. That is one point that travelers need to know if they are transiting through Joburg and wish to store extra luggage. The luggage storage area is located OUTSIDE the arrivals area and can only be accessed if you exit the arrivals area. That necessitates you going back through clearing security and Immigration. We were told we did not have enough time as you need at minimum 3 hrs.
Little Ongava Camp was amazing. It would have been nice to have 3 nights there as it would give one time to really enjoy the camp itself '¦
Serra Cafema and Skeleton Coast Camp also wonderful. Jonathon and Kallie were our guides respectively and both had just an encyclopedic knowl edge.
Our return from Skeleton Coast to Windhoek was a little long in that we flew to Palmwag, Ongava, Windhoek International and then Eros. It was almost 6 hrs travel time. But we understand it is difficult to arrange transport with so many itineraries t o accommodate.
Mombo was amazing. I celebrated my birthday there and they provided a beautiful private dinner for Dave and myself. Never to be forgotten!
Zarafa , also excellent. It was nice to be in a smaller camp following Mombo which seemed to have so much staff, that there were always people around. Alex is a great Manager at Zarafa.
Toka Leya was also lovely. The staff were great. We had met a young woman who worked in the shop at Victoria Falls hotel while we were on our last safari. We have kept i n touch with her since then '¦ She arranged a border pass and met us at the camp. The staff were amazing to her as we were delayed arriving and they gave her lunch and made her feel welcome. Dave inquired if it would be at all possible for us to go with her back to Zim to see her home..They arranged it all with Wilderness. She was so happy. We were able to visit with her in her home and she was so very very proud to show it to us. We in North America
take so much for granted!
And then on to Chiawa. We absol utely loved Chiawa. It was the perfect camp at which to end our safari. We admit we were a little overdosed on game drives and to have the option of the river cruises was just the best. Sascha and Tam were wonderful
We did 2 night drives with Sascha and he gave us 2 lessons on the stars in the southern sky. ..fabulous!
So a perfect trip. All our transfers were problem free. So once more, Thanks to all. We were asked a couple times who arranged our travel and we passed on the business cards so maybe you will hear from them.
We wish you the very best,

Margaret and Dave Thomas , Sep 2011

Flying Safari to Victoria Falls/Hwange/Mana PoolsVisit to Cape Town

Mark and Szilvia,
The trip that you organized for us was far beyond our expectations. It was such a fabulous experience. My
husband, who wasn't all that keen on traveling to Zimbabwe, said it was one of the best trips of his life.
And we have been on some pretty great trips.
Everything went so smoothly. People and planes arrived when and where they w ere scheduled. Not a single ball was dropped, which, given the amount of moving around we did, is really saying something!
We enjoyed every place we visited and everyone we met. The hotel in Cape Town was excellent. The Victoria Falls Hotel is beautif ul and our guide, Esther, was a wealth of information about the area and the country.
When we first arrived at Little Makalolo we were greeted by a large herd of elephants, and a small herd of antelope. The Little Makalolo team was very efficient and hel pful. Our guide, Livingston, was a joy to be with each day. He was excellent at spotting animals in the dark. Thank you for suggesting we bring gloves. I thought that was a little crazy but two mornings in Hwange were very cold and I was very happy to have the gloves!
Our stay at Mana Pools was great. Our guide, Gary, was a perfect match for us. With his help we were able to experience the peaceful serenity of the Zambezi River, as well as two very educational walks, including tracking a pride of lions. The other guides and guests were all very interesting and fun to talk with. We did not partake of the canoeing. It was very tempting, but both of us have done a fair amount of canoeing in the past and the thought of sitting in a canoe for several ho urs just wasn't very appealing.
Nothing prepared us for Pamushana. It was the perfect place to end our journey. And it's a very good thing it was our last camp because, no matter how nice the other camps were, they would have been a major come down after Pamushana. When we walked into our villa we were laughing from disbelief that something so beautiful and luxurious was out in the middle of nowhere! My husband spent his last day and a half on a sleeping and jacuzzi safari, while Jephat (our guide) a nd I hunted for white rhino and inspected the rock drawings. Our first night there we were within 20 feet of a black rhino, the last night we watched a black rhino drink 30 fee from our boat.
We were overwhelmed with the number of animals we saw especial ly at Hwange around the pans. We did see the Big Six - Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Hippopotamus, and Black and White Rhino. Our very first evening we came across a pride of 16 lions. The next evening we saw a smaller pride among whom were four one month old cubs - a rarity from what I was told. We never saw a grown male lion though we came close at Hwange, miss him by about 30 minutes.
The food everywhere was excellent. I didn't really know what to expect, but I certainly wasn't expecting
the food to be as good as it was.
'¦we thoroughly enjoyed our time at Vundu.
The only other suggestion we h ave is to amend your packing list to say 'External Flash for night photography' rather than simply 'Flash'. That is for people like me who are a little dense and think their built in flash will be just fine. We didn't realize we would be out so much in the dark and the built in flash just didn't do the trick.
I am so glad we were in Zimbabwe, and just Zimbabwe. Once we got to Victoria Falls, we were done wit h their immigration and customs, which is one of the least efficient processes that exists. More than that, we loved the people and we sometimes felt as if we had the country to ourselves. At most there were 5 cars at any animal sighting. Most of the time it was us and maybe one other. The economy of the country needs more tourism and now they have great advocates in us. I hope for their sake that the political situation remains stable.
Overall we were extremely pleased with our trip and I am looking forward to returning as soon as possible.

Windy Warner, Sep 2011

East AfricaPrivate Safari to Serengeti/Ngorongoro/Lake Manyara/TarangirePrivate Safari in Kenya to Amboseli/Maasai Mara

Thanks again to everyone at Africa Adventure Company for making this safari a "trip of a lifetime". We had thought about the possibility of taking an African safari for many years, but only recently made the decision that this was the year to go. I can't express to you how fortunate we feel to have found the Africa Adventure Company (My local Barnes and Noble clerk recom mended Mark's book "Africa's Top Wildlife Counties" when I began research for the trip.)Your first suggested itinerary for the trip stated that this was "your best East African safari combining both the Maasai Mara and the Serengeti" and was it ever. We re ally could only imagine what it would be like and this trip surpassed those expectations by far.
Our first concern was being met on arrival in Nairobi, because our flight was delayed in London for 3 hours. We got in at midnight instead of 9PM. However the representative was there and took us to our hotel, stayed until we were all checked in and even did some rescheduling of the activities for the next day to give us
more time to sleep in. The visits to the Elephant Nursery and the Giraffe Center were grea t ways to slowly get into the new environment. Our driver George was excellent and provided a great commentary about the sights we passed along the way. The next day we were taken to the airport for our flight to Arusha and once again the representative not only helped us check our bags but stayed with us until we passed through security.
Being met by Hillary (our guide) at Kilimanjaro airport was great. It gave us additional time to get to know each other as well as discuss in general the trip and any co ncerns, but specifically the schedule for the next day. We found Hillary to be th orough yet very relaxed and reassuring. His knowledge of the parks and
ability to judge how long we wanted to stay at certain places was amazing. While he always gave us optio ns of possible activities, we felt absolutely comfortable and pleased with his suggestions. As our trip
progressed we felt more like we were with a good friend who was showing us his favorite places and sights.
When he left us at the Namanga border, after finding our Tortilis Camp Representative and transferring our bags we felt like we were leaving a friend. We will keep in touch through e -mails, and hopefully will meet again when we return to Tanzania.
All of our accommodations were wonderful and the fo od and service was excellent. The staff seemed focused on welcoming us and making sure we felt comfortable. Each place was aware of Barb's low carb diet request and did everything they could to meet the request including suggesting and preparing some special dishes. Our research prior to the trip gave us that expectation, but it was great to have it confirmed. Of special note were our last three stops. Tarangire Treetops, Tortilis and Mara Intrepids. I am sure that this doesn't surprise you. These camps were unique and each seemed to focus on your enjoyment.
At Treetops we loved the room, but felt very special during a Maasai barbecue complete with entertainment, not to mention being met after a night game drive by Elke with a thermos of warm Amarulla.

