SOUTHERN AFRICAFlying Safari to Chobe in BotswanaFlying Safari to Victoria Falls and Hwange in ZimbabweVisit Cape Town

Dear Kyle,
We loved the trip! We very much enjoyed our stays at Ilala Lodge and Muchenje Lodge. Ester was a terrific guide for our tour of Victoria Falls. Robert and Joy were warm and welcoming at Muchenje and we enjoyed our guide, Kabe, for the Chobe park safaris. We absolutely loved our stay at Davison 's in Hwange. This was the highlight of our trip. The staff was so friendly, and we especially enjoyed our guide Robert.
On the morning we left, a herd of sable antelope visited the water hole at the camp, followed shortly thereafter by a pride of lions. We watched them all from the porches of our tents. Amazing! Our visit to Cape Town was enjoyable, although the weather didn't really allow us to enjoy Table Mountain. Those of us who did the shark dive thought that was very well run, and our peninsula tour was pleasant.
This trip was everything we hoped it would be and more. Thank you for suggesting such wonderful accommodations. I would recommend this trip to anyone!

Stephanie Brett, June 2012


Exclusive Group Safari to Zimbabwe - Hwange, Mana Pools and Victoria Falls

Dear Mark and Staff,
On behalf of the 6 of us who just returned from the 'Eyes on the Elephants' safari to Zimbabwe, I can speak for everyone to let you know this was the most exciting and unique vacation we have ever experienced.
We felt very privileged to have Dave Carson as our guide throug hout Hwange National Park. We were impressed with his expertise on all the animal species as well as his amazing tracking abilities. He has a deep passion to find the animals for himself as much as for the group. We were amazed at how many elephants we saw each day as well as so many other species, including watching a heard of over 1,000 Cape buffalo pass by us as we sat quietly on a fallen tree limb.
From Hwange National Park, we flew to Mana Pools, where we were met by Nick Murray. Dave had already told us to call him 'Indiana Jones'. Now we know why. As one of his staff mentioned, she calls Nick the 'Elephant Whisperer'. Never had any of us been so close to elephants, as Nick coaxed them to us. He even has them named and these elephants definitely know his voice from years of being with him. Our safari included a 2 day canoe trip down the Zambezi River. Nick was careful to zig-zag us past countless pods of giant hippos. It was quite a rush when one 'breached' right in front of the canoe. As we left, my husband looked over to Nick and said, 'You are a hero in my book'.

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We enjoyed each of our tent camp stays, and had more excellent food and drink than we could consume…so
much for 'roughing it'. This was a very special trip for us all and for me, I plan to return.

Barbara Brundage, September 2012

Safari in Zimbabwe to Mana Pools and Malilangwe Wildlife ReserveVisit to Cape Town

Dear Africa Adventure Company,
We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for an outstanding safari I n Zimbabwe, along with our visit to Cape Town, South Africa. Everything from guides to camps, and all the other details, were perfect.
Victoria Falls is an incredible experience in itself, and yes, Esther is a most congenial guide. I would not have thought that we needed a guide to see the Falls, but now I cannot imagine the experience without her. Lunch on Livingstone Island was quite fun.
Hwange is a wonderful park, with huge herds of elephants, but we especially enjoyed watching a lioness and her cubs, as she sought to keep them safe and in line. We managed to see all of the big five in Hwange alone, including a herd of at least 800 buffalo and a leopard just outside our camp. Mana Pools was an exciting experience, not to be missed: walking up on pride of lions, being 'bubbled' by a hippo while canoeing on the Zambezi River, and seeing wild dogs, are experiences that will not be forgotten. Last but not least, seeing both white and black rhino at Malilangwe, with one black rhino deciding to take an interest in us instead of scurrying away, was too good to be true.
All of the camps were excellent in their own way. Our thanks to everyone at Little Makalolo, Vundu and Pamashana, for making our stays so wonderful. Special thanks to all of our guides , Dixon, Dean, Richard and Time for all of their efforts. Also, Clive, our guide in Cape Town for all three days, was extraordinary. He was perhaps the most informed guides I have ever seen, from wine selection and choices for dinner to the politics and history of South Africa, I learned more in three days than I can remember.
I want to thank you Mark for suggesting Zimbabwe when I spoke with you on the phone. It was not on my radar screen when I first contacted you, but we are both very happy that we m ade that decision. I was worried that a second trip to Africa, after Kenya and Tanzania, would be a hard act to follow, and perhaps even a slight let down. Safe to say, that certainly did not happen. This trip exceeded our already high expectations and my wife has already hinted that a third 'trip of a lifetime' might be on the horizon.
Finally, please convey our good regard and best wishes to Szilvia for all of her efforts on our behalf. We hope all is well with her and that congratulations are in o rder.
Thanks again and best wishes to everyone.

