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Blue Train, Cape Town to Pretoria, South Africa

Blue Train Blue Train

Blue Train - a legend of luxury. This electric train has wood paneled salons, a five star restaurant on wheels, and an intimate bar and lounge. In the tradition of the great trains of the world, passengers "dress" for dinner. The train has two lounges, the main lounge and the Club lounge.

Each Blue Train suite has a fully appointed en-suite, featuring either a bath or a shower. All suites are equipped with telephone, television monitor and individually controlled air-conditioning. A video channel allows guests to access short documentaries about the area through which the train is traveling. The De-Luxe suite has a choice of twin-beds suite with a shower or a double-bed suite with a three-quarter size bath. The Luxury suite has a choice of twin-beds or double bed, and a full size bath with hand shower. Luxury suites are also equipped with CD players and video machines.

The journey takes you from the jacaranda city of Pretoria - the administrative capital of South Africa, traveling south through farmlands and along the 'golden arc', visible by the mining shafts in the distance.En-route to Cape Town, stop in Kimberly for an off-the-train excursion to visit the Kimberly Mine Museum and the 'Big Hole'.. Kimberly was once the epicenter of a worldwide diamond rush. Continue on the south bound journey into the heartland of the Great Karoo.