5353 North Federal Highway, Suite 300  Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33308 U.S.A Tel: 800·882·9453  Tel: 954·491·8877  Fax: 954·491·9060

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ï‚· www.africanadventure.com

At Tortolis our guide, Ali met us at Namanga and drove us to the camp where we received a very warm welcome from Manuela and Andreas. They always seemed around the corner making sure all was perfect. Ali suggested an early morning breakfast during the game d rive (we spent 40 minutes enjoying breakfast and watching a herd of 15 elephant parade by our vehicle)and an evening sun downers(great pictures of the sunset and we even got Kilimanjaro to peak through for us). At the Mara Intrepids we were amazed by the style and comfort of the "tents", but even more impressed with our guide, Dixon, our room steward, Maryann, and at reception, Grace. Each in their own way made sure we had a very special stay. Dixon met us in the park after our balloon ride and brought alon g a boxed lunch so we could spend the whole day on a game drive. Grace came in a bit early on our last day so we could check out, and go with Dixon on our last game with a boxed breakfast and go directly from that to the airport. These are small but important examples of extraordinary service.
Notice that we haven't mentioned anything about what we saw. We were hoping to see the Great Migration and we did. We wanted to see the Big 5 and we did, although the rhino was rather shy. But we could never have imagined the scope, beauty and wonder of these countries. As we've told our friends we have pictures (over 2000 images before editing), but even National Geographic couldn't properly show what we experienced. It must be seen by your own eyes to create such s pecial memories. And once seen it draws you back for more. Each guide seemed intent on providing the very best experience their park(s) had to offer. This gave us some up close and intimate views of the animals. Our favorite was a pride lions with 4 new (3 week old) cubs. The way the adults played with the cubs. Such huge paws playing with such a small youngsters! But the reason for the timing of the trip was the Great Migrations and all we can say is WOW!!!!!!!
Thank you again for all the wonderful tips and hints about this trip. We followed them all and they all worked, from visas and shots, to binoculars and cameras, to clothing and gratuities. We'll be back and we are telling our friends that if they are thinking of their own African Adventure they owe it to themselves to talk to The Africa Adventure Company!!
Asante Sana,

Ray and Barb Arvay, July 2011

Private safari to Ngorongoro and Serengeti in TanzaniaIsland Getaway to Desroches Island in the Seychelles

Dear Alison and Elena:
I am very pleased to report that all the arrangements you made for our trip to Tanzania and the Seychelle s Islands July 22 to August 5 proceeded smoothly. All those charged with meeting us did so and eased our travel from place to place. The only recommendation I wou ld make for a similar itinerary would be to arrange (if possible) a direct flight from Nairobi Wilson Airport to Mahe rather than having a stopover in Nairobi, even though the Serena Hotel in Nairobi provides very comfortable accommodations.
Among the superlative experiences of our safari:
*seeing the black rhino in Ngorongoro Crater
* visiting the Maasai village outside of the Crater
*viewing virtually every variety of animal on the Serengeti, including lions enjoying a kill, stalking lions, lions in repose, as well as cheetahs and leopard, etc.
*watching the elephant groups feeding, taking a mud bath, suckling a baby, following the matriarch, etc.
* witnessing the migration of the wildebeest across the Mara River: UNFORGETTABLE
*And more: the list of animals we viewed is a long one indeed.
Our four guides are not only knowledgeable (Mkende in particular is a human encyclopedia) but all four are warm-hearted, fine gentlemen.
In the Seychelles we enjoyed the villa accommodations and the re laxing "all-inclusive" arrangement.
Our sojourn in Tanzania and in the Seychelles is a treasured memory. How fortunate we were to experience it as a family!

Joan Beutler, July 2011

Kibale Forest/Queen Elizabeth Park/Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Ug andaVolcanoes National Park in RwandaPrivate Safari to Tarangire/Ngorongoro/Serengeti

Dear Alison,
I want to thank you for putting together a fabulous trip for Kathy and me.
Erabu Denis and Hadji Mustapha were great guides. We both learned so much ab out the culture of visited countries and animal behavior from both of them. I didn't expect the accommodations to be so wonderful, each place was a treat. My last morning before returning home I was a bit emotional. I was ready to go
home but looking around the Serengeti from the mobile camp, listening to the sounds of animals, I realized, I finally did it! A long time dream was finally realized and I loved every minute of my adventure. I can see
why people come again and again to Africa. I am glad I combin ed Tanzania with Rwanda and Uganda. I
wanted to be exposed to as many animals as possible and I really felt like I got to see it all. I will never forget this wonderful journey. I will certainly refer Africa Adventure Company to anyone planning a trip.
Everyone we encountered from start to finish were gracious, professional and did all they could to assist us
in anyway.
Thank you again for all your help.

Robin Bole, July 2011

Group safari to Ndarakwai-foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro/Tarangire/Lake Manya ra-Rift ValleyNgorongoro Crater/Serengeti

We have returned from our awesome safari experience. Wow! We had a wonderful time. A representative met us at the bottom of the steps when we got off the plane and we were in great hands from that mom ent on. Our guide Bilal was terrific. He was warm and friendly, very knowledgeable, had a great sense of
humor and was so focused on making sure we had the experience of a lifetime.
When we arrived Bilal asked us what we were most interested in seeing and my daughter told him it was her dream to see a leopard. He said to be patient and he was sure it would happen when we got to the Serengeti. The leopards are elusive but he was not going to let Jordan go home without seeing one. Much to her
delight and after a lot of looking we found one. Even though that was an incredible moment, it was really the sum of all the moments that made the experience for us.
We loved Ndarakwai Ranch, the new managers Steve and Lynne are very warm and welcoming and they spend a lot of time with the guests. With Thomas their head guide and the rest of the staff they bring the whole eco-system to life. The ranch is beautiful and the accommodations and food are simple and straight forward. It's not the luxury of some of t he other places, but it fits what you expect to be there. We got a kick out of the bucket showers. We also enjoyed being able to go on a walking safari, it was a nice alternative to being in the vehicle and the night safari was very cool. We enjoyed the resident galagos and bush bucks and got a kick out of seeing mongoose, genets and springhares in addition to all the traditional animals you expect to see.
Tengeru School was interesting. They were very welcoming. My firm designs schools for a living an d of course it is a far cry from what we have here. As Americans we spend so much time thinking about how the environment influences learning and in the case of the kids over there, they have to learn in spite of the environment.
Tarangire Treetops was probably our favorite of the lodges. It is really unique. The staff there was also terrific. It was incredible to be eating dinner and watching elephants (and one night a lion) come up to the watering hole. I was blown away by the room, it was huge, b eautifully appointed and had a deck overlooking the bush that was great to sit out on in the morning with coffee and just listen to the sounds. We also did a night drive at Treetops and it was exciting. We saw many things but probably the highlight was seeing two cheetah stalking a herd of zebra and wildebeest. The only downside to this location is getting there. The roads are really difficult, so it is a good thing that the payoff is so worth it when you finally arrive.
Tarangire park is like being in animal Disney Land. We saw so many things up close, elephants, giraffe, zebra, wildebeest, baboons, cheetah, ostrich etc. It was hard to know where to focus the camera first.
The Manor Lodge and the Serena Lodge where we had lunch had very beautiful gr ounds. Our room at the Manor Lodge was very nice and it seemed like there was a lot to offer there, but we got in late and left early. It makes sense to start at one side of the crater and end up on the other side but this is definitely a place you could spend more than one night. The food was excellent here as well. The Sopa Lodge was probably my least favorite, not because there was anything wrong with it (the views were beautiful), it was simply the biggest and as a result less personal than all the other places we stayed'¦
The crater was an incredible day. We saw a black rhino which had everyone excited, and we had an encounter with two male lions that came up and sat right up against the car. They were so magnificent, it was hard to stop watching them. We saw many lions through the week and each time it felt special. In the Serengeti we ran into a pride of 13 with their kill and they were an incredible sight.
Our visit with the Massai produced a lot of laughs when they tried to teach me to danc e. I was trying not to laugh when one of the men offered me 25 head of cattle for my daughter. He seemed pretty serious so I had to delicately negotiate my way around that one. At first I said she was too young and his response was that they marry at 15. Then he mentioned that his father as the head of their village visited all of the woman on a rotating basis (he was about 80) which was all my daughter needed to hear.
It was hard to imagine that the Serengeti would top the beauty of the Ngorongoro, but it was awesome as well. They treated us wonderfully at the mobil e camp. They broke down the camp to move it the day we left, so it was pretty quiet but they were very attentive. Lots of interesting noises at night. We saw so much in the Serengeti and of course that included the leopard. Lots of interesting sightings at the watering holes. We saw many more lions, a cheetah with a fresh kill, so many incredible groups of elephants and lots of
babies. Baby everything, elephants, giraffe, wildebeest, baboons, monkeys, lion cubs, even birds. We loved the bird life. So many huge birds and lots of color.
The Migration Camp was also really beautiful. The accommodations were amazing. Lots of hyrax and monkeys running around. Very loud hippos. Before dinner we were sitting in the lounge having a snack when a genet came up next to me, hopped on the coffee table and took the food right off the plate. It was a little startling but very cool. When security walked us to our room after dinner, there was c learly an elephant in the back yard behind our "tent". When he went to check it out something growled at him. It was the one place it felt like the animals were the closest to us all night.
It was a great trip. I would highly recommend our guide to anyone. He took great personal pride in making sure we had the experience we wanted and we learned a lot from him, not only about the animals, but the culture and people, and the history. We picked up a bit of Swahili along the way which is always good.
Bilal was also a huge fan of AAC ... We couldn't have asked for a better or smooth er trip.
Thank you again for all your help.