Peter and Mary Ellen Cvek , July 2012

Flying safari in Botswana to Selinda Reserve and Okavango DeltaVisit to Victoria FallsFlying safari to Mana Pools National Park in Zimbabwe

Saskia - Anne and I returned home a week ago and found your letter and a complimentary copy of the new
edition to Mark's book. While it has taken a while to get our bearings and catch up on all that accumulated during our absence, I did want to send you a short note to say we had a wonderful time.
Mark had said Zarafa was a treat that one should not miss, and how correct he was. While I confess that it set a standard that our next two camps (and even the Victoria Falls Hotel) could never match, I must
applaud the team at Zarafa for a most memorable beginning to our wilderness adventure. Kane, our Guide, was first rate, and he introduced us to the full gamut of wild life in the Selinda Reserve, including a pack of
wild dogs. The food, accommodations, guests, views, and relaxatio n at Zarafa left lasting, favorable memories.
Duba Plains was an equally enjoyable experience. We took a helicopter ride over Okavango Delta, enjoyed a wild/thrilling ride through the marsh to see hippos at sunset, and learned more about the Duba lion pr ide. While the staff at Duba did not have the polish and experience we enjoyed at Zarafa, the senior management went out of their way to make our stay most enjoyable '¦
Mana Pools/Vundu was a good selection for two country walkers such as we are. We did lots of tracking on foot, including one rigorous day in search of the dogs. We actually did find them, but they were quick to escape, and it would be accurate to say we heard more of them that we actually sighted. Our guide, Mark Friend, was exceptional in every way. We had many long chats with him and developed a nice bond that made the 4 days there special '¦
…So, to sum it up, we had a most memorable trip. It exceeded our expectations, and we are quick to encourage our friends that they must do the same kind of adventure. Your knowledge and expertise was apparent as the trip unfolded for us, and we are so pleased we could have the chance to work with you. Thanks for making this such a wonderful holiday, complete with relaxation, education, and indelible memories of nature.

Charles H. Dick Jr., August 2012

Flying Safari to Hwange/Mana Pools/Victoria Falls

Kyle, Monica and friends:
Sharon and I would like to thank you all for a GREAT trip!!! As we rehash. Relive, share our memories and sort out our pictures, we continually marvel at how much fun we had. We are continually amazed at all the incredible things we saw, experienced and did. The planning, and preparation by you all, was phenomenal, not once were we delayed, not met at our appointe d time, or left wondering what was happening. Everyone we dealt with, shared time with, were guided by, helped by, were wonderfully friendly, organized and made our trip a better experience.
We were especially pleased with the contrasts provided by our it inerary. The big city experience of Johannesburg versus the small town feel of Victoria Falls; the drive safaris and water holes of Little Makalolo versus the river and walking experiences of Vundu; the guided tours v ersus the free time to wander about, all added to our experience.
We have traveled all over the western hemisphere and parts of northern Europe and have never had a better experience. We are truly pleased with our trip to Zimbabwe and would definitely recommend your services to everyone and hope to use them again in the future.
Kyle thank you for answering my first phone call, for recommending 'Legends of Zimbabwe', and for being so helpful in the planning process, you and your staff were great!!!