Lauren (and Jordan) Della Bella, July 2011

Private Safari to Tarangire/Ngorongoro/Serengeti

Szilvia and Mark,
My wife, daughter and I had a wonderful and amazing safari in Tanzania. We saw incredible wildlife and all arrangements were well prepared and handled. Your company and your Tanzania ground operator did a
good job with all details. I was impressed with your company 's diligence and responsiveness at all stages of
booking through departure and our ultimate return.
We felt especially fortunate to have Joseph Sarwat as our guide and driver. Joe was always friendly, well - prepared, entertaining and on time. He gave spec ial attention to my daughter and really made her feel comfortable. Joe knew the wildlife, plants and his country extremely well. He always had an answer
for us. Joe seemed to know many of the other drivers (he has been in the business a long time and work ed at some of the Parks before he became a guide), and his contacts together with his incredible familiarity with
the Parks meant we saw many lions, cheetahs and leopards, and huge numbers of other wildlife. My wife and I have travelled many places, ofte n with guides, and I can think of none that were better than Joe ...
The Maramboi Tent camp was a nice facility and was a perfect start to our trip. We saw wildlife driving into the Camp. The setting was beautiful. Meals were good.
Plantation Lodge was an incredible and beautiful property with much character and uniqueness. Our room had character with a loft and a patio. Meals were excellent. The gardens were amazing. Other than not being on the Rim, it was a perfect place.
The Mobile Tent Camp was fantas tic. Although we were in a tent, it was quite comfortable, clean and well maintained. It was amazing what they provided given it being a tent camp. Food was very good '¦
We had a nice eight person land rover (four rows of two seats), which worked fantastic as we each had a row in the back to ourselves so very good viewing and comfortable. The six -person land rovers (three rows and two seats) we saw looked much less comfortable for a safari of more than two people.
Again, we want to thank you for our wonderf ul experience. We would not hesitate to use you again or recommend you to friends.

Mark Grimm, July 2011

Private Mt. Kilimanjaro Climb - Rongai ClimbGroup safari to Lake Manyara/Serengeti/Ngorongoro/Tarangire - Serena Lodges

Hi Ian!
Sorry it has taken me ages to get back to you about the trip.
I had the most incredible experience of my life (so far!). Hiking Mount Kili was spectacular --I absolutely loved the African Walking Company, they were an incredible group of people and I always felt extremel y safe, well-informed, and very happy throughout the entire trip :) Joseph our head guide was a super star as were our assistant guides --I learned so much from them about Tanzania, the culture there, and the people. They were all so incredibly friendly! It made my trip that much more memorable.
A few things I wanted to mention to you --I wish I had rented all of the equipment so I didn't have to worry about the hassle of packing it and the down jacket I brought wasn't warm enough so I was glad that I had the option/opportunity to rent it while I was there. I was also happy that I was able to rent the sleeping pad because the one I brought I would have had to inflate up at 4,500 m which would not have been fun....ha! ha!
The safari was incredible, the hotel s were beautiful and luxurious (not that the camping wasn't luxury camping--I was shocked by how nice it was! Delicious meals, great service). The safari was great - my guide, Seif was the best! So incredibly knowledgeable and experienced in his field. I w as impressed. I would highly recommend him for future groups '¦
Thanks for all of your help throughout this trip, I cannot wait to go back to Tanzania and explore again! If you need any pictures, please let me know, I took about 1,200 ha ! Ha! Hope all is well, and thanks again!
My best,

Claire Henderson, Jun -Jul 2011

Flying safari to Amboseli/Maasai Mara in KenyaPrivate driving safari through Tanzania to Serengeti/Ngorongoro/Lake Eyasi/Tarangire

Hi, Alison.
Here's my review............
ITINERARY: EXCELLENT! Perfect! It offered a great combination of wildlife viewing and interaction with various tribes. It really exceeded my expectations. I had asked to visit a Maasai village that was not "touristy" and Ali took us to a wonderful village where (for most of the time we were there) we were the only tourists. Our morning with the Hadzape was fascinating. We followed two of the bushmen on
their hunt. Upon our return to the campsite, they "attempted" to show us how to use bows and arrows (a four year old boy in the tribe was much better than any of us!) and then had us join them in one of their
dances. The Datoga men gave us a demonstration of their work: making knives, arrow heads, and bracelets
and the women showed us how to grind maize. All of the tribes were very welcoming. And the visit to the elephant orphanage was a wonderful way to end our trip!
I really fell in love with the Maasai. Actually, I spent some time with two young men at one of the tented camps and they asked if they could email with me. I'm really looking forward to hearing from them!
ACCOMODATIONS: Let me say first that I realize, in order to stay within our budget, we had to stay at some of the larger places in order to be able to stay at the preferred tented camps as well as Tarangire Treetops.
Karen Blixen Cottages - VERY GOOD. The room was quite beautiful. However, the staff wasn't ready with our breakfast at 6 the next morning so we had to just grab something and run to head off for our flight.
Tortilis Camp - EXCELLENT. I loved everything about it: managers and staff, accommodations, and the food was great. We also enjoyed a nature walk with Jonathan (one of the Maasai). It was hard to say "goodbye" and move on!
Mara Serena Safari Lodge - GOOD. Not too crazy about this place. The view was fabulous, but there are SO many children that it was quite noisy. The room was nice, but the food was just okay.
Mbuzi Mawe Tented Camp - VERY GOOD. Liked this one better because it was smaller '¦ The food was good.
Ngorongoro Serena Safari Lodge - VERY GOOD. Although this was a large hotel, it was well managed and the guests were mainly adults so it was a much calmer atmosphere than the Mara Serena. The room was nice and the food was very good.
Kisima Ngeda Camp - EXCELLENT. Just like Tortilis - I loved everything about it. The managers and the staff were fabulous. The tent was very nice and the food was great. I hated to leave! Also, the local guide, Elihakim, was a welcome addition to our gro up!
Tarangire Treetops Camp - EXCELLENT. Loved this place as well. Everything was fabulous: the managers, the staff, the food. I felt like I was really in a tree house. It was fantastic! We had a very enjoyable nature walk with John and a Maasai and had two great night game drives as well. I actually had tears in my eyes as we were leaving!
Amboseli - ALI was very nice. I felt very comfortable with him. He did a great job. I would definitely give him a "thumbs up" as a guide.
Maasai Mara - EMMANUAL was a nice person, but extremely quiet. He didn't speak much unless spoken to. It was very difficult to get any kind of exchange going with him.
Tanzania - JAMID was exceptional! I thought he did an excellent j ob. He was knowledgeable, professional, and had a great sense of humor. We exchanged emails addresses and I hope to keep in touch with him. He is truly an asset to your organization. It was difficult to say "goodbye" to him.
'¦So, all in all, Richard and I had a great time. This trip is now (far and away) my favorite. I truly feel as if I left a piece of my heart in Kenya and Tanzania. I would also like to learn more about your new "Outback of Australia" and "Encounter New Zealand" offerings. Both sound very exciting!
Thank you so much, Alison, for a wonderful trip to Kenya/Tanzania!

Cheryl Hillery, July 2011

Private safari to Arusha/Tarangire/Lake Manyara/Ngorongoro/SerengetiFlying safari to Selous Game Reserve

Dear Alison:
Just wanted you to know that the safari you put together was perfect in every way '¦everything went very smoothly. All the places were unique and memorable. The staff were very kind and attentive and the food was first rate. I can't praise our guide Masha enough. He was so knowledgeable about everything and very easy to talk to. A fantastic driver as well.
If I hadn't taken hundreds of photos and videos I would not have believed that I saw as much as I did and so close up too. The camps were all terrific, it was so exciting to see elephants, giraffes and even wildebeest near the tents. At one point at Sayari camp I had my own private migration close to my verandah. The migration was amazing and even Masha said it was the best he had ever seen. I am glad you recommended going to the Selous. Boat trips to see hippos, crocs and birds was a great addition to the trip.
In short I am running out of superlatives to describe the safari! You also did a great job in preparing use for the trip. I brought everything you advised, felt great every day and never got sick. So thanks for a great adventure. It was the trip of a lifetime and I am telling friends about your company.

Kate Kalil, Sep 2011

Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda

Hello Mark, et. al.
I just wanted to let you know that I had a fabulous time in Rwanda. Primate Safaris was at the airport to greet me and the driver/guide whom they gave me was excellent. One thing to note was that I arrived in Rwanda on the last Saturday of the month, which is 'Muganda (sp?) Da y.' This is the day when EVERYONE in the country does cleaning, mostly in small community groups. It also meant that everything was closed, including the genocide museum and the market. After my initial disappointment, I realized what a great opportunit y this was to see something truly unique. Had I not arrived on that day, I would have never known that Rwanda did this. I was told by a friend in Kigali (she and I had dinner together on my last night in Rwanda) that it all started when they cleaned up t he plastic bags.
My guide gave me a great driving tour of Kigali - no traffic due to Muganda Day - the cleanest developing world city I have ever seen! The drive to the mountains was beautiful and fascinating as well; the accommodations at the Mountain Gorilla Lodge were very nice and I had a great time talking to a number of the other guests. The two days of gorilla trekking were spectacular. After the first day, I thought, why do I need another day, I'll probably just be disappointed that it wasn't as good as the first one. In spite of those thoughts, I happily went a second day, and it was completely different. I was soo glad to have decided to do this twice. The second day was supposed to be shorter than the first day, but it turned out to be tw ice as
long (those pesky gorillas just wouldn't stop walking up the mountain!), cutting short my time at the genocide museum. I did go, however, and it was well worth it even though we only had 45 minutes. The Serena hotel in Kigali is, as you know, a lu xurious 5-star hotel. It's a country of major contrasts and what they have done to bring peace, security and improve the standard of living since the genocide is amazing.
Thanks for making the excellent arrangements for this trip. Best regards,