Ray Gates, September 2012

Safari to Private Game Res erves in South AfricaVisit to Victoria Falls

Hi Kyle,
Day and I want to express our thanks to you for putting together the best trip we've ever had! The
knowledge of you and the Africa Adventure Company ensures your clients will experience the best of S outh
Africa and Safari vacations.
Africa Rock hotel - although our stay was very short, was a fantastic experience. Such a beautiful boutique hotel! Our favorite experience there was having dinner prepared by Chef Christine! She came out, discussed her menu for the evening and made a delicious ostrich dish that was delicious! Her wine paring was perfect. We met the owners and really enjoyed the artwork done by the 'wife' team of the owners.
Victoria Falls Hotel - Absolutely beautiful! Loved the history a nd the art located throughout the establishment. We enjoyed dinner at the Jungle restaurant. Great experience! But Ms. Esther was the highlight! What a wonderful woman; we so enjoyed our time with her. She knows the history of Victoria Falls and the area. We loved hearing about her life and family, also! And Dewey, the Doorman of VF Hotel! Can't forget him. Thanks for giving us these great people to add to our memories! Ms. Esther encouraged our desire to take a helicopter ride to view the Falls and helpe d us get an early flight so we could make our departure time without any problems. THAT is something I recommend for all. Nothing can compare to an aerial view of the Falls.
Cheetah Plains - any disappointment we had about having to change lodges due to our flight cancelations was quickly removed after a few minutes at Cheetah Plains. The lodge has been completely remodeled and is beautiful. Rooms are really nice and housekeeping is excellent. Beds are so comfortable. We loved the food Chef Michael and Chef Eunice prepared! Justin, our guide, is an expert in his field. He was able to tell us detailed info about the area and the animals. We even got to participate in an actual tracking of a Lion.
He would stop, show us the prints and explain why he knew it was a fresh print. Between him and Andrew, we found the lions! We saw cheetah, elephants, giraffe, lions, Cape buffalo, hippos and lots of other smaller
animals and birds. I was so happy to see the hyena here! And watch a baby elephant drink water and Jus tin explained the trunk strengthening process. Justin did his best to accommodate everyone and stopped
whenever we wanted to take pictures. What we loved best about Cheetah Plains was the family atmosphere. We got to know Andrew (the other guide) and 'fell in love' with the entire staff. They are doing an excellent job at this Lodge, from the esthetics to the service. It was very difficult to leave.
Tanda Tula - I want to start this off by saying Tanda Tula and Cheetah Plains cannot be compared. They each offer a unique setting and service. With that said, our experiences at Tanda Tula will be difficult for any other lodge or tent camp to top. A 'tent camp' just isn't the right words to describe the luxurious accommodations Tanda Tula provides! The rooms a re beautiful and the bathroom, with its outdoor shower and claw-footed tub, are beautiful. The staff at Tanda Tula are phenomenal. Ms. Jacquie, Crystal, Harry and Smiling and all the staff are doing a great job! Food prepared by Chef Ryan can compete with any top Chef in America. I so loved the way Chef Ryan described each meal; his enthusiasm showed the joy he took in
his job! Everyone really needs to try his Candied Watermelon Rind. Yummy! Civilized was our guide, another well-educated guide; knows his an imals, trees and birds. Drives were like a 'class on wheels.'
Breakfast, freshly prepared, was help on a dried out river bank each morning!
What impressed us about Tanda Tula (well, one of the things!) is their support of 'humanitarian and ecological work' in the area. If one is looking to 'help,' simply talk with the staff. Many of their employees are involved in actual non-profits locally or the staff can direct you to several agencies nearby. Once again, leaving was very difficult. We left behind a lo t of new friends from this trip, and surely hope to return one day.
Thanks again, Kyle, for an excellent trip. We look forward to working with you in the future and have already recommended AAC to several friends contemplating Safaris.