Helen Kessler, Aug 2011

Private Safari to Tarangire/Ngorongoro/SerengetiFlying Safari to Chyulu Hills and Laikipia

Elena and the Noltings:
Africa Adventure has exceeded our expectations....AGAIN!!!! We are home from our East Africa Safari and are once more enthused with the itinerary and accommodations that you so expertly arranged for us. After our South Africa, Botswana, Zambia adventure with our ad ult children three years ago we weren't sure that the entire wonderful experience could be repeated. Once again we were dazzled by the people, animals and landscapes that you so thoughtfully arranged for our travel experience.
Bill was thrilled to see the wildebeest crossing on the Mara River. The scripting was right out of Hollywood--we had just landed by charter and were driving to camp when the radio crackled with the excitement of a crossing. We raced to the area and were rewarded with total chaos! Zebras and wildebeest had decided to plunge, actually a backwards crossing from what we intended to see as they were returning from Kenya into Tanzania instead of vise versa. Even Africa Adventure cannot control Mother Nature and seasonal rains it seems! Whatever starts the actual urge for the crossing to begin also abruptly brings it to a halt. We were pinching ourselves with the OMG verbalization after being part of this amazing scene when the leaping and mewing and swimming and pounding hooves began again. Unbelievably, we saw two crossings within two hours of landing at Sayari!
As our rapidly beating hearts finally subsided from this intense action and the dust settled from the swirl of energy and determination from tens of thousands of animals w e had huge smiles on our faces. We had only just arrived and the anticipation of even more thrills loomed for the rest our stay. Next day no crossings but great game viewing; third day a small crossing, but none the less a satisfying si ghting for us. Our final day we waited almost seven hours to see the event occur again. Even with thousands of Wildebeest gathering and testing the waters (apparently only with their big toe!) and we tried several different crossing sites these reluctant animals remained on the other side of the Mara. Instinct isn't totally predictable and the Wildebeests as a species are at the top of indecision!
The Serengeti provided so many alternative backdrops to break up the famous crossings wait. We saw all the Big Five with several black rhino sightings, lions galore, cheetah on a kill, hyena lurking, buffalo pawing, gorgeous birds swooping overhead, elephants drinking, spewing, playing together with babies nursing while the Matriarchs protected, giant giraffe munching and a f leeting leopard run and hide Houdini fast right before our eyes. The land itself is stunning. As we rounded corners new vistas took our breath away whether it was massive herds grazing or a huge croc lolling on a bank or hippos chortling their pink bellies totally exposed or getting dunked in the river or the sun setting over the architecture of massive boulders and gentle hills. The camera can capture in photographs about half of what is etched in our minds and hearts. All senses are fully exposed in o bserving this Continent, not only the visual. Until one actually visits Africa the total awesome experience cannot be captured.
Not to slight our other stops Tarangire was lovely with the Baobab forests and more wildlife than ever anticipated. Ngorongoro Crater was unique with its permanent animal population in the caldera. You gave us a fabulous taste of Kenya with our stays on the vast ranch preserves that promoted conservation as well
as total comfort for us. Once again our meals were awesome, dinn er conversation stimulating, and accommodations at all camps comfortable and beautifully situated.
Thanks again for facilitating far away and at times remote travel with the ease of timely ground contacts, safe flights and superior guides. The Maasai cultural exchange that you arranged was definitely a highlight of our trip. We thought our encounter would be brief, but we stayed for hours.
The memories of our African travels are some of the best of our life! We cannot imagine missing the journey.
With much appreciation. Best Regards.

Camille Koertner, Aug 2011

Flying Safari to the Maasai Mara in KenyaNgamba Island and Queen Elizabeth Park in UgandaGorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park in RwandaFlying Safari to Selous Game Reserve in Tanza nia

Hi Lynne and the Africa Adventure Staff -
We begin this trip report with unqualified praise for the careful planning and excellent service of the Africa Adventure team. Most everything happened according to plan, and your choices of ground operators and accommodations were great. While there were a few minor glitches, in no way did they interfere with our thorough enjoyment of this 'trip of a lifetime'. The only problem now is that we want another one, and someone may need to come out of retirement to finance it, thank you very much '¦
The House of Waine in Karen, Kenya was beautiful and provided us a great start for the vacation. We were
sorry we didn't have more than a quick overnight there. We strongly recommend it.
Maasai Mara and Little Governor's were simply wonderful. Even though the migration had been there and had already gone, resident animals were plentiful and the guide knew where to find the scarcer ones. The Little Governor's camp was gracious and the staff was professional and f riendly. We highly recommend it.
When we arrived in Entebbe for the Ngamba Island experience, we were met by Edward, who would be our guide for the next six days. Edward proved to be smart and savvy in all ways: animal, people, politics, and culture. We recommend him strongly for similar assignments in Uganda and Rwanda. He delivered us to the Windsor Lake Victoria Lodge, which for some reason reminded us of the hotel in 'The Shining'.
Ngamba Island was an amazing experience. Staying overnight allowed us to have closer contact with the knowledgeable staff and we had an excellent opportunity to observe chimp culture and politics in action. The forest walk with the younger chimps is a lifetime experience. In particular, we bonded with Rambo, a playful seven-year-old male, who has an affinity to be loved by females of Homo sapiens species. He laid
his head in Lynda's lap, groomed her, and kissed her hand. He was also friendly with Mickey, but in a more male, play-fighting manner. He never even got close to being aggressive.
The sleeping facilities on Ngamba Island were a nice and a notch below Little Governor's, as expected (i.e., with no running water), but they were clean and neat and had a nice view of an ocean pond area. The food was fine. The boat ride back was memorable.
The ensuing two-day drive across Uganda to Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda, was something else indeed. It was great to get into the country and glimpse of African culture first hand, but the roads, which were under construction most of the way, were punishing. On the first night of the road trip, we arrived at the picturesque Mihingo Lodge around dinnertime in a torrential rainstorm with Lynda having a wicked bout of tourista. We made it just in time.
Mihingo Lodge is very attractive, the food is very good, and the management is welcoming. Lake Mburo
National Park seemed very quiet and serves well as a stopover rather than a destination site.
We left early for Rwanda, our second round of the road trip. Highway construction operations were intensive. The highway project, the construction of a quality highway linking the Congo, Uganda, and Rwanda, is massively late. We've never seen so many construction vehicles (and chaos) anywhere, and there were traffic delays everywhere. However, the scenery in the western region of Uganda and into Rwanda was magnificent and a real surprise to us. We (finally) arrived at Mountain Gorilla View Lodge (MGVL) in late evening and got ready for our first trek in the morning.
In spite of her two knee replacements, Lynda fought through the altitude, slope, and jungle and completed the trek successfully; and it was well worth it! We were allowed to get within around five feet of the gorilla family of silverback, blackbacks, f emales, juveniles, and babies. The gorillas were incredibly accepting and calm, and seemed to like striking poses for our cameras. The guides, trackers, and porters were knowledgeable and caring and did all they possibly could to accommodate everyone's n eeds'¦
The ride to Kigali was beautiful. We spent a pleasant night in the pleasant Kigali Serena Hotel. Before we boarded our Kenya airlines plane to Dar es Salaam (via Nairobi), Edward took us to the well -done and emotionally moving Genocide Museum. After and hour of touring, he took us to the Kigali airport and he bid us farewell'¦
The Selous is a beautiful reserve, with possibly more scenic variation and beauty than Ma asai Mara, but, as expected, a lower density of animals. The first two days of game driving was a little disappointing from the game viewing perspective; however, on the third day, animals were plentiful, and we all felt satisfied. However, the game viewing by boat was always terrific! The ability to approach croc, hippo, and birds was unsurpassed, and of viewing wildlife on the lakeshore was evocative of a Garden of Eden experience. On the other hand, Dar es Salaam would never be confused with the Garden of Eden.
Selous Safari was a lovely camp, with a very engaging GM (Jenny) and e qually friendly staff. The food was excellent and imaginative '¦The tents were lovely, with decks in the front and rear. The tents were located close to the lake, allowing exciting game viewing and possible animal encounters in the evening.
What we did right on this trip was having all the experiences we did: they were all wonderful and we wouldn't give them up. What we did somewhat wrong was compress the trip into the time that we allotted for it. At times, we felt as though we were on a forced march, a nd the constant packing and unpacking was a drag. And those roads'¦.
Thanks for your dedication, recommendations, and carry through. We kept saying how thankful we were picking your team.
Best wishes,

Mickey and Lynda Koplove, Sep 2011

Kibale Forest/Queen Elizabeth Park/Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in UgandaVolcanoes National Park in Rwanda

Hi Alison,
Just wanted to report back to you of the amazing trip to Uganda & Rwanda I just experienced. Starting with the outstanding accommodations at the Kamp ala Serena, then the spectacular views & outstanding service at Ndali lodge .
In Kibale Forest I was really glad we had 2 chimp treks as our 1 st trek in the morning - most of the chimps were up in the trees as it had rained the night before, but in our trek after lunch we were able to observe some chimps on the ground.
In Queens Elizabeth N.P. - Mweya lodge offered spectacular views of the Kazinga channel along with outstanding accommodations (1 night was not enough !) our private morning cruise (Just the 4 of us + Dennis & guides) was very special.
Our overnight at Ishasha Wilderness Camp was ok (Would have preferred 2 nd night @ Mweya). Our drive from QE N.P to Bwindi was long & on some pretty rough road (Uganda - it's time to invest $$ into paved roads to your #1 tourist attraction Bwindi Impenetrable Forest!).
We arrived to the outstanding accommodations & service of Gorilla Forest Camp. Our next morning I was
up early with excitement for the upcoming trek to visit the M group. The trek was a little ch allenging for me as my body was not use to hiking in the attitude of Uganda, I was so happy to have hired a porter to carry
my backpack as he also helped me through the rough terrain, I huff ed & puffed my way for 2 hours & than
we reach our M group or so w e though! It so happen that a few gorilla s from the H group were also nearby - making the silverback from the M group keep moving & we never actually had more than 2 -3 minutes of
the M group staying still (really challenging to photo !), back at Gorilla Fo rest Camp the amazing message
before dinner was my thank you to my body.
Our next day drive from Uganda to Rwanda was back on the rough roads until we reached the border than to my surprise paved roads in Rwanda (Yeah!)'¦.
Our next day we all agreed to visit the Ros Carr Imbabaza Orphanage which will always carry a special place in my heart & Lake Kivu in the afternoon.
Another night at Gorilla Mountain View Lodge with the anticipation of the next gorilla trek the next day. Up early for short drive to Volcanoes N.P to visit the biggest silverback in Volcanoes N.P & the Sabyino group, the trek was about 1 hour, the terrain not as rough as Bwindi, but I still huffed & puffed a bit to reach the gorilla group. The Sabyino group was more photographic with nice light to observe & capture the moments. Our next day we decided to leave Volcanoes N.P. early & drive to Kigali with a visit to the Rwanda Genocide Memorial Center which was a way to pay our respect to the over 1 million people killed.
Overnight at the Kigali Serena which is under going some major construction lots of dust & noise!
Long journey home Kigali -Nairobi-London-Miami-Orlando 32 hours total thank havens for business class
& thanks Alison, AAC & your Uganda/Rwanda ground operator for putting together a great trip with a outstanding group of travelers & our great guide - Dennis Erabu.

Mike Levine, July 2011

Group lodge safari to Lake Manyara/Serengeti/Ngorongoro/TarangireFlying safari to Maasai MaraVisit to Victoria Falls and Ca pe Town

We just returned from an absolutely awesome three week trip to Tanzania, Kenya, Zimbabwe and South Africa - all orchestrated by The Africa Adventure Company. We simply can't say enough about the expertise, professionalism, knowledge and efficiency of the Africa Adventure Company staff in helping us
to prepare for this adventure. All of the arrangements worked out better than ever expected and without a single glitch. The transfer drivers were always on time (for 12 plane trips!) and easy to work with, the lodges and camps (especially Governor's Camp in Kenya) were wonderful (great staff and great food) and the guides and game drives were excellent. Our only regret was that was that we didn't choose to stay longer
in Africa (neither of us have ever been away for this long without being ready to come home at the end - this trip was different - another two weeks would have suited us just fine!).
We would especially like to thank Szilvia Hegyi who was with us every step of the way in planning this tri p. She was knowledgeable, resourceful, enthusiastic, professional, always available, patient (we asked a whole lot of questions!) and a pure pleasure to work with. Her advice and recommendations on everything from clothing to documentation to destination s to wildlife were invaluable and spot -on. She was definitely our 'Go-To' person and hope she can be our AA consultant for our next trip to Africa. The Africa Adventure Company is very fortunate to have her on their staff.
We would also like to offer our sincere thanks to Ombeni Kitunga, our guide in Tanzania. Ombeni was extraordinarily knowledgeable, professional, engaging and a really fun guide to be with during our 6 day game drives in Lake Manyara, Serengeti, Tarangire and Ngorongoro Crater. His ability to sense the right time and location to get the best wildlife views was amazing. Not only was Ombeni a great guide on the game drives but he was wonderful to talk with on the longer transit drives between destinations - whether it was wildlife, ecosystems, local customs and history or politics, Ombeni was on top of it all (so much so that we called him our 'walking encyclopedia on Africa'). There were six lively, inquisitive clients on that part of our trip and thanks to Ombeni's leadership, wonderful personality and knowledge, there was never a dull moment. What a huge asset he is!
We are already thinking about a return trip to Africa and we would not hesitate to call The Africa Adventure
Company to help us make arrangements.

Paul and Susan Moss, Sep 2011

Group safari to Ndarakwai-foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro/Tarangire/Lake Manyara -Rift ValleyNgorongoro Crater/Serengeti

To all the staff at Africa Adventure Company, especially Elena, Barbara and I offer our heartfelt thanks for the wonderful experience we had on our recent trip. This brief note will be followed up later with more complete feedback in the next few days. I'm a little busy sorting through our 1,600+ photos. Our entire trip experience was fantastic and your company's approach to t his type of travel is outstanding. We saw many weary homebound travelers wandering in the Arusha airport wondering what to do and where to go, while
we on the other hand were met by a representative who found us a seat, filled out our paperwork and told u s exactly what to expect through the boarding process. This is just one small example of the superior
attention to your client's needs that we experienced during our entire African experience.
It was also a special delight to be able to travel with Ele na who brought a wonderful wealth of experience to our group which we all benefited from.
There is no way to adequately express our admiration and gratefulness for Mkenda, our guide. His encyclopedic knowledge, pleasant attitude, patience, and high lev els of skill in making sure our experience was the absolute best possible made our trip both an outstanding adventure, and a safe and secure experience.
Thank you much.

Charles H. Nance, P.E., Aug 2011

Queen Elizabeth Park/Bwindi Impenetrable Forest /Lake Mburo

Dear Africa Adventure Company:
My husband and I wanted to express a huge thank you for an amazing trip to Uganda. The service by AAC, accommodations, and safari were all incredible! We especially want to thank Rachel , your representative in Uganda and our knowledgeable, fun and friendly driver/guide Sula. He was super. We couldn't have expected a better trip, the accommodations were nicer than expected but felt oh so nice after a difficult and tiring 10 days in the Rwenzori Mountains. The gorilla trekking experience was a huge highlight and we are so thankful you found permits for us within one month of departure.
Thanks again, and please give a special thanks to Alison Nolting. We'll recommend Africa Adventure
Company to ANYONE we know considering a trip to Africa.
Have a wonderful day!

Barb Neary, Aug 2011

SOUTHERN AFICAVisit to Johannesburg, Cape Town and Victoria FallsSafari to Londolozi Private Game Reserve near Kruger in South AfricaAdventure to Madagascar

Hello Elena,
Thank you for your note and warm welcome. John and I had a wonderful time o n the Africa trip, and your arrangements were truly wonderful. We particularly liked Ann and Esther, who were wonderful guides and enjoyable people. At all times we were met on time and delivered promptly to arranged places. Best of all, we saw exactly the important sights that were special to us, including two hours watching a leopard who had caught an impala, sunny days for Victoria Falls, a lovely sunset boat ride, and the funny dancing sifakas.
Our guide made sure that the lemurs performed for us. In fact we had wonderful weather all along (perhaps we brought our sunny California weather with us!). Every day was great!
We were impressed with the guides at Londolozi, who made sure that not many trucks would surround an animal at any time. This kept the animals behaving naturally. We felt they really tried to show us all the animals, and in turn thanked us for wanting to stay at great lengths to watch them '¦.
We thank you again for all your planning and arrangements, and will surely tell others ab out your company.

Robin and John Burke, Sep-Oct 2011

Private Game Reserves near KrugerVisit to Cape Town

Hi Kyle and Lynne,
Well we can't thank you enough for our fantastic trip. It was smooth and easy travel from start to finish. Here is a quick rundown of our thoughts on accommodations. I'll send a more detailed "trip report" and
photos in a few days -
Tanda Tula'¦oh my goodness. It was amazing. Incredible. The most accommodating staff and knowledgeable, passionate guides. Accommodations were m ore luxurious than expected, chef was amazing. They did a candelit dinner, flowers/candles all over our room (including floating in the bath!) for our anniversary which was a wonderful surprise. Loved the tent cabin and hearing the animals. They weren't
fully booked so we got our own private game drive for half the time! Such a memorable time. We can't say enough about how much we loved it '¦.
Cape Rivera (Cape Town) - very nice, stylish guest house. They upgraded us to a nice large room with a fantastic view. The staff seems to be still getting it together... But if you have people who like to walk (we do!) and don't mind being a little out of the way it is a very cute and relaxing place to stay.

5353 North Federal Highway, Suite 300  Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33308 U.S.A Tel: 800·882·9453  Tel: 954·491·8877  Fax: 954·491·9060

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ï‚· www.africanadventure.com

Just a few observations that I thought might be helpful to you. I will send our game drive report and pics soon!
Thanks again,

Cyndi Darlington, Oct 2011

P.S. We saw many "green duffel bag" Africa Adventure people at various airports, and they were all raving about their trips!