Day and Becky Haaland, July-August 2012

Exclusive Group Safari to Zimbabwe - Hwange, Mana Pools and Victoria Falls

I wanted to let you know that we had a wonderful time on the Eyes on Elephant trip June 12 - June 26. The
arrangements and connections were great. The African Rock hotel provided a very restful spot to recover from jet lag. Our guide, Robert, for Johannesburg was very friendly and knowledgeable about South Africa and Johannesburg.
Both Dave Carson and Nick Murray were very skilled, professional guides. Dave has a joy for his work that is contagious. He was excited about wildlife whether it was a guinea fowl or a lion. We saw many animals
- learned about tracking - and hiked many miles with Dave and his tracker, Felix. Dave' camp crew was
wonderful - great meals in difficult conditions - they were always very helpful with any problem. The stay at Davison's Camp was very enjoyable and a great break (with a shower) between Hwange and Mana Pools.
Nick Murray certainly knows the Zambezi River and how to get to older, inexperienced paddlers safely down the river. This was my favorite part of the trip - I loved the closeness of the hippos, crocs and elephants and the time spent on the water. With Nick's coaching and patience, we were able to paddle ourselves the whole way'¦
Overall, we had a great time and an experience unlike anything we've had in the past. We hope to return to
Africa and will definitely use you company to plan our journey.
Thank you!!

Steve & Cheryl Hall, June 2012

Flying Safari to Hwange/Mana Pools/Victoria Falls

Dear Kyle and The Africa Adventure Company:
It is hard to know where to start to express how amazing my safari to Zimbabwe was for me and my son, Alex. Little Makalolo was our first camp and Charles, our guide, was fa bulous. I was impressed by how attentive the camp staff were to our needs. I loved the sundowners every night and the glass of sherry waiting for us when we returned to camp after our afternoon safari and sundowner.
Our first glimpse of animals in Hwange was during our charter flight to Little Makalolo. We looked down and spotted 30 or 40 elephants drinking at a pan. To have the chance to see something like that was unbelievable. Another favorite moment was during our 2nd night 's sundowner. Charles took us to pan and as time went by more and more elephants came to drink. We were eventually surrounded by close to 100 elephants just doing what they do naturally. The following morning, we left early for our morning drive. We were greeted by a pair of lions to the left of our Land Rover right next to the road. What a surprise when we spotted them along with others from their pride crossing the road in front of us. There are so many memorable experiences from Hwange and Little Mak, but these were just a few.
Our next camp was Vundu Camp in Mana Pools. Our guide was Mark Van Zuydam. He was excellent; a wealth of knowledge and so personable. The camp staff, including Natalie and Nadine, were so nice. Alex and I felt as though we had been friends with them forever . Vundu was a more rustic camp experience, which I loved, and was situated next to the banks of the Zambezi River. What a beautiful sight to behold from the comfort of our tent.
We had many adventures with Mark in Mana Pools. Some of the most memorable w ere taking a walking safari to see the wild dogs. Mark guided us to their den, but they were a little skittish because of the new pups, so we didn't linger long. Luckily, the following day we ran into another pack of wild dogs while searching for lions. I spotted them in the bush to the left of our Land Rover. They then crossed behind our vehicle, including 3 young ones, and went to a shaded area under a tree to rest. We were able to observe them for quite some time until other people spotted them and they decided to move on.
Another memorable experience was taking a canoe safari from camp down the Zambezi River. Mark did all the rowing in my canoe, so I was left to enjoy the beautiful scenery. We saw many hippos in the water and Mark did an excellent job keeping our canoe away from them. Alex was in another canoe behind us with a different guide, also named Mark. We heard a commotion and found out that a hippo had come up very close to the side of their canoe. No problems, but I 'm sure quite a rush for them.
After leaving the camps, we went to Victoria Falls for a couple days. The Falls were beautiful and Esther was a very generous and knowledgeable guide. My favorite activity while in Victoria Falls was visiting the Elephant Camp. We were able to meet and touch the resident elephants and then took an hour long elephant back safari through the camp. I was amazed how warm the breath was coming from the elephant's trunk; like a warm summer breeze. I will always remember that feeling.
I left Africa knowing that I would return. My initial plans were to go back in a few years, however the pull of Africa is very strong. I am now in the planning stages to go back in March, less than one year from the first trip. I am planning on a trip to Botswana this time during the green season. I am so excited and expect that my experience will be just as memorable.
Thanks again to Kyle and everyone at The Africa Adventure Company. The trip was flawless and went completely as planned. I would recommend that anyone planning a trip to Africa make the choice to use AAC.
Best wishes to all,