Okavango Delta/Moremi Reserve/S avute

Good Morning Lynne and the rest of the Africa Adventure team,
We wanted to let you know that we got back safe and sound from our safari and we had the best time ever! From receiving complimentary Champagne for our 25th Anniversary upon arriving a t Camp Okavango to being completely surprised by Camp Savuti providing Mary and me a special private Champagne anniversary dinner for our last meal, we could not imagine having a better time. All three camps, Okavango, Moremi, and Savuti all offered their own unique atmosphere and animal viewing opportunities but the one thing they all had in common was incredible service, the nicest camp staff personnel, and very knowledgeable guides.
Our trip started out at Victoria Falls where we really enjoyed the b eautiful 107 year old Victoria Falls hotel; we could have stayed there much longer! We were very impressed by the comprehensive tour of Victoria Falls by Esther who went over some history, geology, and found us some of the best picture opportunities; Esther was great and the Fall are un -believable!
Regarding game viewing, we can now say that Mary and I have seen 4 out of the Big Five (I guess we have to come back some day to add the Rhino to our list). Although you can't get as close to the animals, we really liked the walking safaris at Camp Okavango; there is something special about walking where the animals walk and you get to experience some of the subtle things that you may not get to see on a game drive. Also, got some great pictures of Hippos yaw ning. Our guide at Camp Okavango was Obed and he was super.
The game drives were fantastic at Camp Moremi and Camp Savuti. At Moremi our guide Banda showed us lots of lions and African buffalo as well as other game. Banda was great at tracking the gam e and was a really nice man. At Savuti, we got some good pictures of leopards and elephants.
With regards to the mechanics of the trip, everything went perfect; all transfers and flights went very smooth.
We just might have a few pictures to enter int o your photo contest and, once we go through them, we'll
share some of them with you!
Thanks again for organizing a wonderful trip for us and we will look to you again when we are able to return to Africa once again!
Best Regards,

Tom and Mary Karnik, Oct 2011

Visit Victoria Falls and Cape TownSafari in Botswana to Okavango Delta and Selinda

Mark and Szilvia,
Sorry we are late getting this out but, as you can imagine, we have been busy playing catch up.
This was the trip of a lifetime. Far different from anything we have done before'¦ There was an issue with an intra-Africa air connection that was due to Air Botswana and both the camp staff and your people handled it very well. Kudos to Lizzy at Duba Plains for recognizing the potential probl em. All our accommodations were exceptional with great food and wine. The Camp staff at all three were friendly, helpful and professional. We were made to feel very welcome at each camp. When we traveled between camps they made sure nothing was missed , such as a meal for game drive. All the guides, including Esther in Victoria Falls and Christine in Cape Town, were excellent. They were all amazingly knowledgeable and very personable and ready to please.
It would be difficult to find a highlight. Every day was different with something new. We think the camp selection gave a good cross section of animal habitat and viewing. We thank you for your help in those selections. We thought starting out at the larger Selinda was a good choice, but once int o the flow I think we enjoyed the smaller, more remote camps a little better. We were very impressed with the variety of animals. While all had some in common, each camp had something unique which the others did not.
We were very impressed with the acc ommodations at Four Rosmead in Cape Town. Couldn't have been better. Again, very personable staff willing to help with all our needs. It had more of a B & B feel than a hotel. We felt very much at home.
We have decided we want to go back some day. Won't be next year, but it is on our list to return.

Val and Jack Ledyard, Oct 2011

Safari to South Luangwa and Lower Zambezi Valley

TO: Kyle Witten
Dear Kyle, In addition to our recent phone conversation, Jennifer and I wanted to thank you and al l of your associates for putting together our wonderful Zambia trip. As a famous architect once said, "God is in the details" and every one of the many reservations, pickups, light aircraft, transfers, etc. were on time and the people involved were all ver y helpful. Each of the camps had its own personality and strong points and taken as a whole made the trip even more interesting and enjoyable. In addition to the animals, people and safari experience, there is something about Africa that is difficult to define. Simply put, we just believe it is a magical place and a unique experience that exists no where else on the Planet.
We are happy to have discovered The Africa Adventure Company on the internet and you will clearly be our "go to" resource for futur e African trips. Thanks and you can certainly use us as a highly satisfied client reference.
Best Regards,

Jennifer and Peter Lindsley, Oct 2011

EAST AFRICAGroup safari to Tarangire/Lake Eyasi/Ngorongoro/SerengetiIsland Extension to Zanzibar

Hi Ian
Just wanted you to know that I had the most wonderful trip. Our guide was a wonderful young man, very knowledgeable, attentive, funny and a pl easure to be with. My travel companions were very easy going and we became good friends. It turned out that there were only three of us in the group. Your ground operator put together a very good trip (with your help of course) and the properties that w ere used were excellent, from the accommodations to the staff and the food. We saw the big 5 and the only disappointment I had
was that I didn't get to see a chase - though there were some great stand offs. There were thousands of wildebeest and zebras in the Serengeti, an amazing sight and the camp was great. We even had lions around
one night. I am glad we opted to fly back to Arusha as the road was a nightmare, yet all part of the
adventure (an African massage). The interactions with the Ma asai, Datoga and the Hadzabe were interesting and a lot of fun. We even got to walk around the local market and teach the hokey pokey
to some kids outside a medical clinic as their parents were waiting to get the mosquito nets. (The parents
thought we were crazy!!)
Thank you for all your help and attention. I will be sure to pass along the good word. I hope that I get to go back some day, there is so much more to see and do. I had better start saving now!

Sandra Brice, Oct 2011

Private Safari to the SerengetiChimpanzee trekking in Mahale Mountain ParkVisit to Livingstone - Victoria FallsSafari to Okavango Delta and Linyanti

Thanks Kyle for your assistance.
Except for the lost wallet on the last day, it was a wonderful trip! Highlights included seeing the chimps at Mahale, flying in lots of small planes, the balloon ride over the Serengeti, lots of animals with babies, wildebeest crossing the Mara River, having Mkenda as our guide again, walking near Gib bs farm, Victoria falls and rhinos near Toka Leya-complete with guards with AK47s, riding in a Mokoro, African wild dogs, elephants in our camps, a couple of walking safaris, and a great chance to relax without phones or televisions.

Vikki Canfield, Sep-Oct 2011

5353 North Federal Highway, Suite 300  Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33308 U.S.A Tel: 800·882·9453  Tel: 954·491·8877  Fax: 954·491·9060

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ï‚· www.africanadventure.com

Luxury Flying Safari to Lake Manyara/Ngorongoro/Safari to the SerengetiExtension to Mozambique - QuirimbasSafari to Singita Private Reserve near Kruger in South Africa

What we didn't share with you were the highlights: out of order put in preference to excellence.
FaruFaru was delightful, the game was spectacular AND the food probably the best on the entire trip. The room was over the top in love.
We loved the Ngorongoro Crater Lodge, it was magical and having the bath drawn for us with rose petals in a heart shape was very special. The food was not that great, but the accommodations and the personnel were top notch.
Ibo Lodge tried the best they could and it was an enjoyable experience due to the food and the ribbons of stars. It was extremely hot there and as we thought we were ocean front, we were not aware that there was no way to go into the sea due to the tide. The po ol was inviting, but the water was questionable? The food everyday was totally delightful and the chef great. Our sailboat to the sandpit was amazing........in everyway possible.
Azurra was amazing and we loved every minute of being there despite going o ut kayaking and having sea urchin spines in my feet. Turtle Beach was lovely as was the rock climbing out to the point. The people there were lovely, Kelly was delightful and we loved our butler who wrote little notes to us in our butter everyday. So darn special. They also went all out for dinner in a different area of the Island each night, it was a special treat. The spa services there were really good a plus!!
Ebony was fabulous. The food wasn't as good as we expected it to be, but it didn't matter, e verything else about the environs was to die for.
So thank you again for putting this special trip on for us and OH, if we were to go again to that area, we would spend 5 days at the Polana Serena. I could have spent five days of pampering and go AHHHHH the sea by the sea by the beautiful sea.

Sandy Dinubilo, Nov 2011

Lodge safari to Tarangire/Lak e Manyara/Serengeti/Ngorongoro

Good afternoon Elena,
We have just arrived home from our amazing adventure to Africa and I wanted to be sure to write you and let you know how our trip was. First off let me tell you that it was everything we wanted and mo re, nothing short of amazing!
Our travel arrangements were perfect, everything was aligned as stated and we had zero issues with any of our flights, connecting flights or ground transportation. The ground transport in Kilimanjaro was perfect, on time and very courteous, he took us right to our hotel and was kind to welcome us and tell us a little about where we were. This was a nice way to ease our minds since we arrived at night and couldn't really see where we were.
The lodges were superb! All of them were top notch and really all had a very different feel, we would have changed nothing. Our favorite lodge was the Lake Manyara Serena Lodge. They really took the effort to welcome us and make our honeymoon very special.
The Serengeti Sopa Lodge was by far the best room we stayed in. A two story room with a sitting space and spiral staircase really made it great! Most of the lodges had wi -fi so it was great to keep in touch with home, check bank accounts and write an email. The food in all the lodges was awesome. It took us a little while to get comfortable with the fact that despite what ours travel doctor told us we could eat the salads and fresh fruit, this made for a nice change from the "everything cooked" diet.
The packed lunches and breakfasts we re great as well and enjoying a coffee and pastry white watching the lions eat a kill might have been a highlight for us!
Our guide, Sief, WOW! What can we say about him! This is the guide you need to keep in the deck of cards. From day one, km one, he was telling us about everything from trees, animals, government history, about his life. The more we shared the more he shared. From day one we were the last people into the lodges, making sure to see every animal for as long as we wanted to and never leavi ng before saying "sawa sawa". His knowledge of the animals was only matched by his passion for wildlife and wildlife conservation. Just when we had thought we had heard everything about the animals in front of us there was more and we welcomed it. Sief is an excellent match for any safari guest with a professional to semi professional interest in photography. He was always putting us in the best light and framing the shots just right.
The bean bags where a huge help and he had them ready for us. Everyone i n the bush knows him, he is a legend. Every lodge we stopped at he made sure to check that our accommodations we the best and we were taken care of.
The staff knew us by name at dinner before we even introduced ourselves. Sief became a friend along the way and we were sad to see him go. We are going to be sure to keep in touch '¦
The wildlife was amazing and we saw everything!!! Full day drives early morning starts allowed us to see the best stuff. We say the big 5, 7 leopards, cheetahs, and many, many lio ns! Perhaps the greatest sight was looking for cheetah we stumbled on the start of the migration!!! Wow!!! We and our guide were so excited to see what we found! Huge heads of zebra and wildebeest mixed with 60 elephants, leopards and a tried pride of lions! We saw everything and more it was great!
All and all thanks for helping to plan and make our honeymoon a success! I can't say enough about Sief, Africa Adventure Company, and your ground operartor. Everything was perfect!
As soon as I am done proc essing the 13,000 photographs I will certainly be sending a bunch your way. Thanks again,

Chris & Kristin Dion , Oct 2011

Group safari to Ndarakwai -foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro/Tarangire/Lake Manyara -Rift ValleyNgorongoro Crater/Serengeti

Dear Szilvia and Mark,
My head is so filled with wonders I experienced in Tanzania that I can hardly express it. To begin, all your information and reservations were very comprehensive and complete. We felt secure.
I appreciated your help, Szilvia, and your enthusiasm for our safari. The Safari Journal was a great thing to have, so useful, I really appreciate it. You gave us excellent care all the way.
The biggest surprise for me was how many animals there were. Amazing! And the variety! All together. It was really exciting, every minute or two somethi ng incredible. We saw everything including the black
rhino. Hillary said that we were very lucky. One of the most unusual creatures we saw was a big white -
tailed mongoose (sorry no photo). Hillary's knowledge of animals, their behaviors and everything natural which he imparted to us all along the way was wonderful. Everyday was a thrilling adventure and he taught us so much.
The government Maasai school that we visited was run by very committed teachers with very me ager resources. They questioned us about how schools in the U.S. are run. What a challenge.
Visiting a Maasai family off-road, away from the tourist places was a highlight. We went into a house of sticks and dung. The small compound surrounded by Acacia thorns had three houses f or three wives. There were a number of children. We learned about their culture, lifestyle and problems from Hillary.
Our hot air balloon ride over the Serengeti and champagne breakfast served under a spreading Acacia tree, done with style and tradition was a great experience.
I enjoyed the variety of places we stayed, from rustic to elegant. It is hard to choose, but I think my favorites were the camps, Migration and Treetops. Every place was wonderful and the camp staffs couldn't have been more friendly and gracious. The food was all good, but honors go to The Manor at Ngorongoro - outstanding, and what a beautiful plantation, though our stay was very brief.
The landscapes, the scenery so vast and beautiful, and the night noises unforgettable: a lion roaring, monkeys shrieking and fleeing a leopard in the middle of the night, elephants thrashing around in the nearby underbrush.
P.S. I will send a few photos when I get organized. Again, many thanks,

Susan Engelberth, Sep 2011

Private Safari to Tarangire/Ngorongoro/SerengetiChimp trekking Nyungwe Forest and Gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park

Hi Szilvia,
I hope all is well. I wanted to respond to your letter and give you my deepest thanks for setting up a fantastic trip to Tanzania and Rwanda. People generally tend to think that the choices they have made are 'the best' - but after having had some time to reflect objectively on the trip, I truly think I made the best
choice possible in working with you and Africa Adventure Com pany. I literally do not think that the trip could have been planned any better. The destinations, the lodges, the guides, and the experiences were all perfect. Most importantly, we literally saw everything we wanted to see (two wildebeest river crossi ngs, countless zebras and antelope and giraffes, every predator possible, rhinos, hippos, every cool bird imaginable, chimps, gorillas, other primates, crocodiles, and even a nile monitor at the end (which I really wanted to see for some reason))!
I've attached two letters concerning the guides you assigned us on the trip. I would appreciate it if you would forward those letters to their supervisors.
Also, below, I've set forth some positive and 'negative' feedback - the feedback is only provided to give you my thoughts in case it can help you plan future trips. As I hope you realize from reading the paragraph above, as well as the two letters attached, our trip was absolutely fantastic - so the 'negative' feedback is truly very small in comparison the w onderful, wonderful trip you put together.

Feedback, in order in which things occurred :


ï‚· Serena Mountain Village - very nice
ï‚· Ephata (our guide) - spectacular. Can't say enough good things; please see attached letter.
ï‚· Tarangire - Great park. Best elephant and lion viewing experiences on the trip. From what I heard
from other travelers, I'm glad we chose Tarangire over Lake Maranyara.
ï‚· Tarangire Treetops - Great lodge, very friendly staff. One of the nicest places we've ever stayed.
The night drive was just OK (but I think that was largely due to the fact that Ephata had taken us on a spectacular game drive during the day - so our senses were already overflowing). The walking safari was also just OK. If I had to do it over again, I probably w ould've stayed at a less upscale lodge inside the park itself, as there was definitely less wildlife around the grounds of our lodge as compared to the lodges we saw in the park.
ï‚· Driving from one location to another, rather than flying - I met many travelers who flew from Ngorongoro (or wherever) directly to the Northern Serengeti. I also read a few guidebooks stating that flying from spot to spot may have been better. I couldn't disagree more . We saw so much of the country - including spectacular wildlife - while driving that I think it would have been a huge mistake to fly from spot to spot.
ï‚· Ngorongoro Crater - Spectacular.
ï‚· Ngoronogoro Wildlife Lodge - Obviously just an OK lodge, but the view was fantastic. Glad we stayed on the rim despite the quali ty of the lodge.
ï‚· Serengeti Shared Safari Camp - Loved it. Really liked Camp Manager Abu. Food was phenomenal. Just a great experience - amazing the comforts that were provided at this non -
permanent camp.
ï‚· Sayari Lodge - Wonderful, just wonderful. Probably one of the places I will remember all my life.
Phenomenal food. Also, kudos to you for putting us in the Northern Serengeti in October - we were able to see two awesome Wildebeest river crossings.
ï‚· Flight from Tanzania to Rwanda (on Coastal Airlines (?)). Excellent. Very smooth and safe.
Surprised at how well that went.


ï‚· Manor Hotel - Good, but took some getting used to after the spectacular places we stayed at in Tanzania. Good location, great view. They gave us a horrible room at first, but
moved us when we asked for a different room. Getting the shower to work right was an adventure. Food was good.
ï‚· Patrick (our guide) - Really great. Went out of his way to do a lot of really cool extra things for us. Please see attached letter.
ï‚· Drive from Kigali to Nyungwe - Reasonable drive time. Decent lunch at stopover point. I would probably suggest passing on the museums along the way - I would've rather spent my time at either the Kigali Genocide Memorial or at one of the smaller local memo rials on
the way.
ï‚· Nyungwe Forest Lodge - Gorgeous. Probably our second favorite lodge on the trip.
Excellent food, nice staff, fantastic rooms. Loved how the rain forest came right up to our room (gave us some good monkey viewing one night).
ï‚· Chimp trek - A LOT harder than we expected. Would suggest only your fittest clients take this trek, as we were literally running up and down muddy hills in the rain forest (with no trails) chasing after the chimps. We were not mentally prepared. Seeing the chimps was
very cool though, and my wife now thinks she is an expert hiker as a result of that trek.
ï‚· Colobus Monkey Trek - very cool.
ï‚· Drive from Nyungwe to Volcanoes - I would recommend you let your clients know that this is a very long drive (9 hours) - we were not mentally prepared for it'¦ it was quite a rough ride (but the destination ended up being well worth it).
ï‚· Gorilla Mountain View Lodge - Very basic, as you said. Took some getting used to after all of the great lodges we were in, but in the end we were g lad we stayed there and saved the money. The staff was really wonderful, and the views were great. They just need to
work on their bathrooms and the place would be excellent. Food was OK.
ï‚· Golden Monkey Trekking - Good stuff
ï‚· Gorilla Trekking - What more can be said, an experience of a lifetime. Just fantastic. Not enough superlatives can be said.
ï‚· Drive from Volcanoes to Rwanda - very easy, only 2.5 hours or so.
ï‚· Kigali Memorial Center - Should be mandatory for anyone going to Rwanda.
Again, thanks for setting up a wonderful trip. We will recommend you and Africa Adventure Company to any of our friends who may be going to Africa in the future. We will probably also look you up five to ten years from now when we are ready to plan our Botswana/Namibia tri p.