Julie and Alex Hartz, July 2012

Visit to Cape Town/Safari to Private Game Reserve near Kruger in South AfricaSafari to Chobe Game Park in BotswanaVisit to Victoria Falls to Zimbabwe

Thanks to the incredible prep and caring by Lynne Glasgow and her team, our African adventure was truly a
wonderful experience of a lifetime. From the surprise gree ting us at the Radisson in Cape T own to the anniversary/birthday presentation at our camp at C heetah Plains the odyssey was so special….as was meeting and hearing from Esther as she guided us around Victoria Falls. I think she and Kathy are now special friends. Meticulous planning and caring by all along the way made everything so seamless. The lodge staffs, drivers and guides could not have been more professional.
And then there were the animals..hippos, rhinos, leopards, elephants and more. What's there to say? We saw Africa, felt Africa and its people and now the spirit of the continent is in our bloodstream.
Thank you!

Les and Kathy Kretman, September 2012

Safari to Limpopo - Mashatu Private Game ReserveVisit Tzaneen in the Drakensberg MountainsSafari to a Private Game ReserveVisit to Victoria FallsSafari to Chobe National Park

Hey Kyle,
I wanted to let you know what an amazing trip we had! Every part was wonderful. You planned everything perfect down to the last details of the trip. We didn't have one thing flawed from the beginning to the end. Thank you so much for every thing ! On our first full day out at Mashatu we watched and video taped a baby giraffe be born and stand up. Wow, n one of the other guides from the other reserves or the one with us had ever seen that. The people were all wonderful and the other guests were so much fun to be with. We made a lot of friends to share things with. I can't say enough about the trip. We are doing a show for all of our friends and family and they are all so excited to see all the pictures.
Thanks again for all your help.

Don and Teresa Fulmer, May 2012

Okavango Delta/Linyanti/Kalahari Desert-Makgadikgadi Pans

I wanted to send you a note of thanks. We had a fabulous, surreal trip to Botswana. We enjoyed each unique camp and experience.
At Savuti we had Goodman as a gui de. He was at least on par or exceeded the best guide we have ever had. He is a great teacher and guide. First time experiences were lion cubs, watching an (unsuccessful) lion hunt, seeing and African Parrot. Also saw beautiful wild dog here with some good pictures. The landscape and environment was diverse. Enjoyed the three days here and have great pictures. Great staff and food was good.
Duba Plains was an interesting contrast. I like the open plains I realized. Saw lots of lions. Buffalo had moved to Paradise island which is not accessible. They said they had moved 3 or 4 days before we came '¦ Anyway, the staff and the guide and tracker (Pete and 006 James) were great, with close lion and elephant encounters'¦
Kwetsani was a beautiful camp w ith wonderful staff but our guide, Twindi, was average. We worked briefly with another guide who was excellent and the guiding did not detract from this experience. The camp reminded us of Chiawa. We were put in the new tent #6 which was fabulous - last one on the end with expansive view. Enjoyed boats and drives. Giraffe and kudu combat. Huge kudu herds. We saw porcupine during the day and 2 honey badgers also during the day - the HB's were a first time for us and on Ed's wish list this year. They were so fast I think we only got their backs running down the road.
Jack's was fabulous. Loved it and three days was perfect . Meerkats were unreal. Ed was like a kid on the ATV. The Pans are just peaceful. There were only a few zebra and wildebeests left as the migration was over. Food was fabulous. Staff was superior. We were given the owners tent which was isolated, faced east and towards the Pans and the Bushman camp. The Bushman experience was highly valued and we have great pictures. Very unique experience and appreciate that you were able to afford us the opportunity'¦
Let me know if you have any question. Lots more to tell but this would never end. Take care and thanks again.