Jared Flinn, Oct 2011

Private Safari to Arusha/Lake Manyara/Ngorongoro/Serengeti

Mark and Alison,
Our family just returned from a nearly 2 week trip to Tanzania guided by Clemence Kiriambata. In a nutshell, the trip was a complete success. We attribute a large part of our enjoyment to our superb guide and driver, Clemence. His attitude, knowledge and flexibility were always present.
Our special, and sometimes spontaneous, requests were always met. For instance, we wanted to experience a 'local lunch' while in Arusha. Clearly, this desire presented significant challenges as health and safety concerns must be considered. Clemence consulted appropriate people, found a suitable restaurant, and my family experienced a great meal in a fantasti c atmosphere. He also coordinated and escorted us on side trips to an Arusha orphanage (Tumani Orphanage) and Mosquito Creek Village. Both visits proved to be truly educational and memorable events.
The animal viewing was also greatly enhanced by Clem ence's vast knowledge of the area and its inhabitants. He displayed a deep understanding of the animal and bird kingdoms, as well as getting us in a position to actual see what we traveled a great distance to see.
Overall, on a scale of 1 to 10, with Clemence's help, I would rank this trip an 11.

N. B., Oct 2011

Flying Safari in Kenya to Chyulu Hills and Maasai MaraGorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park

Elena and Alison,
It was absolutely amazing. A few other items to note:
· We were very pleased with your ground operator in Kenya - they were always there, always on -time, and very helpful. I'd like to call out Leah specifically - she really acclimated us to Kenya and was a fantastic tour guide. She planned a wonderful day for us in Nairobi.
· Ol Donyo was one of the best places we have ever stayed. The facilities, the remote location, the service, and the management were top notch. They made Christmas so special - we did an outdoor picnic, and they gave each guest 2-3 presents from their gift shop. Dinner that night was also incredible, complete with a Maasai traditional dance.
· Sala's camp was also great, and very well -run. Our favorite part was the location - in a remote area of the
Maasai, with fewer tourists an d more private game viewing.
· Our safari guides at both places made this trip memorable - they were Maasai, and you could see how much they loved their job and showing us their country. You could see other places that seemed to cater to tourists but did not have a genuine feel.
· The Palm Garden Hotel on Lake Kivu was a great late addition - thanks for getting that booked for us, and we recommend it!
Overall, we feel like you organized a memorable trip with a very authentic feeling. The places we stayed, the people who showed us around, the location - thank you!
If you'd like any formal feedback or would like to talk via phone let us know!

Bill Williams, Dec 2011

Private Safari to Tarangire/Ngorongoro/SerengetiSafari in Kenya to Amboseli/Maasa i Mara

Thanks for the CD. It was playing in the background while Sue and I were sorting through our many pictures.
We'd like to thank you for planning our memorable trip. The "African Journeys Safari to Tanzania and Kenya" was perfect. The local s and staff at the camps were very attentive and friendly, and the many connections with drivers, guides, and flights were timely and went without a hitch.
With the help of some excellent guides combined with a little luck, we saw the Big 5 twice as well as seeing several cheetah, and had many opportunities to observe the interesting interactions between many of the other animals.
By chance we came across a group of Maasai men in their village and dropped in. We were allowed
to enter a Datoga family complex which we came across while driving around the open plains, and also had the opportunity to visit a school where we donated some school supplies. The children honored us by
singing a Swahili song, showed us their notebooks, and shaking our hands.
This was a trip of a lifetime and Sue and we fell in love with Africa.

Ron Locatelli and Sue Lee , Sep-Oct

Private safari to Ndarakwai -foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro/Tarangire/Lake Manyara -Rift ValleyNgorongoro Crater/Serengeti Visit to Selous Game Reserve Hello,

I know we've been about 3 or so weeks now, but it has been hard to find time to sit and write with all the
Christmas preparations and getting over jet lag. But I wanted to respond to your request for feedback.
We had an absolutely marvelous time and will never forget our trip. We feel like we had the best guide ever and that no other guide could have been as informative, easy -going, social, and committed as Masha. We learned so much from him about animals (what sets certain species apart, their habitats, traits, etc) that we feel we could pass a class on it. It is important to him that visitors really understand the purpose and importance of the Serengeti and the migration and we really enjoyed our stop at the resource center. He was infinitely patient and interested in making the trip enjoyable and informative for our 8 year old daughter and they had fun with quizzing sessions about animal facts that he told us. Sitting down to discuss at the beginning of our trip the itinerary an d to state interests and expectations was appreciated. He accommodated all our desires and found ways to make each day more enjoyable. Overall, we feel that Masha helped make our experience the high quality and memorable one that it was.
Each camp would leave us more and more amazed at what you can do with canvas and what qualifies as a tent. They were all very comfortable with extra touches that really made us feel like we were royalty. Our favorite place was Tarangire Treetops as we loved the unique ness of being 'in trees' and we were absolutely fascinated with and grateful for the bats to keep down the bugs. The staff went above and beyond in their help in celebrating our daughter's birthday. It was one of the most wonderful experiences a person cou ld have and none of us will forget it.
Ngorogoro Sopa Lodge was impressive perched up on the crater edge and a great location. We loved the special touch of the hot water bottles in the beds, but it was a bit too touristy for us and our least favorite place. The menu in the restaurant was probably the best feature as we were able to choose African dishes that we couldn't get anywhere else. Dining room staff was extremely friendly and solicitous.
Rufiji River Camp'¦The tent was nice and we really enjoy ed the veranda and the swing, but felt like we were in a sauna while in the tent (no air circulation). Service with the staff'¦ they really lived the motto of
'poli poli' there (Slowly, slowly). We were really able to appreciate the night sky and the differ ence in
constellations at this camp. Animals around our tent at this camp were some of the most exciting as there was a hippo, elephants and monkeys that entertained us on our veranda. We loved hearing the 'talking' of the hippos during the day.
Ndarakwai was the most rustic of all the camps, but we enjoyed that aspect. The beds were huge and very comfortable and the tents were set up in a way to make you feel like you were by yourself in the wilderness and we had a great view. The staff was phenomenal there and we really enjoyed Thomas, our guide. Our safaris with him were fun and entertaining. He, too, was very knowledgeable and we learned a great deal. We felt very welcomed and each person there seemed genuine and friendly. We were very impressed wit h this private reserve and how important it was to protect and conserve. Very impressive that they had their own garden and could provide most if not all the food they served. This camp was the one we felt most comfortable and relaxed at.
Mbuzi Mawe is in an amazing location and was one of the most fun and interesting animal experiences. The tent was the most stunning but we were left a bit cold by the staff '¦.
The food in all camps and lodges was incredible and very well done. Every meal was delici ous and offered unique twists on standards, so much so that I preferred several dishes the way it was served on this trip. Our only concern was how much food we were served. There was so much and so many courses we couldn't possibly eat it all and the idea of food going to waste and being thrown away bothered us. We were hoping there was a conservation system or way to put the extra to use feeding those who needed it.
In regards to wildlife, we felt like we had a uniquely charmed experience because if we stated what we wanted to see, we saw it that day. What I loved most was being able to sit in one spot for 10 -30 minutes and just watch the animals being natural. To catch two young hippos wrestli ng/sparring, a couple of young impalas sparring with their horns, or two young Zebras playing about and nipping each other's heels like my dogs do. Or the courtship of a dung beetle. To be able to study them, enjoy them in their natural habitat and doing what they do in nature and to appreciate their coloring, ma rking, bearing, etc was a life changing experience. We had great viewings in each park and were very impressed with each park and reserve. Ngorogoro is definitely a must -see stop and the Serengeti was everything and more than I could have imagined. We were awe-struck with the stop at the Oldupai Gorge and the implications of the discoveries there.
We are very impressed with Tanzania's drive for conservation and protection of animals and that the country has always had leaders/rulers who deemed that impo rtant. We appreciated that in the National parks that vehicles are required to stay on roads and approved paths to limit the intrusion on animals and even in Ndarakwai it seemed important to not drive off the main paths.
We appreciated that Masha was a ble to show us the human side as well by stopping at a school and a Masaai village. We loved learning about the Masaai way of life without feeling like intruders because this particular village has embraced tourism as a way to educate others about their l ives and to help better themselves. Overall, this was the trip of a lifetime, but in retrospect, we would have made a couple of
changes to our itinerary: since we were lucky enough to see every animal we could think of, by the end there wasn't much left to see and we had been able to be creative about each of our safaris. But, after all we learned about the country and it's beginnings, we would have loved to have been able to spend time in Zanzibar. So, we wished we'd spent only 2 nights/1 day in Selous an d then gone on to Zanzibar for a day or so before heading home. That would have been the complete experience for us. I know we went there to see the animals, but we like learning about a country and appreciating all aspects of it. I think that would have been the most educational and well rounded idea.
Lastly, we are extremely happy with The Africa Adventure Company. Elena Theodosiou was fabulous to work with and put together a phenomenal itinerary and really took into consideration our wants and desi res. The journals you gave us were one of the best gifts with it's info on animals, check lists for animals seen, the journaling section and all the pictures and other information. Thank you! The duffel bags also allowed us to pack the best way for the tr ip. We are more than happy to tell everyone about this company and we hope
we have a chance to work together again.

Terry, Alan and Delaney Stewart , Nov 2011