Patsy Samuel & Ed Callen, May 2012

Flying Safari to Chobe / Moremi / Okavango Delta

My visit to Africa was unforgettable, far surpassing my greatest expectations.
The adventure began with a sixteen hour flight from NYC to Johannesburg, South Africa, and continued the next day with a three hour flight to Botswa na. Together with Mary, Jean, and my niece, Robin, I spent the next 10 days in Chobe, Savute, Moremi, and the Okavango Delta. Bush planes flew us from site to site, 50 flying minutes separated the camps.

Chobe Lodge in Chobe National Park was our firs t stop and was comparable to a 4 star hotel, with food to match, much more luxurious than we had anticipated.

Four game drives were the highlight of our two day stay. We saw leopards, elephants, giraffes, impala, Cape buffalo, and lions. On one path, three lionesses actually blocked our open -air jeep forcing us to find another safer path on which to continue our drive. What amazed me was the proximity of the animals, several came within a few feet of us. These were wild animals in their natural habitat, but we learned that the size of the jeep intimidates them and discourages them from behaving aggressively towards us. Only a few elephants appeared intimidating.

Savute, at the other end of the Park, was our second stop. Much more rustic. We were housed two to a large platform tent with chain link fencing where windows should have been. June is winter in Africa, and with the wind blowing through the fencing, we were quite cold. We had a private inside bathroom with hot water, but no heat. The generators for lights were turned off at 10:30. A "Bush Baby" (hot water bottle), supplied with our beds, had to suffice to keep us warm.

Meals were especially wonderful at Savute. Outside dining was adjacent to a river and a water hole, so we dined with elephants, kudo, and impala. The food on safari was another surprise. Excellent buffets
served similar to a cruise ship, 5 -6 meals daily and all beverages (including wine and liquor) provided at no
On game drives, we saw massive herds of e lephant and giraffes, colorful birds, C ape buffalo, and several leopards. Whereas Chobe had an electric fence around the entire perimeter, Savute was not so enclosed. Guides with flashlights (no weapons allowed) were required to escort us after dark. The necessity was validated by the nightly roar of multiple animals. The rule regarding night guides continued at the next two camps.

Moremi, our third stop, was even more rustic. The bathroom was just outside our platform tent, with a separate entrance. Nice enough, but not luxurious. I goofed at Moremi…… I moved the cookie jar (with wonderful shortbread cookies) out of the closet and near the window, next to the supplied teas, coffees and hot chocolate. Well, there went that! A baboon broke through the screen (where the windows should have been) and escaped with the cookie jar. Management was kind enough to replace the cookies… damn, they were good.

At Moremi, we went on several game drives, as we did at Chobe and Savute, and saw all spec ies of animals, spending most of our time viewing the big cats. They are magnificent.
Evening entertainment at all the camps featured the staffs singing African traditional songs before dinner. Evidently, the formation of work affiliated choirs is co mmon in Africa, and the choirs compete annually for awards. Following dinner, we watched "Bush TV" (the campfire). Because the last three camps we visited were small (hosting a max of 22 guests), one gets to know the other travelers at meals and while wa tching "TV", and that was a delight. We chatted with Germans, Austrians, Italians, Israelis, etc..

Okavango was our last stop'¦Okavango was in the heart of the delta, surrounded by an eco -system of water and high grass. The game drives were conducted in boats, the views were of water animals…. Hippos and crocodiles.

At Okavango, we were treated to a special dinner. The daily dinners were wonderful…. Lavishly set tables with more dishes and flatware than one c an imagine, 6 or 7 courses with choice of entrée. Food was varied and included traditional American dishes and African specialties. And we were fed often ….. Continental breakfast, game drive snack, brunch, second game drive snack, cocktail hour snack s, dinner. But, on our
last night at Okavango, we did not receive the regular dinner. A very romantic table next to the pool was set up for us with lighted candles and chilled champagne. We ate the same food that everyone else had eaten, but it was a private dinner, royally served. It was our last night on safari, and the special dinner was our
send off. Because the mainstay of safaris are couples, I'm guessing that "Desert and Delta" provide this last night service regularly, assuming that some couple s are celebrating anniversaries, honeymoons, etc… It's a
very nice touch and a pleasant end of safari memory.

About the planes…. There were a total of 10 flights from Orlando to Africa and back, traveling on big jets (the 16 hour flight between NYC and Johannesburg) and five seater bush planes. Except for the latter which tended to be bumpy, all flights were very smooth. As one who dislikes flying, I was pleasantly surprised at the positive experience.

I must say…. I loved my African adventur e.

Helen Schwartz, June 2012

Flying Safari to Hwange/Mana Pools/Victoria Falls

Mark and Saskia,
We just returned last evening from our trip. It was wonderful and went very smoothly. Both camps were great and the people at the camps are so accomm odating and welcoming. We really enjoyed them. The guides were great and very knowledgeable and we had a lot of fun with them.
At Little Makalolo it was fairly cold at night and in the morning. Even the camp staff thought it was colder than normal. We spent a lot of time around the campfire. But with the lined ponchos, blankets and hot water bottles, the game drives in the mornings were still exceptional. The walks in the bush at Vundu were great.
At Victoria Falls, we ended up having Esther to o urselves for the afternoon. She is an exceptional lady and made our viewing of the magnificent falls even better.
Thanks for setting up a trip of a lifetime for us.

Barry and Candy Spector, July 2012

Safari to Kafue-Busanga/South Luangwa and Lower Zam bezi ValleyCruise along the Chobe River, Botswana - Ichobezi Safariboat

Hi everyone at AAC!
Well, we are back from a fabulous trip! Thank you all so much, thoroughly enjoyed every minute. All the camps were wonderful, the staff a delight, we were so w ell looked after by everyone. Food was outstanding everywhere, which is amazing considering we were in such remote places.
Especially loved little Busanga Camp, what a delight, especially our arrival by helicopter, very cool! Loved the balloon ride too, that was very special indeed. Tafika and Chiawa Camps were both absolutely stunning, very special in their own ways. The microflight trip with John at Tafika and the Champagne Lunch cruising down the Zambezi at Chiawa - great experiences! Both places are run by lovely people with a true love of Africa who made us feel so welcome.
We really enjoyed the safari boat trip on the Chobe River too and of course we were very well looked after.
What a wonderful '˜Garden of Eden' the Chobe River is! I have come back with some wonderful
memories and more than 3000 photographs, my passion in life. Zambia is a wonderful wilderness and I am so lucky to have experienced it. A special thanks to all the guides too, I would never have seen half of what I
saw without their amazing skills. I could go on and on about my wonderful adventure but just to close by
saying thanks again to everyone, I will definitely recommend your services to friends and family. And will of course bear you all mind for my next safari! A great job everyone, many many thanks!

Frankie Wilkes, August 2012

Safari in Zimbabwe to Northern Hwange and Mana Pools/Victoria Falls

Dear Alison Nolting, Lynne Glasgow and staff at Africa Adventure Company,
We wanted to thank you for all your r ecommendations, planning, and patience while we decided where to go on our safari. Alison Nolting suggested we think about Zimbabwe as the safari experience there is uncrowded and full of wildlife. We fell in love with Hwange National Park.

Wildlife Viewing

We were absolutely awe struck with the diversity and the numbers of wildlife. We saw an incredible number of elephant in Hwange, particularly at Manduvu Dam and Masuma Dam. We never tired of seeing them, the huge bulls, the females with and without tus ks and of course the babies. They are very agile and quiet as they walk and appear to have a very organized society.
We saw giraffe, lion, zebra, kudu, water buck, impala, and springbok. We were fortunate to see one day at
Masuma Dam, a bull sable come to drink from the water. They are strikingly beautiful antelope.
We carried tremendous luck with us at Mana Pools National Park. We had the good fortune to see two leopards; a mother and adolescent in broad daylight out in the open. We also saw a pangolin o ne evening right outside Vundu Camp. We were very close to the wild dog and did catch a glimpse of them one evening. On our canoe trips we saw many of the beautiful African birds, hippo, crocs, and elephant drinking from the water's edge. The canoe trip of fers you a unique vantage point for viewing wildlife.


The Zimbabwean guides have the reputation as being the very best in Africa. We agree that this reputation is well earned.
Andrew our first guide was a perfect fit for us for our very first safar I experience. He was organized, and every day had a plan, got us up early to view wildlife and again every evening. He caught on quickly to the fact that we loved birds, mammals, and the beautiful landscape of Hwange. He was constantly thinking and planning opportunities for viewing wildlife for us. He was very knowledgeable about animals, birds as well as the flora and fauna of Africa. We enjoyed every minute of our safari at Hwange.
Felix was the tracker that assisted Andrew at Kazuma Trails and he provi ded his excellent skills in helping us track lion and other animals while at Hwange.
Dean was our guide at Mana Pools National Park and he was fun with a great sense of humor yet very safety conscious. He was an experienced guide with a vast knowledge of plant and animal life. He was a good teacher. We were a bit anxious about the canoe trip but Dean was very skilled and we also had Danny with us. It turned out to be a day filled with viewing wildlife from the water, very close to the birds, elephant, kudu etc. so a perspective that you miss if viewing only from the land.
We enjoyed Ester's tour of Victoria Falls as she knows all the best viewing spots at the falls as well as the
history. She also helped us navigate the market which was an experience.


We loved our mobile camp in northern Hwange, Kazuma Trails. It was so fun at night to see the stars and to hear the calls of the hippo, lion and elephant. The mobile camp option was our favorite as we really felt
close to the wildlife.
Vundu Tented Camp was located in Mana Pools National Park right on the bank of the Zambezi River. This was a beautiful location. We enjoyed communal meals with other guests in the camp. We enjoyed walking within the very scenic landscape at Mana Pools National Park.
Elephant Camp was the prefect last stop of the trip. The camp was beautiful and actually had considerable wildlife. It was convenient, the staff (especially Kim and Hilda) was friendly and the service was excellent. We were wondering what it would be like to see the elephants at Elephant Camp after seeing so many free in the wild, but we really enjoyed the opportunity to feed them, they were so intelligent and gentle. We also benefited from seeing Sylvester, he was beautiful and a great ambassado r for the preservation of wildlife.


Every link in the transportation system arranged for our Safari was flawless. People were on time, knowledgeable and friendly. Travel on the bush plane with Wilderness Air, and our pilot Adrian was excellent as he is a very safe and capable, pilot. Our major airline travel was safe and punctual.


We felt completely safe, intellectually satisfied, and comfortable with both of our guides and this was by far the best field trip we have ever had! W e packed light and Mark's Safari Journal was the perfect travel
companion, concise, informative and well organized.
We never expected to develop such friendships with people (such as our guides or camp staff) over such a short period of time. Their fierce love of their country and wildlife was so contagious. We highly recommend the Africa Adventure Company to anyone considering an African Safari and we hope to visit Africa again for we are forever changed by our travel experience. You are a first rate or ganization and did a stellar job in arranging every aspect of our trip.

Willie, Melinda, Michaella and Vanessa Woo/Baker , August 2012